Gillette Junior Series – 18th August 2021

The wind was quite a strong SSW about 16 – 17 mph and gusting over 20 and not surprisingly there were only three juniors out tonight.

Lucy in a 4.7 won and completed four laps with Jasmine completing one lap in her Topper taking 2nd place and Ollie in his Oppie retied on his first lap, but takes 3rd place.

Well done to all of you for going out in such windy conditions.  

Thanks to Newton and his helpers for running the race.

Summer Series 9 – 22nd August 2021

There was a 10 mph WSW wind and Hadey set the first beat as 5, then 9, 4, 2, A (behind the start line which was parallel to the shore) and through the start.A new boat appeared this morning, a Goat Island Skiff with a traditional gaff rig which originated in Australia. Owner Steve had built it himself from a set of plans with a little collaboration with our other gaff rig sailor, Paul W. Also we had four new racers joining the fleet Carston and Dairmaid & his two little ones. Welcome to you all.  

Pursuit Race

There were 12 starters and at the end of the lap the early starters Ron (Mirror), Chris H (Comet) and Dave & Ann (Leader) were still leading the fleet with Newton & Ainhoa (RS200) in 4th place and Mike A (Lightning) in 5th. Then there were the Lasers of Mark, James P and Jamie being chased by Adrian (Rooster) who had just overtaken the Laser of Dairmaid & daughter (sorry you will have to tell me your name). Rick & Lottie (RS200) and Carston (Radial) were battling to avoid the lanterne rouge.

At the gun the final order was – 1st Newton & Ainhoa: 2nd Chris H; 3rd Mark; 4th Dave & Ann; 5th James P; 6th Dairmaid.

Handicap Race

Hadey and Ralph tweaked the course for the second race inserting B as the first mark (halfway between 5 and 6) then 5, 1 (instead of 9) 4, 2, A.

Mark was first back across the line followed 30 seconds later by Newton & Ainhoa, then James in 3rd place. Dairmaid & son were through in 4th place just ahead of Dave & Ann, who were 20 seconds ahead of Adrian and Jamie. Chris H crossed in 8th place followed by Mike A and then there was a gap before Ron and Rick & Lottie came through. Carston retired on this lap.

On the second lap there was no change in the order of the first three, but Adrian was up two places to 4th. Further back Jamie moved up to 6th by passing Dave & Ann and Rick & Lottie passed Ron.

At the end of the third and last lap the first four remained the same, but Jamie was up another place to finish 5th by passing Dairmaid. There were no other movers and the order on the water was – 1st Mark; 2nd Newton & Ainhoa; 3rd James P; 4th Adrian; 5th Jamie; 6th Dairmaid.

On corrected time some of the slower handicap boats appear and the order becomes – 1st Mark; 2nd Newton & Ainhoa; 3rd James; 4th Chris H; 5th Ron; 6th Dave & Ann.

Thanks to SOOD Hadey and the race team of Ralph and Brian M (who volunteered to help as we were struggling for numbers).      

Sunset Shield 3 – 18th August 2021

The wind was quite a breezy SSW tonight, about 16 mph at the start of the race and dropping down to about 12 mph as the race went on. Rick used a first mark as A (near Tektona but more in the middle of the lake) then 4, 9, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.

There were 18 starters tonight and before the start Mike A found his rudder was jammed in a horizontal position. Trying to move it he manged to pull it off the pintles and was heading smartly towards the buoy line when Steve S & Nick J in the safety boat managed to halt his progress. Mike then managed to reseat his rudder, albeit in a jammed down position!

At the end of the first lap Mike T (Laser) crossed the line in the lead followed by Newton & Sam (RS200) then the Lasers of Jamie H, Mark and Ralph. Next through in 6th place was Roland (Solo)  with Alex & Matt (470) going well in 7th place with Mike C in another Solo just 6 seconds behind them. There was a gap of about 2 minutes before the Comets of Chris H and Aileen came along, battling for 9th place with Dave & Ann just behind them in 11th place.

Mike A (Lightning) was next along, about a minute ahead of Sally in another Comet.  Then Nick H (Laser), Paul W (Morbic) and Angus (Mirror) made up the remainder of the fleet.

The two Richards, respectively RH in a Laser and RF in a Comet Duo both retired. Not sure what happened to them, but at one stage Richard H was seen heading rapidly towards No 2 with his boom pointing skywards!

On the second lap Mark and Jamie both passed Newton & Sam to move up to 2nd and 3rd places. Ralph and Roland maintained 5th and 6th but were starting to open a gap of a minute on the next boat, which was Mike C with Dave & Ann moving up three places to 8th pushing Alex & Matt down to 9th place. Chris H had moved away from Aileen in the battle of the Comets and she was now only one second ahead of Mike A as they crossed the line. Nick H gained a place by passing Sally and Paul W and Angus were persevering at the rear of the fleet.

