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Jolly Sailor

Gillette Series 5 – 15th May 2019

There was a good turnout tonight with 19 starters and first man back through the start was Mike T (Laser) followed by the first woman Karen (Laser) and they kept those positions for all three laps of the race.

On the first lap the whole fleet was quite tightly bunched and Steve S (Solo) came through in 3rd place closely followed by Ed (Laser), Dean & Nick (Vago) and Chris H (Comet). About 30 seconds later Mike Todd (Laser) crossed in 7th place just ahead of Stuart & Sally (Leader), Chris A (Solo) and Jeremy (Laser). Another 30 seconds elapsed and along came Ron (Mirror) in 11th leading another clos group consisting of Nigel (Laser), Adrian (Vago s/h), Mike C & Martin (Wanderer) and Paul H (Laser). Chris & Carol were next across the line in their 420, but unfortunately they were later disqualified for missing a mark (still Alfie their golden retriever was pleased to see them back earlier than expected!) Then one minute later Jemima (Oppie) crossed the line and she was some four minutes ahead of Bill (K1) and Rich F (Wanderer).

On the second lap, no change with the two leaders but Ed crossed the line just ahead of Steve to take 3rd position and Chris H moved past Dean & Nick to move up to 5th. Chris A gained two places passing Sally & Stuart and Mike Todd and Jeremy also got past Sally & Stuart to gain a place. Further back Paul H moved up one place.

By the end of the last lap Steve had regained 3rd place and Dean & Nick moved up two places to finish in 4th spot. There were no other changes in position and the final order on the water was –

1st Mike T; 2nd Karen ; 3rd Steve S; 4th Dean & Nick; 5th Chris H; 6th Ed

On corrected time the order changes to –

1st Jemima; 2nd Ron; 3rd Steve S; 4th Chris H; 5th Mike T; 6th Karen

Thanks to SOOD Simon B and the OOD Team of Ferdinando, Richard H and Patrick C.  

Gillette Series 4 – 8th May 2019

Chris H was SOOD again this week and set a course of A, 8, 5, 2, 4, 6, 7, S. I guess there was not much wind as the race was a single lap and Chris’s only comment on the conditions was – WET!

There were 15 starters and the final order on the water was –

1st Karen (Laser); 2nd Dean & Nick (Vago); 3rd Mike T (Laser); 4th Richard H (Laser); 5th Sally & Stuart (Leader); 6th Ron (Mirror).

  Paul H was the best of the other Lasers finishing in 7th place and at the back of the fleet Jemima (Oppie) finished ahead of Ed (Oppie) and Emily (Topper)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

On corrected time the order becomes –

1st Karen; 2nd Ron; 3rd Dean & Nick; 4th Mike T; 5th Jemima; 6th Richard H

Thanks to SOOD Chris and the OOD Team of Monica, Carlo, Chris A and Richard H.     

May Day Pennant – 6th May 2019

Last year May Day was hot and sunny, but this morning there was a cold bite to the wind, which was WNW varying from 8 to 10 mph. Paul R was on duty for the second day in a row, he used a Tektona start with a first mark of A (out near the buoy line) then B (just West of 2), 9, 5, 2, 1 and back through the start.

There were 10 starters including John and Linda’s Wayfarer and Rich Fisher’s Wanderer (good to see some different craft on the water).

Simon B (Blaze) and Julian (D-Zero)  joined battle again with Simon leading from start to finish, but Julian chasing him all the way. On the first lap Ralph (Laser) came through in 3rd place with Alistair S (Laser) about 30 seconds back in 4th, closely followed by Adrian (Vago s/h) in 5th place.  Then it was nearly two minutes before Nev (Comet) and John & Linda (Wayfarer) crossed the line together some way ahead of Mike A (Radial) with Rich (Wanderer) another 30 seconds further back. Finally came the two Mirrors of Ron and Dave P, who enjoyed a good battle all the way through the race.

Ralph retired on the second lap and Adrian got past Alistair to move up to 3rd and this was the only change in position.

On the third and fourth laps there were not any changes in position and Ron and Dave received the gun at the end of the fourth. The fifth lap was similar with no change in the order and the final positions on the water were –

1st Simon; 2nd Julian ; 3rd Adrian; 4th Alistair; 5th Nev; 6th John & Linda.

