Summer Series 2         19th June 2022

First, apologies to the Race Team of last Sunday as I omitted to thank you for your efforts in running the race. So many thanks to SOOD Richard Stanley and the team of Aileen Moore, Alessandro Michea, Bill Coulter, Hadey Lines, Ian Hall and Matt Baxter. We cannot run the races without the OOD Volunteers, so thank you again.

So back to today and with a NE wind about 8-12 mph, I guess SOOD Ron had a challenging task of setting a course with the wind in this direction. Posterity will never know as it was not recorded on the race sheet and as I was in Scotland the wind there would bear little resemblance to Berkshire!

Pursuit Race

There were 17 starters this morning and it was good to see some old faces returning, Mike Newlove out with Sally in his Leader, John Windass in his Laser. Also welcome to Chris Wharmby, in another Leader, joining the racing fleet for the first time.

At the end of the first lap there was an odd mix of boats leading the race, but the whole fleet was pretty close together. Earlier starting Newton/Solo was in front with later starting Karen/Laser behind him, then Chris W/Leader was going well in 3rd place being chased by last man away Paul R in his Aero. Then it was Chris K/Laser, Mike & Sally/Leader, Darren and Jamie/Lasers, Dave & Ann/Leader!

Aileen was the only Comet out today and erstwhile Comet sailor Mike T was out in an Enterprise with hid old 470 buddy Alessandro. It is only a matter of time before Mike T makes his debut in an Oppie!

At the gun the order was – 1st Newton; 2nd Karen; 3rd Paul; 4th Chris W; 5th Richard S; 6th Chris K  

Handicap Race

The wind had increased and become gustier for this second race.

First back across the line was Darren/Laser followed closely by Steve/Blaze. Then there was a long gap before Newton/Solo came through in 3rd place and not far behind him was Adrian in his big sail Laser/Rooster. Karen and Jon were next through the line in Lasers and there was another long gap before the Lasers of Jamie and Richard S crossed fairly close together battling for 7th place. Then along came the battle of the Leaders with Mike & Sally ahead of Chris W and Dave & Ann with Aileen reluctantly getting involved! Bringing up the rear of the fleet were John W/Laser, Nigel/Radial and Mike T & Alessandro/Enterprise. Paul R and Chris K retired on this first lap.

Lap 2

Steve took the lead from Darren and Adrian took 3rd place from Newton. The order of the leaders remained the same, but John W and Nigel both moved up two places to 11th and 12th.

Lap 3  

Steve retained his lead on the water to cross the line in 1st place with Darren still second and Adrian 3rd. Karen passed Newton to cross in 4th place and Richard S gained two places to move to 6th. Jamie was steady in 7th place and John W gained another two places to cross in 9th place. Mike T & Alessandro avoided the lanterne rouge by catching and passing Aileen.

The order on the water was – 1st Steve; 2nd Darren; 3rd Adrian; 4th Karen; 5th Newton; 6th Richard S

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Darren/Laser; 2nd Newton/Solo; 3rd Karen/Laser; 4th Steve/Blaze; 5th Jamie/Laser; 6th Mike & Sally/Leader

Thanks to SOOD Ron Vass and the race team of Andy Steele, Jewels Vass, Mike Caton and Russell Harrison.

Gillette Series 2 – 15th June 2022

As for last week another WSW wind, but not quite as strong at about 11 mph. SOOD Mark set a course of A, 9, 5, 7 and back through the start.

There were 14 starters and welcome to Nathan in his GP14.  First back across the line was Karen/Laser well ahead of Rick & Steve/RS200, who were pleased to be leading the other RS200 of Newton & Hattie! In between these in 3rd place was Mike T out in a Comet again! Roland/Solo was in 5th just ahead of Darren/Laser and Dave & Ann/Leader. Alessandro/Aero 9 was next along then Nigel, Jeremy and Paul H all in Lasers ahead of Sally/Comet, Nathan/GP14 and Chris & Carol/420.  

Lap 2

No change in the first two, but Darren was up to 3rd place. Other movers up the board were Alessandro, Nigel and Paul H all up one place to 7th, 8th and 11th respectively.   

Lap 3

Karen still led and Newton & Hattie gained three places to cross the line in 2nd place. Rick & Steve were down to 3rd with Roland pipping Darren across the line by just one second in the battle for 4th place. Mike T after dropping six places on the previous lap regained three of those to cross in 6th place. Further down the fleet Paul H gained another place by getting past Jeremy and Chris & Carol passed Nathan. Paul, Jeremy, Sally, Chris & Carol and Nathan were all finished at the end of this lap.

