Covid-19 Sailing Guidelines

The Club will reopen on Monday 29th March for all activities.

This means that buddy sailing, social sailing, racing, model yachts, kayaking, paddle-boarding, pink fleet (from 8th May), work parties etc, can all take place within social distancing guidelines. Access to the clubhouse remains strictly limited to toilets and for emergencies only. Safety boats may be deployed using the published club guidelines.

Limits on Gatherings

You may have seen in the media that the limits on gatherings do not apply for participants in sporting events. Please be aware that this applies to participants only. Spectators are still not allowed (unless helping with the event). And social distancing measures and RYA guidance must still be applied. For us the RYA guidance means that the “rule of 6” applies to groups onshore except when absolutely required for the event (eg a race briefing, for which 2m distancing should still be maintained). There is no limit to the number of people who may use the club, but no group shall exceed the “rule of 6” unless necessary for the sporting event.

The full RYA guidance can be found here

Race Duties and Weekend Powerboats

We shall require Duty Officers for Sunday and Wednesday racing for the season. Please put your name down to take part in this important activity: it’s a lot of fun, is good for meeting and working with other members, and makes an important contribution to the running of the club. The Racing Booking sheet provides space for you to volunteer.

We also need people who are happy to provide weekend afternoon safety boat cover. Please put your name on the booking form for this. We want to provide this cover so that everyone can get back into sailing in a comfortable environment.

Note, the booking forms are the same as before and are available from the Portal, if you haven’t bookmarked them.

Track and Trace

If you are planning on visiting the club for any reason then please make sure that you are using Track and Trace. There are QR codes around the club for use with the NHS app, or book in for the event (eg racing), or use the booking form. Knowing you have been present at the club in whatever capacity is really important for our track and trace ability. Please make this a habit.

Looking Forward

Training will restart from the beginning of May for both adults at the weekend and Oppies and Youth and Juniors on Mondays.

And as COVID restrictions are lifted we will keep you informed of any further changes to procedures at the Club.

I am looking forward to seeing you all on the water in the coming months.

With kind regards,

Nigel Lacey, Commodore