On corrected time the order becomes –

1st Simon; 2nd Julian B; 3rd Nev; 4th Ron; 5th Alistair; 6th Dave P

Congratulations to Simon on winning the Pennant.

Thanks to Paul and the OOD Team of Bill C, Chris A, Ian S and Marion T   

Spring Series 10 – 5th May 2019

The wind was considerably lighter (about 2 – 8 mph from the NW) than yesterday, when the new trainees had to put up with a brisk cold wind. Paul R set the first mark as A (red flag) then 4, 1, 5, 9, 2 and back through the start

Pursuit Race

There were 15 starters and it was good to see Issy making a return to the water. First man away Ron (Mirror) managed to hold on to the lead right to the end of the allotted time. Chris H (Comet) who was second away was still 2nd at the end of the first lap but was caught by Simon B (Blaze) and others.

The final order was –

1st Ron (Mirror); 2nd Simon (Blaze); 3rd Mike T (laser0; 4th Richard S (laser0; 5TH Julian B (D-Zero); 6th Chris H (Comet)

Handicap Race

The wind turned more to the West for the second race, so Paul tweaked the course to A, 4, 2, 9, 5, but finished the race at 9.

Julian (D-Zero) was first back through the line chased by Simon in his Blaze. It was over two minutes before the next man crossed the line, Richard S (Laser) and he was followed by a close bunch with Chris H (Comet) leading Jon (Laser), Rick (Laser), Adrian (Rooster), Mike T (Laser) and Mike & Issy (Leader). A minute later Bill (K1) and Jeremy (Laser) crossed the line battling for 10th spot. Then there was a slight gap back to Chris A (Solo) and Dave & Ann (Leader) with Ron (Mirror) and Rhys (4.7) bringing up the rear of the fleet.  

Only one more lap and Simon managed to catch and pass Julian to finish in 1st place with Richard S still secure in 3rd. Mike T and Mike & Issy gained four places to move up to 4th and 5th respectively. Bill retired so everyone behind him moved up a place, but Dave & Ann gained another place by passing Chris A and Ron and Rhys continued their battle at the back of the fleet.

The final order on the water was –

1st Simon; 2nd Julian; 3rd Richard S, 4th Mike T; 5th Mike & Issy; 6th Chris H

On corrected time this should change to –

1st Simon; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Ron; 4th Richard S; 5th Julian; 6th Mike & Issy.

Thanks to Paul and the OOD Team of Nick, Philip M and Robbie H. ffffffff

Gillette Series 3 – 1st May 2019

There was a light wind about 8 mph coming from WSW and Chris H set the first mark as X (out near the buoy line half way between 5 and 6), then 2, 4, 6, 6 and back through the start.

There were 18 starters tonight and first back through the line was Karen (Laser) closely followed by Mike T (Laser). Mike C was out with Nick in the Vago and they came through the line in 3rd place just ahead of Mike Todd (Laser) who was about 30 seconds in front of Chris A (Solo). About a minute later Dave & Ann (Leader) crossed in 6th place not far in front of Sally & Stuart in another Leader. Then there was a close group with Nigel L  (Laser) leading Adrian (Vago s/h), Rick (Laser), Mike A (Lightning) and, Richard H (Laser). Ron ( Mirror) was next across the line followed by Paul H (Laser) followed by Jemima (Oppie), Sam (Radial), Ed (Oppie) and Emily (Topper. After Ron had crossed the line everyone behind him received the finish gun, which was lucky for them as the wind began to drop rapidly.

On the second lap Mike T passed Karen to cross the line in 1st place with Mike C & Nick still in 3rd, behind the front three everyone began to struggle as the wind disappeared. Chris A just managed to ease away going down to 6, but behind him a slow bunch was forming with poor Nigel and Rick slipping off the back.

The final order on the water was –

1st Mike T; 2nd Karen; 3rd Mike C & Nick; 4th Chris A; 5th Adrian; 6th Mike A.

On corrected time the order becomes –

1st Mike T; 2nd Jemima; 3rd Ed; 4th Karen; 5th Mike C & Nick; 6th Ron

Thanks to SOOD Chris and the OOD Team of Alistair J, Ralph, Simon B and Sophie.    amily:”Ti

Spring Series 9 – 28th April 2019

Well it was not quite as windy as the gale force winds yesterday, but there was a brisk NW wind 14-15 mph for the 14 starters this morning.

