Spring Series 6 – 24th April 2022

Quite a good breeze this morning about 12 – 14 mph coming from the North but veering NW to NE at times. Mike A set a course of A (middle of lake between 8 and 5), 5, 9, 2, 4 and back through the start.  

Pursuit Race

A slight increase in numbers to twenty four starters.

At the end of the first lap, the early starters were still leading the way with William S/Topper in front followed by Ron/Mirror, Becky S/Pico, Dan S/Pico, Frances S/Topper, Chris H and Aileen in their Comets and Paul W/Morbic. The next group was the intermediate starters with Thomas M and Nigel in Radials and Ed in his Aero 5.   

The first of the Lasers was Hugh battling with Karen, Jon, Darren, Ralph and James P, then there was a slight gap back to the second group of Lasers, Chris K, Richard S, Rick, Adrian and Alistair with Steve S/Blaze sitting in the middle of them. Last man away was still last, Mike T having gone from a Comet via a 470 to an Aero 9, he could be in a Mirror next week!

Ron had taken the lead by the end of the second lap with William S down to 2nd place, Chris H up to 3rd and Thomas up to 4th, Chris K up to 5th and James P 6th.

At the 35 minute gun the final order was – 1st Ed/Aero 5; 2nd Thomas/Radial; 3rd Ralph/Laser; 4th Chris H/Comet: 5th Chris K/Laser; 6th Steve/Blaze.

Five different boats in the first six!

Handicap Race

Jamie/Laser joined the fleet for the second race.  

Lap 1

Darren/Laser  got a flyer and crossed the line 30 seconds ahead of second place man Steve S in his Blaze and these two were never caught and led for all four laps of the race with Darren gradually increasing his lead every lap. Chris K/Laser and Ed/Aero 5 crossed the line together in the battle for 3rd place with Karen/Laser (although using a Radial rig) and Hugh/Laser were also very close together competing for 5th. Mike T/Aero 9 was through in 7th place just ahead of the Lasers of Ralph and Alistair and the Radial of Thomas. Then there was another bunch of Lasers all very close together, Richard S, James P, Rick, Jon and Adrian (lucky to have Hadey recording the times and placers as she can write very quickly!). Next along were Nigel/Radial and Jamie/Laser being chased by the Comets of Chris H and Aileen with Ron/Mirror a little further back. Then came the Sadler family fleet with William/Topper leading Becky/Pico, Dan/Pico and Frances/Topper followed some minutes later by Paul W/Morbic who had declined to start at the same time as everyone else.

Lap 2

In the battle for 3rd place Chris K had eased away from Ed as had Hugh from Karen in the 5th place battle. Further back Jon was the star man gaining five places to move up to 9th and Rick was up two places to 11th. Jamie came through in 17th place and cheerfully disqualified himself as he had missed a mark but informed us he would continue to sail on for the fun of it (well done that man).  There were no other changes in position but Dan said he was dropping out of the race as his kicker was broken. Frances and Paul W received the gun at the end of this lap.

Lap 3

No change in the first three, but Hugh had passed Ed to cross the line in 4th place. Ralph was up one place to 7th by passing Mike T and Richard S was up three places to 10th. James P gained a place by passing Rick and Adrian was up two places. Alistair was the loser in this group dropping to the back of the Laser pack just behind Nigel and just in front of fast finishing Darren on his last lap.

At the end of this lap Alistair received the gun along with Chris H, Aileen, Ron, William S and Becky.

Lap 4

The first eleven crossed the line in the same order as the previous lap, although Darren had increased his lead over Steve S in 2nd place to nearly two minutes. Karen and Ralph contesting 6th place were sailed off the line by young William, who was also finishing albeit a lap down. The result was that Karen and Ralph had to tack back towards the CB to cross the line and had a lively discussion about right of way when finishing (not sure that we grasped the niceties, but perhaps Karen will interpret the rules for us). The only change in position was Thomas regaining two places by passing Rick and Adrian.

The final order on the water was – 1st Darren; 2nd Steve; 3rd Chris K; 4th Hugh; 5th Ed; 6th Karen.

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Darren; 2nd Ed; 3rd Chris K; 4th Hugh; 5th Karen; 6th Steve

Thanks to SOOD Mike Arnott and the race team of Hadey Lines, Hilary Sharp, Issy Jenkins, Janos Ratkai, Leo Coppens and Nick Jones.