Lap 4 (and last)

Karen had cleared away at the front and crossed the line five minutes ahead of Rick & Steve who had regained 2nd place from Newton & Hattie in the RS200 battle (we will never hear the last of this!). Darren repipped (if there is such a thing!) Roland to cross in 4th place and Dave & Ann repassed Mike T and Nigel.

The order on the water was – 1st Karen; 2nd Rick & Steve; 3rd Newton & Hattie; 4th Darren; 5th Roland; 6th Dave & Ann

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Karen/Laser; 2nd Mike T/Comet; 3rd Roland/Solo; 4th Rick & Steve/RS200; 5th Dave & Ann/Leader; 6th Newton & Hattie/RS200  

Five different boats in the first six!

Thanks to SOOD Mark and the race team of Angus, Clare, John, Steve and Rhys.

Summer Series 1          12th June 2022

SOOD Richard S was presented with a WNW wind of about 10 mph and set a course of A, 9, 4, 3, B, 6, 7 and back through the start. There were 20 starters and it was good to see another Mirror joining the racing in the hands of Russell (welcome to the fleet Russell).

Pursuit Race

As is often the case, Ron/Mirror was still leading at the end of the first lap followed by Chris H/Comet, Roland/Solo and Newton/Solo. Then the first two Lasers, Chris K and Karen crossed the line having overtaken the Solo of Mike C, who was being threatened by Paul R/Aero 7.

At the 35 minute gun the final positions were 1st Chris H; 2nd Chris K; 3rd Ron; 4th Paul R; 5th Karen; 6th Newton

Handicap Race

Everyone stayed on for the second race and first back across the line was Paul R/Aero 7 already over a minute ahead of Newton and Roland in Solos. The Laser pair of Karen and Ralph crossed the line very close together battling for 4th position and they were 20 seconds ahead of a battle for 6th place between Adrian/Rooster and Chris K and James P in Lasers. Next to cross the line was Mike T in the leading Comet! (will he be abandoning the Laser fleet to join the Comets?, he has already had a dalliance with the 470). Jamie and Mark in two more Lasers crossed in 10th and 11th place with Chris H/Comet close behind them. 30 seconds later Mike C/Solo crossed the line just in front of Rick/Laser. Then there was a slight gap back to Dave & Ann/Leader and Nigel/Radial who crossed the line together. Another gap and Hattie/Laser and Sally/Comet came along with the two Mirrors of Ron and Russell behind them.

Lap 2

Paul crossed the line in 1st place and promptly capsized, but it was still a minute before Karen crossed in 2nd place! Newton and Ralph could not be split as they came through and neither c to move up to 9th place. ould Roland and Chris K battling for 5th spot. Mark B gained two places getting past Jamie and Mike T. Chris H also passed Jamie to move up one place as did Nigel by passing Dave & Ann, who were also passed by Hattie. Sally retired on this lap and Russell received the hooter..


No change with the two leaders, but Ralph had consolidated 3rd place by just drawing away from Newton. The highest mover was Mark gaining four places to cross in 6th place. James moved up to 7th by passing Adrian and Chris H was up to 10th passing Jamie. Further back Mike C passed Rick and Dave & Ann recovered lost ground beating Hattie and Nigel across the line. Ron received the lanterne rouge!

The final order on the water was – 1st Paul; 2nd Karen; 3rd Ralph; 4th Newton; 5th Chris K; 6th Roland

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Chris H (up from 10th); 2nd Karen; 3rd Newton; 4th Paul; 5th Mike T (up from 13th); 6th Roland.     

Never write off the Comets until the numbers are crunched!!

This gives Chris H a double/double repeating his wins in the first two races of the Summer Series of last year.

Gillette Series 1 – 8th June 2022

There was quite a frisky wind this evening blowing 14 -18 mph from the WSW with some stronger gusts.

There were 13 starters, but two retired on the fist lap and first back across the line was James C/RS300 about one minute ahead of Ed/Aero 5, Dermott/Laser, Paul R/Aero 7 and Ralph/Laser. About one minute later Karen/Laser crossed in 6th place with a gap back to Paul H/Supernova, Chris H/Comet and Aileen/Comet. Dave & Ann/Leader were about 30 seconds behind them and then there was a large gap before Jamie/Laser crossed the line.

Lap 2

No change in the first two, but Paul R had gained a place to move up to 3rd and Chris H moved up one place to 7th. Dave & Ann and Jamie also gained a place by passing Aileen.

