Spring Series 2 – 27th March 2022

This morning was cloudy and cooler than the preceding days with a NE wind of about 8 mph. Mark used a CB start towards the buoy line and about halfway between 4 and 5. The first mark was A down past 8 then 5, 9, 2 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

There were 12 starters and the early boats away Ron/Mirror, Chris H/Comet and Aileen /Comet were leading at the end of the first lap. Chris K/Laser was up to 4th having caught and passed Dave & Ann/Leader.

At the gun Ron and Chris H were still in the lead, but Aileen had lost her 3rd place to Chris K. The final order was –

1st Ron/Mirror; 2nd Chris H/Comet; 3rd Chris K/Laser; 4th Richard S/Laser; 5th Darren/Laser; 6th Aileen/Comet.  

Handicap Race

For the second race, Mark replaced 2 with B (which was placed further into the lake).

Darren/Laser was first back across the line 10 seconds ahead of Mike T/Aero 9. Chris K/Laser was close behind Mike and Richard S/Laser was close behind Chris. Then there was a slight gap before the Comets of Chris H and Aileen crossed the line followed 40 seconds later by Dave & Ann/Leader in 7th place. The Radials of Nigel and Mike A were next across in 8th and 9th followed by Mike C/Solo and then the Mirrors of Ron and Jewels.

By the end of the second lap Mike T had taken the lead and further back Nigel and Mike A had passed Dave & Ann.  There were no other changes in order.

On the third lap Chris K had taken over at the front and that was the only change in position. Ron and Jewels received the gun at the end of their third lap.

Mike T had a good last lap and at the finish took victory by one minute from Chris K. Dave & Ann and Mike C gained a place by passing Mike A. The final order was – 1st Mike T; 2nd Chris K; 3rd Darren; 4th Richard S; 5th Chris H; 6th Aileen

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Chris H; 2nd Chris K; 3rd Darren; 4th Richards S; 5th Aileen; 6th Mike T

Thanks to SOOD Mark Buckle and the race team of Alessandro Michea, Bill Coulter, Caroline Wood, Chris Smith and Matt Baxter.

Spring Series 1 – 20th March 2022

It was a lovely sunny morning and with an East wind of about 10 mph, SOOD Mike T opted to head down towards Tektona’s resting place to start the race with a course of 1, 3, A, 5, 4 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

15 starters this morning, slightly more than we have been getting of late and early starter Adrian B in his Crescent (nice to see you out racing) was first back across the line, followed by Chris H/Comet, Emily/4.7 and Roland S/Solo. Closing fast were Chris K/Laser and James C/RS300 followed by the Lasers of Adrian F and James P. Mike C/Solo rolled through in 9th place just ahead of Aileen/Comet, Alistair/Laser and Sally/Comet. Thomas M was through in 13th followed by Nigel/Laser and Alessandro/Aero.

At the gun James C had powered through to take the victory and the finishing order was – 1st James C; 2nd Chris K; 3rd Chis H; 4th Roland; 5th Emily; 6th Adrian B

Handicap Race

Mike tweaked the course for the second race by putting in B instead of 1 as the first mark and Sally and Adrian B opted to sit this one out.

James C/RS300 was first back across the line with a healthy lead over the Lasers of Chris K and James P. Next through the line were the Solos of Roland and Mike C with Chris H/Comet sitting between them. Adrian F and Alistair both in Lasers were having a good battle for 7th spot and crossed the line with only 5 seconds between them and they were only just ahead of Emily/4.7, Thomas/Laser and Nigel/Laser (a large banket would have covered them all!). Further back were Aileen/Comet and Alessandro trying to come to terms with his flighty Aero.

Remarkably at the end of the second lap there was no change in the order of the first seven boats. However, Nigel had put the booster on and moved up three places to 8th. Emily and Thomas were still 9th and 10th and Alistair had slipped back to 11th. Having said that, they were all very close together and Aileen had come up to join them. Alessandro received the gun at the end of his second lap as James C had lapped him just before the line.