Pursuit Race

At the end of the first lap the earlier starters were still leading with Ron (Mirror) way out in front followed by Steve S (Solo) then the trio of Leaders, Nev & Mike N, Sally & Mike C and Dave & Ann.

The three leading boats were still ahead at the gun and the final order was –

1st Ron; 2nd Steve S; 3rd Nev & Mike; 4th Ralph; 5th Karen; 6th Ken

Handicap Race

Mike T (Laser) was first back through the line not far ahead of the Lasers of Ken, Ralph, Karen and Jon.  Adrian (Laser) and Newton & Ellen (RS200) crossed the line together battling for 6th place. Then it was the first of the Leaders manned by Nev & Mike N closely followed by Sally & Mike C. There was a slight gap before Alistair S (Laser) came though some distance ahead of Dave & Ann in the third of the Leaders, who had Dean & Nick (Vago) on their transom. Finally, about a minute later Ron turned up in his Mirror at the rear of the fleet, but were the leaders far enough ahead to shake him off?

At the end of the second lap Karen crossed the line just a whisker ahead of Mike T with Ralph still 3rd. Newton & Ellen and Nev & Mike had passed Adrian to move up to 6th and 7th respectively and behind them Ron had got past Dean & Nick.

On the third lap Mike T regained the lead from Karen, and Ken passed Ralph to take 3rd place and Adrian regained 7th spot from Nev & Mike.  There was no change in the order behind them and Ron and Dean & Nick received the finish gun at the end of this third lap.

At the finish Mike T had managed to ease away from Karen to take the victory. Jon had moved up two places to 3rd and Ralph and Newton & Ellen had passed Ken to take 4th and 5th places respectively. Nev & Mike were still 8th in front of Sally & Mike C and the latter were nearly caught on the line by Alistair S, who was about a minute ahead of Dave & Ann, the lanterne rouge recipients.

 Final order on the water was –

1st Mike T; 2nd Karen; 3rd Jon; 4th Ralph; 5th Newton & Ellen; 6th Ken – definitely a Laser day on the water today!

On corrected time there was no change in the order of the fist five, but Ron pushes Ken out of 6th place.

Thanks to SOOD Rick and the OOD Team of Cecilia, Jess, Graham and Paul W.

Gillette Series 2 – 24th April 2019

With a South wind about 12-14 mph, Chris H set the first mark as A (level with 2 but more into the middle of the lake) then 2, 9, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.

There were 19 starters and first back across the line was Karen (Laser) closely followed by Newton (Solo), Mike T (Laser) and Ellen (Laser). About a minute later Dave & Ann (Leader) crossed in 5th place with Dean & Nick (Vago) right on their transom and another minute elapsed before Ralph (Laser) came through. Then there was a close bunch consisting of Mike A (Lightning) followed by the Lasers of Paul H, Rick, Alistair S and Jeremy and these lads enjoyed a good battle throughout the race. Ron (Mirror) was not far behind and being chased by Sam in a Radial. Then there was a slight gap back to Emily (Topper) and Jemima and Ed in their Oppies and they also enjoyed a close battle for the whole of the race. Then bringing up the rear was Bob (Solo) making his first appearance of the year and Dave P in his Mirror.  Sally & Stuart (Leader) made an early retirement before completing the first lap.

At the end of the second lap Karen still led but Ellen had moved up to 2nd place with Mike T still 3rd and Newton was down to 4th. The next three boats held station, but Rick was up two places to 8th place. Further back Jemima had passed Sam and Emily to move up to 14th spot.

At the finish Karen crossed the line in 1st place with Mike T up one place to 2nd and Ellen a close 3rd. Newton, Dave & Ann, Dean & Nick and Ralph all maintained their positions, but it was all change in the bunch behind as they struggled with the dodgy wind around No 7. Alistair S came up trumps and took the 8th spot from Rick virtually on the line! Behind this group Sam caught and passed Ron and Jemima with Emily finishing just ahead of Ed.  Bob and Dave P both retired.

The finishing order on the water was –

1st Karen; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Ellen; 4th Newton; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Dean & Nick.

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Newton; 2nd Karen; 3rd Jemima; 4th Mike T; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Ellen.

Thanks to Chris Hilson and the OOD Team of Monica, John H, Mike C, Mike T Nigel and Rich F.