The third lap saw no change in the first two, but Newton & Sam had repassed Jamie to move up to 3rd place. Further back Dave & Ann had passed Mike C to move to 8th and Mike A had passed Aileen to move to 10th. Alex & Matt and Sally retired on this lap and Angus received the gun at the end of his third lap.

By the end of the fourth lap Mark had moved into the lead and Ralph had now moved to 3rd place passing Jamie and Newton & Sam. Roland was still in 6th place and these leading six boats had a gap of over 4 minutes on the rest of the fleet. There were no changes in the positions of the following boats. Mike A, Aileen, Nick H and Paul W all received the finish gun at the end of their fourth lap as the had been lapped by the leader. In fact Aileen whooped for joy as Mark came past and Mike A sailed a somewhat peculiar course after rounding 6 to make sure that he was lapped!

On the last lap Mark held his lead with Mike T one minute behind him and there were no changes in position, so the final order was –  1st Mark; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Ralph; 4th Newton & Sam; 5th Jamie H; 6th Roland.

On corrected time the only change is Roland moving up to 3rd place.

Thanks to SOOD Rick and the race team of Ian S, Nick J and Steve S.

Mike A ended the evening as he started with a minor disaster when he nose dived into the lake attempting a jump into the water to glide his boat onto the trolley (Tom Daley he ain’t and he can’t knit either!)

Summer Series 8 – 15th August 2021

Today there was a SW wind about 10 mph to start with, but gradually increasing to 13 mph during the morning. SOOD Sally set the first beat to 4, then A (going towards 2), 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.

There was a bit of excitement before the start when a large dead Carp was found on the small slipway, but no-one claimed ownership!

Pursuit Race

There were 14 starters and at the end of the first lap early starter Chris H (Comet) was still ahead with Dave & Ann (Leader) in 2nd place. Next there was a line astern of seven Lasers led by Mark then James P, Rick, Karen (Radial rig),Jamie M-F, Jon and Richards S. These were followed by a motley collection of boats, Mike A (Radial), Ralph (Laser), Adrian (Rooster), Paul W (Morbic) and Alex & Mike T (470).

 At the gun the only change in the first six was that Karen had passed Rick giving a final order of  –

1st Chris H; 2nd Dave & Ann; 3rd Mark; 4th James P; 5th Karen; 6th Rick.

Handicap Race

Everyone went for the second race and Karen was first back across the line with Mark in 2nd place, then Rick, James P, Adrian and Jon with these first six covered by just 30 seconds. Chris H came through in 7th place With Richard S only 3 seconds behind him and only 10 seconds ahead of Ralph and Dave & Ann who crossed the line together. These were being chased by Jamie M-F and Alex & Mike T with Mike A and Paul W bringing up the rear.

Mark took the lead on the second lap and Karen and Rick crossed the line together battling for 2nd place. James was still 4th but Jon and Richard S moved up to 5th and 6th pushing Adrian down to 7th. Ralph gained one place to move to 8th and Jamie and Alex & Mike gained two places to move to 9th and 10th.

At the end of the third lap there was no change with the first two apart from Rick suffering a slight nose bleed as a consequence of being so high up the leader board. James P was up to 3rd place and Jon up to 4th, both of them having overtaken Karen.  Richard S was steady in 6th spot, but Ralph had gained a place by passing Adrian and Alex & Mike T were up another place to 9th pushing Jamie down to 10th.

Mark crossed the line to take the victory at the end of the last lap with Rick and James P crossing behind him in 2nd and 3rd places. Karen repassed Jon to take 4th but there were no other changes in position. The final order on the water was –

1st Mark; 2nd Rick; 3rd James P; 4th Karen; 5th Jon; 6th Richard S.

Unusually everyone kept the same positions on corrected time.

Thanks to Sally & Mike N and Bill C for ensuring the race went smoothly and well sailed Rick.

Sunset Shield 2 – 11th August 2021

With a SSW wind of around 10 mph Mark set a first beat to 4, then A (on the way to 2), 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.

There was a good turnout tonight with 23 starters and it was good to see Ella (Radial), Fleur (Topper), Chris K (Mirror 14892) and Laser 3139 join the Sunset fleet.

Karen (Laser) was first back across the line with Mike T (Laser) in 2nd place. Early in the lap the fleet had split into two main groups, but the rear end of the first group sailed into a hole going down to 7 and the group behind closed the gap with a nice lift after they rounded 6. Emily (Radial) and Roland S (Solo) were very close together as they crossed in 3rd and 4th places with Newton & Sam (RS200)  about one minute behind them in 5th place and Ralph (Laser) another 30 seconds further back in 6th.