Lap 3

James C retired from the lead, not sure if it was wind or weed! This moved Ed up to 1st place and Dermott up to 2nd after he passed Paul. Ralph was holding on to 4th place and Karen to 5th. Paul H retired and Dave & Ann and Jamie moved up to 6th and 7th places pushing the Comets of Chris H and Aileen down to 8th and 9th.

Lap 4

The only change in position on this lap was Jamie getting past Dave & Ann to move up to 6th place.

Lap 5

Dermott and Paul R both passed Ed to move up to 1st and 2nd positions, but these were the only movers on this penultimate lap. Jamie, Dave & Ann, Chris H and Aileen all received the hooter.

Lap 6

Only five left and they maintained station to finish as – 1st Dermott; 2nd Paul R; 3rd Ed; 4th Ralph; 5th Karen

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Ed; 2nd Dermott; 3rd Paul; 4th Ralph; 5th Karen; then one lap down 6th Chris H; 7th Jamie; 8th Aileen; 9th Dave & Ann.

Thanks to SOOD Mike Trussler and the race team of Angus Nairn, Hattie Seymour, Jess Bertram and Thomas Mearns.

Spring Series 12 – 5th June 2022

There was a light 6 mph wind from the NNE and just 11 starters this morning. Adrian Frost was SOOD with only Richard Moore and Issy Jenkins on the duty roster. Not sure if anyone helped out as this Jolly Sailor was getting very jolly at a Jubilee Street Party!

Pursuit Race

At the end of the first lap Newton/Solo was leading from Richard S/Laser and Nigel/Laser who had both done well to catch and pass most of the earlier starters. Steve in his Blaze was up to 4th spot  with Chris H/Comet 5th and Rick & Lottie/RS200 6th.

At the 35 minute gun the finishing order was – 1st Newton; 2nd Richard S; 3rd Nigel; 4th Steve; 5th Rick & Lottie; 6th Chris H; 7th Alessandro & Mike T/470; 8th Aileen/Comet.

Handicap Race

Frances who sailed well in her Topper in the Pursuit Race decided to give this one a miss. Chris H/Comet was first back across the line just ahead of Newton/Solo and Steve/Blaze. Alessandro & Mike T/470 were through in 4th place about 20 seconds ahead of Aileen/Comet. Richard S/Laser, Rick & Lottie/RS200 and Nigel/Laser crossed the line in a close group battling for 6th place. Next along was William/Topper with Adrian/Avon Scow and they were followed by Becky in a Pico.

Lap 2

The front of the fleet had split into two groups of three with Chris H, Newton and Steve in the first trio and Alessandro & Mike T, Aileen and Richards S in the second trio.  Rick & Lottie had retired leaving Nigel in a somewhat lonely 7th place. Adrian had managed to get past William at the back of the fleet. Becky received the hooter at then end of her second lap.

Lap 3

No change in the first four, but Richard had passed Aileen to move up to 5th place. William and Adrian were finished at the end of this lap.

Lap 4

Chris H retained his lead to finish in 1st place, but Steve had passed Newton to take 2nd and Richard had passed Alessandro & Mike T to nick 4th place.

The final order on the water was – 1st Chris H; 2nd Steve; 3rd Newton; 4th Richard S; 5th Alessandro & Mike T; 6th Aileen; 7th Nigel.

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Chris H; 2nd Aileen (the Comets are at it again!), 3rd Newton; 4th Richard S; 5th Steve; 6th Nigel; 7th Alessandro & Mike T; 8th Adrian

Thanks to SOOD Adrian Frost and the race team of Issy Jenkins and Richard Moore.

There were no other names on the race sheet so I assume that they manged on their own!

Whitsun Cup 3rd June 2022

A warm sunny day, but there was a notable absence of sailors and race team crew. Perhaps this was not surprising as many would have been involved in Jubilee celebrations

Adrian Blakey stepped up to run the race with the assistance of Paul Waterman, not sure if anyone else helped them out.

It was single four lap race with four competitors and first back through the start line were Newton & Sam/RS200 followed by Dave & Ann/Leader just ahead of Chris H in his Comet and Adrian F sailing his Vago single handed,

On the second lap Chris managed to pass Dave & Ann and these positions were maintained for the remaining laps.

The finishing order was – 1st Newton & Sam; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Dave & Ann; 4th Adrian.

On corrected time Chris H moves into 1st place pushing Newton & Sam to 2nd with Dave & Ann and Adrian still 3rd and 4th.

Thanks to Adrian Blakey and Paul Waterman and anyone else who may have helped out.