Gillette Series 1 – 17th April 2019

The highest turn out of the year so far with 27 starters. There was a good turnout of our younger sailors, Jemima, Ed and Phoebe in Oppies, Emily in her Topper and Rhys and Joe in Lasers. A couple of our older sailors also returned from their winter hibernation, welcome back to Chris A and Richard H.

In fairly light wind the race was a three lapper, although eight of the boats were finished after completing two laps.

The finishing order on the water was –

1st Ralph – Laser; 2nd Nev & Mike – Leader; 3rd Mike T – Laser; 4th Paul R – Aero 7; 5th Newton – Solo; 6th Chris – Solo; 7th Hugh – Laser; 8th Karen – Laser.

On corrected time our Oppie aces jump up the leader board and the order becomes –

1st Jemima – Oppie; 2nd Ed – Oppie; 3rd Nev & Mike – Leader; 4th Ron – Mirror; 5th Ralph – Laser; 6th Mike T – Laser; 7th Newton – Solo; 8th Paul – Aero

Unfortunately, I was not present, and the race sheet seems to have gone missing, but thank you to the SOOD and his team and sorry for not including your names in this brief report.

Easter Cup Races 2019

Easter Cup 2019

The Easter Cup races took place in beautiful sunshine on Good Friday and Easter Monday with 27 competitors racing in two races on each day. It was good to see a great turn out of our younger sailors with Bea, Ed, Jemima and Phoebe in Oppies, Emily and Shiloh in Toppers and Milo and Rhys in Radials. It was also nice to see a Wayfarer on the water in the hands of John and Linda, not to forget the re appearance of our own pink lady Monica.

Good Friday

Race 1

Paul R (Aero) and Karen (Laser) kept the first two positions throughout the race, Newton (Solo) was 3rd on the first lap but displaced by Ralph (Laser) for the remaining two laps. Mike N took his new Leader out and had a steady race in 6th pushing the two Lasers of Mike T and James just ahead of him. There was some close racing throughout the fleet and Chris H (Comet), Adrian (Rooster), Richard S (Laser) and Sally & Stuart (Leader) were enjoying themselves in the middle of the fleet with Milo and Rhys in Radials just behind them having a great battle. Ron (Mirror) had a lonely race just off the back of this group, but clear of the young sailors at the back, Ed, Jemima, Phoebe and Bea in Oppies and Emily and Shiloh in Toppers who were also enjoying their own race!

Finishing order on the water was – 1st Paul; 2nd Karen; 3rd Ralph; 4th Newton; 5th James; 6th Mike N  

On corrected time this became –    1st Karen; 2nd Jemima; 3rd Paul; 4th Ed; 5th Newton; 6th Ron

Race 2

In the second race Paul got away again and led from start to finish. Mike T held 2nd place for the first two laps, but then Karen came past him on the third lap. Behind them James, Newton and Ralph enjoyed a good scrap as did Milo and Rhys again. In the first race Rhys had come out on top, but Milo just pipped him in this one.

Finishing order on the water was – 1st Paul; 2nd Karen; 3rd Mike T; 4th Ralph; 5th James; 6th Richard S.

On corrected time it was –               1st Paul; 2nd Jemima; 3rd Karen; 4th Ed; 5th Mike T; 6th Newton.

Thanks to Hugh who was SOOD today and his OOD Team of Marion T and Ian B.

Easter Monday

Today the man in a fast boat was not Paul in his Aero. but Julian B in his Devoti D-Zero.

Race 1

There was a similar situation to the first race on Friday as Julian B led from start to finish with Karen in 2nd place. Mike T was 3rd for the first two laps but Ralph snatched the place form him on the last lap. Monica (Europe) made a star appearance to show the boys she could still had it, before gracefully retiring. Adrian had a steady race in 6th place, but behind them there was a really close battle between Joe (Laser), Chris (Comet), Alistair S (Laser), the Leaders of Nev & Mike C and Sally & Stuart along with John & Linda in their Wayfarer and Rhys (Radial). Further back Ron (Mirror) and Sam (Laser) were having a close race in front of Jemima and Ed (Oppies), who were at it again, with Emily (Topper) and Phoebe and Bea in two more Oppies following.  