Commodore’s Cup Race 2 – 20th April 2022

With a Northish wind about 10 mph, SOOD Ralph set the first beat to A (between 8 and 5), then 5, B (near 9), 4 and back through the start.

Mike T/Laser got pushed out at the start line and relived his frustration with a mild execration referring to the nether regions! First across the line was James C/RS300 followed a minute later by Steve S/Blaze then 30 seconds behind him were the Lasers of Darren, Karen, Mike T and Mark B. Chris H/Comet was next through in 7th place with Alessandro & Matt/470 in 8th and Paul H and Nigel in two more Lasers were battling for 9th spot. Just over a minute later Sally/Comet and Ron/Mirror crossed the line almost together and yet so far apart and four geese flew over the fleet. Some 3 minutes on and the indominable Waterman in his Morbic meandered across the line followed at a distance by Carol & Chris Meunier in their Sport 14.

Lap 2

With the first two fast men easing away at the front, the fast lady Karen had passed Darren to move to 3rd. Mike T and Mark were steady in 5th and 6th places, but Alessandro & Matt had passed Chris H to move up to 7th with Nigel passing Paul H to cross in 9th. At the rear of the fleet Carol & Chris (despite clobbering the start pin!) had passed the lanterne rouge to Paul W.

Lap 3

As you were on the previous lap for the first seven, but towards the end of the lap Karen took to dancing on her transom (apparently the clew hook came unhooked and she had to stand up to refasten it whilst pulling the sail in at the same time – it’s a good thing that women can multi-task!). Nigel had got a move on and passed both Paul H and Chris H to move up to 8th place.  No change behind them, but Chris & Carol and Paul W received the hooter at the end of their third lap. After finishing Chris & Carol almost wiped out Sally, but disaster was averted by a loud cry of “careful” from Carol (presumably directed at Chris if experience with my wife is anything to go by!).   

Lap 4

Remarkably there was again no change in order on this lap, but the boys at the front increased their lead slightly. Chris H, Paul H, Sally and Ron all got tooted.

Lap 5

The fleet was now down to eight and we did get one change in position when Mike T passed Darren to snatch 4th place from him.

The final order on the water was – 1st James C: 2nd Steve S; 3rd Karen (horizontal pole dancer); 4th Mike T; 5th Darren; 6th Mark B (he has still not saved up enough pennies to treat himself to a number!); 7th Alessandro & Matt; 8th El commodore

On corrected time the order is disturbed by the intrusion of Chris (finish a lap earlier Hilson) into second spot, pushing everyone behind him down one place.

Thanks to SOOD Ralph Page and the race team of Chris & Toby Beresford, Hadey Lines (again), Stephen Morton and Phil

Spring Series 5 – 17th April 2022

The wind today was coming from the South East, about 10-12 mph but varying in both direction and strength throughout the morning.

Darren used a CB start out towards the buoy line halfway between 4 and 5 with the first mark as A (West of No 1)), 1, 4, 2, B (near the CB)) and back through the start.

It was good to see the Sadler clan out in force with Frances and William in Toppers and Becky and Dan in Picos.

Pursuit Race

There were 20 starters this morning, the highest of the series so far.

At the end of Lap 1 the early starters were still in front with Ron/Mirror leading from Jewels & Tahlia/Mirror, William S/Topper, Chris H/Comet and Will P and Mike A in Radials, Mike C/Solo and Dave & Ann/Leader. However, the Laser pack led by Karen was fast approaching.

At the gun it was still the earlier starters who were leading and the order was –

1st Will P/Radial; 2nd Chris H/Comet; 3rd Jewels & Tahlia/Mirror; 4th Ron/Mirror; 5th Karen/Laser; 6th Dave & Ann/Leader.

In the Sadler family battle young William took a 7th place with Dan, Frances and Becky finishing 17th, 18th and 19th respectively.

Handicap Race

Lap 1

Karen/Laser was first back across the line followed by James P in another Laser and Will P in his Radial. Alessandro & Mike T/470 crossed in 4th place with a gap back to the Lasers of Ralph, Richard S, Rhys P (making three Primroses in the first six places!), Nigel and Jeremy.  Dave & Ann/Leader were through in 10th place just one second ahead of Chris H/Comet. Further back Jewels & Tahlia were ahead of Ron in the battle of the Mirrors and William was leading Dan, Becky and Frances in the Sadler family battle. Paul W/Morbic and friends were sailing along serenely at the rear of the fleet.

