Summer Series 8         7th August 2022

Another hot sunny morning with such wind as there was coming from the North. SOOD Rick used a Committee Boat start towards the buoy line somewhere just north of 4 the windward mark was A in the middle of the lake thirty meters or so this side of 5. Then to B by the buoy line coming back towards the CB. Port rounding and off on a broad reach to C (halfway across the lake on the southern side of the island). Starboard rounding to 4, starboard rounding and over the start.

Pursuit Race

By the time the Pursuit started there was very little wind and what there was seemed to have shifted around to the South West! Too late to change (only to have it veer round again). They did manage one lap before the 35 minute gun.

It was good to see John W back on the water and to see Mike T and Alessandro in the water! They managed to capsize Mike’s Ent from third position in the Pursuit race (gaining on Karen at the time) in about 2 mph of wind?!  It certainly provided a bit of amusement for the other racers! Perhaps he was suffering from sunstroke or just wanted to cool down?

The final order was – 1st Chris H/Comet; 2nd Karen/Laser; 3rd Aileen/Comet; 4th Newton/Solo; 5th Mark/Laser/6th Mike T & Alessandro/Enterprise (despite the capsize!

Handicap Race

For the handicap there was a little more wind at times and now it was coming from the south west so Rick reversed the course completely. Start to 4 to C to B to A and then a beat back over the line. What a struggle!

The fleet managed three laps and Newton managed to get away at the front taking 1st place on the water and on handicap.

Karen took 2nd place on the water but could not get enough of a lead on the slower handicap boats to keep thar position on corrected time.

The finishing order on the water was – 1st Newton; 2nd Karen; 3rd Aileen; 4th Mike T & Alessandro; 5th Chris H; 6th Dave & Ann.

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Newton/Solo; 2nd Ron/Mirror; 3rd Aileen; 4th Chris H; 5th Sally (all in Comets); 6th Karen/Laser; 7th Mike T & Alessandro/Enterprise; 8th Dave & Ann/Leader; 9th Mark/Laser; 10th John W/Laser.

A good day for Comets but not for Lasers!

Thanks to SOOD Rick and the race team of Richard Collins, David & Oliver Dommett, David Knight and Steve Mann.

Gillette Youth Series 4  3rd August 2022

Just five out tonight in a light SW wind.

Alfred/Topper led from Phoebe/Topper at the end of the first lap followed by the Oppies of Alex, Oliver and Rowan.

On the second lap Phoebe took the lead from Alfred, and Oliver passed Alex to move up to 3rd place.

There was no change in the positions on the third lap or the fourth lap. Alex and Rowan received the finish hooter at the end of their fourth lap.

Again no change in the order on the fifth lap, but Oliver received the hooter leaving the two Toppers to do one more lap.

The final order on the water and on corrected time was – 1st Phoebe/Topper; 2nd Alfred/Topper; 3rd Oliver/Oppie; 4th Alex/Oppie; 5th Rowan/Oppie/

Sunset Shield 1  3rd August 2022

It was another warm sunny evening with a SW wind 8-12 mph. SOOD Ralph set a course of A (between 4 and 5), 9, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.

There were 15 starters for what turned out to be a four lap race and first back through the line was Karen/Laser about 20 seconds ahead of Mark in another Laser. About one minute later Roland/Solo crossed in 3rd place just ahead of Newton & Sam/RS200 and Emily/Radial. Another minute elapsed before a close group came through, Jamie/Laser, Steve & Rick/RS200, Dave & Ann/Leader, Jeremy/Laser, Ron/Mirror and Sally/Comet. They were not far ahead of the Lasers of Paul H and Hattie who crossed the line together with Mike T/Comet only four seconds behind them and carrying the lanterne rouge was Cecilia in her Laser.

On the second lap Newton & Sam and Emily passed Roland to move up to 3rd and 4th places and Dave & Ann moved up two places to 6th. Mike T was the prime mover gaining five places to move to 9th spot and Pau H eased away from Hattie.

At the end of the third lap, Karen still led but Newton & Sam were in front of Mark and up to 2nd place. Further back Steve & Rick had regained 6th place from Dave & Ann and Sally had caught and passed Hattie. Cecelia received the hooter at the end of this lap.

On the last lap there was no change in the order of the fist five, but Dave & Ann had repassed Steve & Rick. The other movers on this lap were Jeremy passing Mike T and Paul passing Ron.

The final positions on the water were –

1st Karen/Laser; 2nd Newton & Sam/RS200; 3rd Mark/Laser; 4th Emily/Radial; 5th Roland/Solo; 6th Dave & Ann/Leader

On corrected time the order becomes – 1st Karen/Laser; 2nd Newton & Sam/RS200; 3rd Emily/Radial; 4th Mark/Laser; 5th Roland/Solo; 6th Mike T/Comet.

Thanks to SOOD Ralph Page and the race team of Chris & Carol Meunier, Chris Andrews and Ian Stewart.   

Summer Series 7         31st July 2022

Another warm morning with quite a frisky wind about 12 – 14 mph from the SW, but varying with gusts. Mark set the first mark as 4 then 3, 9, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

18 starters today and at the end of the first lap William in his Topper was still leading with Ron/Mirror in 2nd place. Chris K/Radial was up to 3rd place followed by Becky/Pico and the Comets of Chris H and Mike T. Roland/Solo was through in 7th with Dave & Ann/Leader 8th. Next were the Lasers of Jon, Jamie and Ken having passed Frances in her Topper who was just ahead of Alistair S/Laser. Sally capsized her Comet and retired and at the 35 minute hooter the final positions were –

1st William; 2nd Chris K; 3rd Ron; 4th Roland; 5th Jon; 6th Mike T.    

Handicap Race

Jon/Laser was first back across the line just ahead of Steve/Blaze, Dave & Ann/Leader and Roland/Solo.  Mike T/Comet was through in 5th place followed by Adrian/Rooster and Alistair S and Jamie in Lasers. Dan/Laser was heading the Sadler clan in 9th place with William and Frances in their Toppers 12th and 13th and Becky in a Pico in 14th place  with Rick/Laser and Ron/Mirror somewhere in the middle of them! Chris H/Comet and Ken/Laser retired on this lap.

Lap 2

By the end of the lap Steve had taken the lead and Roland was up to 2nd place with Jamie up to 3rd. Alistair had gained two places to move up to 5th but everyone else maintained station or dropped back. Frances and Becky received the hooter at the end of the lap.

Lap 3

Steve retired from the lead, so Roland crossed the line in 1st place to take victory on the water with Jamie and Jon 2nd and 3rd. The movers on this last lap were Adrian, Mike T and Rick who all gained a place in addition to the place gained by Steve’s demise.

The order on the water was – 1st Roland; 2nd Jamie; 3rd Jon; 4th Alistair S; 5th Adrian; 6th Mike T.

On corrected time there were some dramatic changes with the final order –

1st William/Topper; 2nd Roland/Solo; 3rd Mike T/Comet; 4th Ron/Mirror; 5th Dave & Ann/Leader; 6th Jamie/Laser

Well done to William on a double!

Thanks to SOOD Mark and the race team of Barry Stanton, Damian Mayer, David & Oliver Dommett and Steve Mann.