James C crossed the line to take victory on the water and the four boats behind him finished in the same order as the previous two laps. The loser on this last lap was Mike C who slipped down from 6th to 10th place being passed by Adrian F, a resurgent Alistair (up four places), Thomas and Emily. Nigel also slid back three places to 11th and was almost caught by Aileen.

The order on the water was – 1st James C; 2nd Chris K; 3rd James P; 4th Roland; 5th Chris H; 6th Adrian F

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Chris K; 2nd Roland; 3rd James P; 4th James C; 5th Chris H; 6th Emily

Thanks to SOOD Mike Trussler and the race team of Chris Andrews, Paul Waterman, Samuel Wright (and son?).     

Frostbite Series 12 – 13th March 2022

With a South wind blowing about 14 mph, SOOD Ron set the first mark as 9, then 1, 4, 5, 2,6,7 and back thought the start.

Pursuit Race

12 out this morning and by the end of the first lap Darren/Laser had caught the early starters and came through in the lead followed closely by Mark/Laser, who had just got past Chris H/Comet. Roland S/Solo crossed the line abreast with Chris K/Laser battling for 4th place. The Lasers of Jon and James P were next along and they were followed by the Radials of Ralph and Richard S sandwiching the RS300 of James C. Mike T & Alessandro/470 were just avoiding the lanterne rouge ahead of Rick/Radial who had to go back to round a missed mark.

Jeremy, Lucy and Jazmine also ventured out for a play!

At the 35 minute gun the final order was – 1st Darren; 2nd Mark; 3rd Chris K; 4th Roand; 5th Jon; 6th James C

Handicap Race

No change in the course, but it started to get a bit gusty. Chris K/Laser jumped the start and had to go back to restart.

Darren/Laser was first back across the line with Mike T & Alessandro/470 in 2nd place followed by a trio of Lasers, James P, Mark and Chris K. Next along in 6th place was Roland/Solo followed by the Radials of Ralph, Richard and Rick (obviously the Rs end of the fleet). Actually, not quite as Chris H was last across the line and Jon had come to grief earlier.

Meanwhile Lucy, Jeremy and Jazmine decided to sail their own course as they did not fancy going back to 2 after rounding 5 (6 was much nearer!)

A really close finish at the end as Mike T & Alessandro crossed the line just 2 seconds ahead of Darren, who was only 3 seconds ahead of Chris K , who in turn was just 10 seconds ahead of James P. Mark had capsized en route to No 9, thus conceding 5th place to Roland and everyone else moved up one place .

The final order on the water was – 1st Mike T & Alessandro; 2nd Darren; 3rd Chris K; 4th James P; 5th Roland; 6th Ralph.

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Roland; 2nd Richard S; 3rd Darren; 4th Chris K; 5th James P; 5th Chris H.

Thanks to SOOD Ron V and the race team of Ann & Dave L, Doug, Hadey, Mike C and Richard F.

This was the last of the Fros bite Series which means that the Pursuit Series was won by Roland/Solo with Darren/Laser in second and Aileen/Comet in third place.

The Handicap Series went to Chris H/Comet with Chris K/Laser in second place and Darren/Laser in third.   

Congratulations to all of you.

Frostbite Series 11 – 6th March 2022

There was a brisk SE wind this morning about 12 mph to start with but increasing during the morning to 16 mph and lots of stronger gusts.

Pursuit Race

There were 10 starters and at the end of the first lap Ron/Mirror was leading with Emily/4.7 in 2nd place and Roland/|Solo in 3rd. Ralph was the first of the Lasers in 4th spot having caught and passed Chris H/Comet and Steve S/Blaze the last away was up to 6th. Aileen/Comet was 7th with Mike T & Alessandro/470 closing in fast in 8th place with the Laser of Chris K and Rick behind them.

At the end of the second lap Ron was still in 1st place, but Roland had passed Emily to move up to 2nd.  Steve was up to 4th having passed Ralph and Chris H and Mike & Alessandro had also gained two places to 6th. Chris K did not Make it to the end of the lap.