Lap 2

No change in the first two but Richard had moved up to 3rd and Nigel up to 4th and Ron has passed Jewels & Tahlia. Frances received the finish hooter at the end of this lap.

Lap 3

At the front Richard had passed James to move up to 2nd place and Rhys had moved up to 4th by passing Nigel and Alessandro & Mike T. The latter pair were also passed by Jeremy moving up two places to 7th and were joined across the line by Dave & Ann easing up from 10th place. Chris H was challenging Will for 10th place and they also crossed the line abreast. Dan had got past William and they and Becky received the hooter when they crossed the line.

Lap 4

No change in the first three across the line, but Ralph had passed Rhys to take 4th place and he was also passed by Alessandro & Mike T and Dave & Ann who claimed 5th and 6th places. Will had managed to repel Chris H to take 10th place but there were no other changes.

The order on the water was _ 1st Karen; 2nd Richard; 3rd James P; 4th Ralph; 5th Alessandro & Mike t; 6th Dave & Ann.

On corrected time this changes dramatically to –

1st Ron; 2nd Jewels & Tahlia; 3rd Chris H; 4th Karen; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Richard S.

Thanks to SOOD Darren and the race team of Leo Coppens, Sally & Mike Newlove and Steve Mann.

Easter Cup Good Friday 15th April 2022

It was a lovely sunny day but unfortunately there was hardly any wind, which made the job of SOOD Peter R very difficult. He set a short course of A, 9, 7 and back through the start.He decided to run three short races, which turned out to be one lappers, with all to count.

Race 1

The order on the water at the end of the first and only lap was – 1st Richard S/Laser; 2nd Karen/Laser; 3rd Chris H/Comet; 4th Sally/Comet; 5th Mike C/Solo; 6th Mike T/Comet (yes sailing a Comet!); 7th Alessandro/Aero 9; 8th Ron/Mirror

Race 2

This turned out as –

1st Ralph/Laser; 2nd Chris H/Comet; 3rd Darren/Laser; 4th Mike T/Comet; 5th Mike C/Solo; 6th Alistair/Laser; 7th Richard/Laser; 8th Karen/Laser

Race 3

1st Karen/Laser; 2nd Alessandro/Aero; 3rd Chris H/Comet; 4th Darren/Laser; 5th Mike T/Comet; 6th Ralph/Laser; 7th Richard/Laser; 8th Ron/Mirror

As you can see the order changed considerably for each race and the only two not mentioned in above despatches were Hattie/Laser and Paul W/Morbic

When all the numbers were crunched to obtain corrected times the overall order became –

1st Chris H/Comet; 2nd Ron/Mirror; 3rd Mike T /Comet

Congratulations to Chris H on winning the Easter Cup to add to his collection and I believe he is setting up a website to deal in second hand trophies.

Commodore’s Cup Race 1 – 13th April 2022

It was a good start to the Commodore’s Cup series with a warm sunny evening and a good SW wind 10-12 mph. SOOD Ron set the course but did not record it for posterity but with a SW wind we can pretty well guess where it went.

First back across the line was James C in his super-fast RS300 about a minute ahead of Steve in his also fast Blaze. Mark/Laser crossed in 3rd place just ahead of Alessandro & Matt/470 with Alessandro’s Sunday partner Mike T/Laser keeping an eye on them from 5 seconds further back. Dave & Ann/Leader trundled though in 6th place followed by Hattie/Laser and Emily/4.7 with Helm of the Year Chris H/Comet languishing at the back of the fleet with Paul W in his Morbic behind him. Paul disappeared off the radar after this first lap, but perhaps he decided to raid the Pinsent rowing centre!

The first two increased their lead on the second lap and Mike T moved up to 3rd. Further back Chris found the right button and passed Emily.

On the last lap everyone maintained station and the order on the water was – 1st James C; 2nd Steve; 3rd Mike T; 4th Alessandro & Matt; 5th Mark; 6th Dave & Ann.

On corrected time this changes to –

1st James C; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Steve; 4th Mark; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Chris H

Thanks to SOOD Ron and the race team of Ainhoa Monteros, Carol & Chris Meunier; Rich Fisher and Russ Harrison.

Spring Series 4 – 10th April 2022

Another light wind today coming from the South but veering throughout the morning. Mike A used a CB start out towards the buoy line halfway between 4 and 5 with the first mark as A (towards 2 but further out), 1, 9, 5, B (middle of the lake) and back through the start. It was good to see Karen back on the water returning from her Winter migration to France.