On the second lap Karen still led with Mike T holding 2nd place and Newton & Sam moved up to 3rd place with Emily 4th. Ralph was up to 5th and Chris H (Comet) was just ahead of Roland in the battle for 6th place. At the end of this lap Paul W (Morbic), Ron (Mirror), Ella W (Radial) Fleur (Topper), Chris & Carol (Sport 14) and Alex & Matt (470) all received the gun having been lapped by Karen.

At the end of the final lap, Mike T crossed the line just 10 seconds ahead of Karen to snatch 1st place. There was no change in order from 3rd to 7th and Steve S & Rick (RS200) crossed in 8th spot with Mike C (Solo) getting ahead of Jamie (Laser) to take 9th place, although Sally (Comet) finishing 11th would take the three boats ahead of her on corrected time.

The final order on the water was -1st Mike T; 2nd Karen; 3rd Newton & Sam; 4th Emily; 5th Ralph; 6th Chris H.

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Mike T; 2nd Karen; 3rd Emily; 4th Chris H; 5th Newton & Sam; 6th Ralph.

Thanks to SOOD Mark and the team of Nigel & Edward L.

Gillette Junior Series 3 – 11th August 2021

A bit blustery for some of the juniors but they all made it round the triangular course several times despite the ‘I need my heart to slow down before I can pull in the sail again’ and ‘I made it round in one piece without capsizing’ comments that were heard!

Ella in a Laser 4.7 led the first lap closely followed by Fleur in her Topper. Toby in his Topper and Charlie in his Oppie came through close together, despite Charlie being 30 secs late for the start! Ollie followed along in his Oppie. 

Ella had done 3 laps before Pippa in her Oppie finally arrived at the start line and started her race (Dad – the race starts at 6pm, driving up with two Oppies on a trailer at 5.45pm is pushing it a bit!!!).

Ella maintained her lead throughout the race, Charlie had a great race overtaking Toby on Lap 2, then Fleur on Lap 3, who got her revenge on Lap 7 and then narrowly held her 2nd position to the end of the race. Toby and Ollie did really well to complete 3 laps, and Pippa crept closer and closer to the other boats in her efforts to make up for the late start.

Toby capsized on his 4th lap but Karen was feeling really kind and did some magic letting him finish on his 3rd lap, she also generously calculated Pippa’s result from when she actually started!

On the water the order was Ella, Fleur, Charlie, Pippa, Toby, Ollie but the order after applying handicaps was Charlie, Pippa, Ella, Fleur, Ollie, Toby.

Thanks to Karen for organizing the race and writing the race report.

Summer Series 7 – 8th August 2021

This morning there was a SW wind of about 15 mph and a fleet of eleven. Not sure what the course was as SOOD Chris H decided to keep it to himself and not record it on the race sheet, (he probably did tell the competitors but not posterity!), but with a wind in that direction it was probably a first beat to 4 and then back up the lake by a variety of marks.

Pursuit Race

Everyone completed just over two laps before the 35 minute gun went and Emily (4.7) had managed to stay ahead of the chasing pack to take victory. Mark (Laser) was the leader of the pack and took 2nd place ahead of early starter Ron in his Mirror. Newton & Sam (RS200) were 4th with Chris K (Laser) 5th and Steve S (Radial) 6th. Rick (Laser) was back in his old favourite position of 7th with William B in another Laser in 8th position. Behind these were Mike C (Solo), Alex & Mike T (470) and Aileen (Comet).

Handicap Race

Aileen and Mike C sat the second race out, but Jamie in his Laser joined in the fun.

Newton & Sam were first back across the line and then Mark just two seconds ahead of Emily. About a minute later Steve s crossed in 4th place followed by a close bunched group consisting of William B, Alex & Mike T, Jamie, Ron and Rick, Chris K retired on this first lap.

At the end of the second lap Newton & Sam had increased their lead and Emily was up to 2nd place just ahead of Mark. Jamie had gained three places and was up to 4th with Ron the only other mover up one place to 7th.

On the third lap Mark regained 2nd place and Jamie moved up to 3rd, both of them passing Emily. Steve and William B were steady in 5th and 6th places, but Alex & Mike and Rick gained a place by passing Ron.

On the fourth and last lap there was no change in the positions, so the final order on the water was – 1st Newton & Sam; 2nd Mark; 3rd Jamie; 4th Emily; 5th Steve; 6th William.

On corrected time the order becomes – 1st Emily; 2nd Newton & Sam; 3rd Ron; 4th Mark; 5th Jamie; 6th Steve S.

Thanks to SOOD Chris H and the race team of Karen, Dave & Ann.