Another cup for Chris H, he must be spending a small fortune on silver polish!

Commodore’s Cup Race 8 – 1st June 2022

With a nice sunny evening and a light NNW wind Newton set a course of A (near 5), 5, 9, 4, B (near 2) and back through the start.

There were 12 starters and first back through the start line was James C/RS300 not far ahead of Chris K/Laser. Mike T/Laser came along 30 seconds later followed by Chris H/Comet, Steve & Rick/RS200 and Ralph/Laser. Then there was a slight gap before Emily/Radial crossed in 7th place just in front of the Comets of Aileen and Sally. Some three minutes passed before Chris & Carol/420, Rich/Comet Duo and Phoebe/Topper (nice to see you back on the water Phoebe) crossed the line.

Lap 2

James C was still leading but struggling to drop Chris K and there were no changes in position on this lap. Sally, Chris & Carol, Rich and Phoebe all received the finish hooter at the end of the lap.

Lap 3

At the line Chris K snatched victory on the water from James C who was having trouble with the pesky weed! The only other change was Steve & Rick who pipped Chris H on the line.

The order on the water was – 1st Chris K; 2nd James C; 3rd Mike T; 4th Steve & Rick; 5th Chris H; 6th Ralph

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Chris K; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Aileen; 4th Mike T; 5th Emily; 6th James C.

Thanks to SOOD Newton Anthony and the race team of Hadey Lines, John Harrison, Nigel Lacey and Paul Waterman.

This was actually the last race of the series and the overall winner was Chris Hilson in his Comet, just pipping James C in his RS300.

Congratulations to Chris on collecting yet another cup!

Spring Series 11 – 29th May 2022

There was quite a frisky wind this morning coming from the North and it was very shifty which resulted in quite a few capsizes! Hadey stepped in as SOOD (with a little help from Chris K) and they set a course of A, 5, 2 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

There were 15 starters and Matt/Aero capsized before the start, Rick tipped it over on the line and Jamie did the same on the way to the first mark. At the end of the first lap Paul W/Morbic was still leading followed by Newton/Solo and Chris H/Comet. Next along were Dave & Ann/Leader and Aileen/Comet with Paul R/Aero, Ralph/Laser, Karen/Laser and Jon/Laser a little further back. Then there was another quartet of Lasers, Richard S, Adrian, Rick and Jamie with Steve/Blaze and Matt/Aero bringing up the rear.

At the 35 minute gun Paul R had come through the fleet to take victory with the final order as – 1st Paul; 2nd Newton; 3rd Ralph; 4th Jon; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Steve;.

Handicap Race

The course was changed to 5, A, 9, 2, S for this second race.

First back across the line was Paul/Aero (despite a capsize at 2) followed by the Lasers of Karen, Ralph and Jon. Next along were Steve/Blaze, (who had capsized at No 1) and Jamie/Laser (who had also capsized at 2)  and Richards S/Laser just ahead of Dave & Ann/Leader and Newton/Solo. Adrian F/Laser crossed in 10th place with Chris H/Comet in 11th and Rick/Laser 12th. Aileen /Comet was in the unlucky spot with Matt having an outing in an Aero in 14th place with Paul W/Morbic carrying the lanterne rouge.

Lap 2

Jon and Steve both gained two places to move to 2nd and 3rd and Adrian was up four places to 6th with Newton up two places to 7th. Further back Matt despite capsizing at 9 had got ahead of Aileen!

Lap 3

Paul was still ahead with no change in the second to fifth places, but Newton and Jamie had passed Adrian to move up to 6th and 7th places pushing Adrian down to 8th with Dave & Ann down one place to 9th. Richards S was steady in 10th position, but Rick had got past Chris H. Matt, Aileen (joining the 9 capsize club) and Paul W received the gun at the end of the lap.

Lap 4

Paul crossed the line well ahead of the rest of the fleet to take victory on the water. Steve and Ralph passed Jon to take 2nd and 3rd places. Karen had been steady in 5th place from start to finish and Jamie and Adrian both passed Newton to finish in 6th and 7th. The only other change in position was Chris H repassing Rick as he suffered a capsize after 5.   

The final order on the water was – 1st Paul;2nd Steve; 3rd Ralph; 4th Jon; 5th Karen; 6th Jamie; 7th Adrian; 8th Newton.

On corrected time this becomes- 1st Paul; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Ralph; 4th Jon; 6th Newton; 6th Dave & Ann.

Thanks to SOOD Hadey Lines and the race team of Chris Kilshaw, Gareth Evans, Helen Juon, and Tamsin Pagella.