Pursuit Race

There were 12 starters for the third race in a row and as usual Ron/Mirror was in the lead at the end of the first lap. Steve Sharp having an outing in his Solo was next through but only one second ahead of Richard S/Laser. Aileen came through in 4th place and was the leading Comet with Chris H back in 7th and Sally 10th. James C/RS300 was making rapid progress through the fleet and was already up to 5th having just passed Karen/Laser. Nigel/Laser was going steadily in 8th with Dave & Ann/Leader 9th and bringing up the rear were Alessandro & Mike T/470 and Rick & Lottie/RS200.

At the end of the second lap Richard was leading but it looked as if he was about to be caught by James C, but unfortunately for James he snagged the outer start line pin and stalled.

The order at the gun was – 1st Richard; 2nd James C; 3rd Steve; 4th Karen; 5th Aileen; 6th Dave & Ann.

Handicap Race

At the start most had opted for a pin end start which resulted in a spot of argy-bargy, some shouting and banging! Everyone eventually got under way, but Mike T & Alessandro and Rick & Lottie were left doing turns.

First back across the line was James C about one minute ahead of Karen and Richard and the latter pair had a race long battle for 2nd place. Nigel was through in 4th place just ahead of Dave & Ann, Steve and Mike T & Alessandro (recovering from their dodgy start). Then came the battle of the Comets with Chris H leading from Aileen and Sally with a light gap back to Rick & Lottie and Ron.

At the end of the second lap James was still leading but the Lasers were slightly closer. Mike T & Alessandro had gained three place to move to 4th and Steve was up one place to 5th. Nigel and Dave & Ann lost two places to drop back to 6th and 7th and behind them there were no other changes in position.

On the third lap the only change in the order of the first six was Richard just getting past Karen to move up to 2nd place. Chris H passed Dave & Ann to move up to 7th place and Rick & Lottie gained two places to move to 9th. Sally moved up to 10th passing Aileen and Ron received the gun at the end of the lap.

James C crossed the finish line in 1st position with an increased lead and Richard managed to just stay ahead of Karen in the battle for second. Everyone else maintained station but the closest finish of the day was between Sally and Aileen. Sally had rounded the final mark with what looked to be a comfortable lead but as she approached the line she slowed and Aileen’s speed increased and they were overlapped as they crossed the line, but Sally just had her nose ahead    

The order on the water was – 1st James C; 2nd Richard S; 3rd Karen; 4th Miker T & Alessandro; 5th Steve; 6th Nigel.

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Richard; 2nd Karen; 3rd Ron; 4th Chris H; 5th James C; 6th Sally

Thanks to SOOD Mike Arnott and the race team of Chris Andrews, Helen Juon, Paul Waterman, Philip Markham and Steve Mann.

Spring Series 3 – 3rd April 2022

There was a light WNW wind varying between 3 and 10 mph. James P set a course of A, 8, 5, 9, B, C and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

There were 12 starters and at the end of the first lap Ron/Mirror was leading from Chris H/Comet and Dave & Ann/Leader. Chris K/Laser was up to 4th having caught Roland/Solo who was just ahead of Richard S/Laser and Milo/Radial. Sally/Comet was 8th being chased by Mark and Rick in Lasers, Mike T & Alessandro in the 470 and Nigel in another Laser.   

At the gun Chris H has passed Ron to claim victory and the final order was 1st Chris H/Comet; 2nd Chris K/Laser; 3rd Dave & Ann/Leader 4th Richard S/Laser; 5th Mark/Laser; 6th Ron/Mirror. 

Handicap Race

Jazmine/Topper joined the fleet for the second race and in the lightish wind it was a two lapper.

First back across the line was Chris H followed closely by Roland and Chris K. Mark B was 4th ahead of Richard S. Then there was a gap of three minutes before Mike T & Alessandro crossed in 6th place followed by Dave & Ann, Rick, Ron, Nigel, Sally Jazmine and Milo all in close company.

At the finish Chris K crossed the line in 1st place, but was he far enough ahead of Chris H to take victory on corrected time?

The order on the water was – 1st Chris K; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Richard S; 4th Roland; 5th Mark; 6th Mike T & Alessandro.

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Chris H; 2nd Ron; 3rd Roland; 4th Chris K; 5th Richard S; 6th Mark.

Thanks to SOOD James Primrose and the team of Bea Primrose, Hadey Lines, Jeremy Tonkin, Mike Newlove and Paul Waterman.