Finishing order on the water was – 1st Julian B; 2nd Karen; 3rd Ralph; 4th Mike T; 5th Newton; 6th Adrian

On corrected time it was –              1st Karen; 2nd Newton; 3rd Julian; 4th Jemima; 5th Ralph; 6th Ed

Race 2

Again, Julian and Karen led from start to finish with Mike T in 3rd right up to the last lap when he slipped down to 6th! Ralph did it again moving up from 7th on the first lap to take 3rd on the last. Newton occupied 4th spot for most of the race just ahead of Adrian and Joe who had a good battle for 5th place just ahead of Nev & Mike C, Chris H and Rhys. Following them there was another close contest between John & Linda, Sally & Stuart and Sam and further back Jemima was leading Ed, Emily, Phoebe and Bea in the battle of the young sailors.

Finishing order on the water was – 1st Julian; 2nd Karen; 3rd Ralph; 4th Newton; 5th Joe; 6th Mike T

On corrected time this becomes –  

1st Karen; 2nd Jemima; 3rd Julian; 4th Chris H; 5th Newton; 6th Nev & Mike C

Thanks to SOOD James and his OOD Team of Bill C, Ian B, Marcin, Marion T, and Nicholas M

The overall winner and Easter Cup holder for this year was Karen with Jemima in second place and Newton in third.

A great weekend of sailing and congratulations to the girls (again!)

Spring Series 8 – 21st April 2019

It was a beautiful sunny morning with a light N to NE wind 5 – 6mph and Mike T used a CB start with the CB near Tektona and the pin out towards the buoy lin. The first mark was X (near to 8), then 5, 4 and back through the start, a nice easy course to remember (you would think!).

Nev was out in his newly acquired Leader and apparently crew Mike N has also acquired a new Leader (things are hotting up in the Leader fleet!) Rhys was taking after his old man (less of that) by using a BLACK full rig Laser.

Pursuit Race

There were 13 starters and at the end of the first lap the early starters were still at the front of the fleet with Ron (Mirror) leading Chris H (Comet), Mike A (Lightning) and Bea (Oppie). Ron and Chris managed to stay out in front for the whole 35 minutes, but Ellen & Newton (RS200) slowly snatched 3rd from Karen (Laser) in the last few minutes of the race. The final positions were –

1st Ron; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Ellen & Newton; 4th Karen; 5th Mike A; 6th Richard S (Laser)

Handicap Race

Dave I, as usual, opted for a nice cup of tea rather than a second race so the fleet was down by one.

Karen was first back through the line followed by Newton & Ellen, Chris H and Mike A, then came the three Lasers of Richard S, James and Adrian. Next along in 8th place were Nev & Mike leading the other two Leaders of Sally & Mike C and Dave & Ann with Rhys trapped in the middle of them. Bea was next across the line some distance ahead of Ron. Now you would think that with only three marks that that it would be difficult to go wrong, but Ron found himself about to round X only to be told that he had missed the start line out! Credit to him, he turned around and went all the way back up the lake to go through the start line.

At the end of the second lap the three leaders were in the same order, but James had moved up to 4th place by overtaking Mike A and Richard S. With a wind that was dropping, this turned out to be the gain that James did not want, as after he had crossed the line Richard and Mike and everyone else behind received the finish gun!  Rhys had managed to clear the Leaders to finish 7th just ahead of Adrian, but in the Leader battle there was a change of fortune with Dave & Ann coming up to 9th, Sally & Mike C in the middle and Nev & Mike down to 11th. Bea was 12th and Ron did persevere to finish just as everyone was packing up!.

On the third and last lap Karen at the front caught the best of the falling wind and got well away from the other three. The final order on the water was –

1st Karen; 2nd Chris; 3rd Newton & Ellen; 4th James, then one lap down 5th Richard; 6th Mike A  

On corrected time Karen, Chris and Newton & Ellen keep their positions, but Mike A moves up to 4th with Richard S 5th and Dave & Ann up to 6th. Poor James drops down to 8th, but to rub salt into the wound finishes behind Rhys!

Thanks to Mike T and the OOD Team of Alistair S, Colin H, Ian B and Richard C

Finally, a note of apology – in the last week report I got the name of Ron’s grandson incorrect!

Sorry Levi and well done for crewing for Gramps, he obviously could have done with you this week as well !

Also, Shiloh did start the second race in his Topper, but retired which I missed, but in mitigation so did the OOD Team.

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