At the gun Emily has repassed Roland to take 1st place and the final order was – 1st Emily; 2nd Roland; 3rd Steve; 4th Ralph; 5th Ron; 6th Aileen; 7th Mike & Alessandro; 8th Rick; 9th Chris H     

Handicap Race

Aileen, Chris K and Steve decided to give this one a miss and Chris H retired before the end of the first lap as the wind got very frisky!

Ralph was first back across the line leading Emily by 10 seconds who was just ahead of Mike & Alessandro. Roland came through in 4th place some 20 seconds ahead of Rick who in turn was about one minute ahead of Ron.

On the second lap Emily and Mike & Alessandro passed Ralph to move up to 1st and 2nd places. Roland had disappeared which moved Rick up to 4th and Ron up to 5th.

At the end of the third and last lap Mike & Alessandro took the victory on the water and Rick came to grief, so the final order was – 1st Mike & Alessandro; 2nd Emily; 3rd Ralph; 4th Ron.

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Emily; 2nd Ron; 3rd Mike & Alessandro; 4th Ralph.   

A great double for Emily today !!

Thanks to SOOD Darren Ballard and the race team of Jeremy Tonkin, Paul Waterman, Robin Popham, Sam Shears and Tamsin Pagella. (apart from Darren none of these were actually recorded on the race sheet, but I trust that your were all present and correct!)

Frostbite Series 10 – 27th February 2022

With a SSE wind 12 – 15 mph, Adrian set the first mark as 1 then 2, 9, 6, 4 and back through the start line. There were 11 starters this morning and they all stayed out for both races.

Pursuit Race

At the end of the first lap the early starters were still out in front with Ron/Mirror leading Paul W/Morbic, Chris H/Comet, Roland/Solo and Aileen/Comet. Then came the Lasers of Incognito 1, Darren and Ralph, who were followed by Alessandro & Mike T/470 and then two more Lasers helmed by Nigel and Incognito 2!

By the end of the second lap Roland had taken over the lead with Incognito 1 moving up to 2nd place and Darren up to 3rd. Chris H and Ron were still hanging on in 4th and 5th and Ralph had moved up two places to 6th.

At the gun the final order was – 1st Roland; 2nd Darren; 3rd Ingonito 1; 4th Chris H; 5th Ralph; 6th Alessandro & Mike T.

Handicap Race

Before the start of the second race Adrian changed the course to 1, A, 5, 4, and back through the start.

Daren/Laser was first back across the line some 20 seconds ahead of Ralph/Laser, who was closely followed by Roland/Solo. Then Chris K/Laser and Alessandro & Mike T/470 crossed the line abreast battling for 4th place.  Mark/Laser was next through in 6th about 30 seconds ahead of Chris H/Comet. Some 30 seconds later Nigel/Laser crossed one minute ahead of Ron/Mirror with Aileen/Comet on his transom and she was followed by Paul W in his Morbic.

At the end of Lap 2, Darren still led, but Chris K was up to 2nd and Alessandro & Mike T up to 3rd.  This pushed Ralph and Roland down to 4th and 5th places. Behind these the order remained the same although Mark had increased his Lead over Chris H to two minutes.

No change in the first two on Lap 3, but Ralph had repassed Alessandro & Mike T to move up to 3rd place and Mark had passed Roland to move to 5th. Further back Nigel passed Chris H to move to 7th and Aileen passed Ron to move to 9th. Both Ron and Paul W received the gun at the end of this lap.

Lap 4 was the last and Darren crossed in 1st place followed by Chris K in 2nd. Alessandro & Mike regained 3rd place by getting past Ralph, but there were no other changes in position.

The order on the water was – 1st Darren; 2nd Chris K; 3rd Alessandro & Mike T; 4th Ralph; 5th Mark; 6th Roland.

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Darren; 2nd Chris K; 3rd Ralph; 4th Roland; 5th Mark; 6th Chris H

Thanks to SOOD Adrian Frost and the race team of Andy Field, Helen Juon and Paul Hyde.

Not sure if there were any more OODs, but these were the only names on the race sheet. Bob Hine and John Windass were down on the rota, so thank you too if you were there