Gillette Junior Series 2 – 4th August 2021

Last week the Junior race had to be cancelled because of too much wind and this week there was hardly enough, but at least it was warm and sunny!

Seven starters out tonight in a mixture of 4.7s, Toppers and Oppies and Karen had wisely set a short course.

 Emily (4.7) was first back across the line well ahead of Fleur in her Topper. Ollie going well in his Oppie crossed the line in 3rd place with Phoebe in another Topper in 4th. Then along came Frances (Oppie) closely followed by Lucy (4.7) and then William in another Topper.

On the second lap Emily and Fleur were still leading, but Phoebe had moved up to 3rd place by passing Ollie and Lucy had caught and passed Frances.

The final positions on corrected time were – 1st Ollie; 2nd Frances; 3rd Fleur; 4th Emily; 5th Phoebe; 6th Lucy; 7th William.

Well done to all of you for finishing in the difficult wind conditions.

Thanks to Karen for organising the race and to Dan and Richard S for helping out.   

Sunset Shield 1 – 4th August 2021

There was very little wind near the Clubhouse and Newton and Steve S ventured forth with a wind diviner (otherwise known as an old mast head pennant) to find some and set a course!

They managed to do this, but not without some last minute adjustments as the wind was Southish but veering around as start time approached. This turned out to be C (just NW of Tektona) with a starboard rounding up to A near the buoy line, then back towards B in the general direction of 2 and back through the start line round D (just behind the line) and back across the line to finish the lap.

There were 20 starters with. a bit of argy-bargy at the start (Mike C thought he was sailing a new slimline Solo!). First back across the line was Karen (Laser) followed by Rhys in another Laser and these two led for four of the five laps. Chris H (Comet) was in 3rd place, about a minute ahead of Mike T (Laser), then there was a close group of boats led by Roland S (Solo), then Mark (Laser), Mike C (Solo), Newton & Sam (RS200), Dave & Ann (Leader) and James P (Laser). There was a bit of a gap before Jamie (Laser) crossed in 11th place followed by Emily (Radial), Mike A (Lightning) and Steve S & Rick (RS200) with Jeremy (Laser) arriving a minute later. Will (Radial) who is usually further up the fleet came through in 16th place and it was another three minutes before Chris & Carol (420) came along with Alex & Matt (470), Rich (Comet Duo) and Angus (Mirror) following on.

There was no change in the first four on the second lap, but Newton & Sam and Mike C gained three places to move up to 5thand 6th respectively. James P passed Dave & Ann and Mark to move to 8th and Emily also got past Dave & Ann and Jamie to move up to 10th place.

Further back both Jeremy and Will gained a place by passing Steve & Rick. Alex & Matt and Rich also gained a place by passing Chris & Carol. Angus received the gun at the end of his second lap.

By the end of the third lap Newton & Sam had moved to 3rd place with Mike T still 4th and Mike C was up to 5th. Mark had regained two places and was now in 7th place with Roland only six seconds behind him. The close battle in the middle of the fleet between James P,   Dave & Ann and Emily continued, as did the battle between Jeremy and Will and at the rear of the fleet Chris & Carol had repassed Rich who received the gun at the end of the lap.

On the fourth lap the leading five boats held position, but Mark had regained 6th place by passing Chris H. Roland was holding 8th spot with Emily up to 9th passing Dave & Ann and James to gain this position. Behind them Jamie was unfortunate to capsize just before the line as Karen swooped past to lap him. Jamie, Mike A, Will, Jeremy, Steve & Rick, Alex & Matt and Chris & Carol all received the gun having been lapped by Karen.

At the finish Karen had increased her lead to over three minutes and Newton & Sam had managed to snatch 2nd place from Rhys. Mike T and Mike C battling for 4th place crossed the line together. Mark held on to 6th place but crossed only 15 seconds ahead of Chris H. James and Dave & Ann had a good last lap gaining two places to finish 8th and 9th with Emily 10th and Roland 11th.

On corrected time the result becomes – 1st Karen; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Mike C; 4th Newton & Sam; 5th Rhys; 6th Mike T.

Thanks to SOOD Sally and the race team of Ian S, Monica and Paul H (who nearly escaped but got nobbled by Sally as he was about to get in his car!).

Sally would also like to thank Newton and Steve S for their help in setting the course

Summer Series 6 – 1st August 2021

Not a lot of wind this morning with a forecast of 5 mph from the WNW, but actually varying in strength and direction from 2 – 5 and WSW to NW! Mike A set a short course with a standard flagpole start then 5, A (in the middle of the lake going towards 9), 8, B (near the bank behind the middle of the start line.

Pursuit Race

Only 6 starters this morning and at the end of the first lap Ron (Mirror) led followed by Chris H (Comet). Roland S (Solo) crossed in 3rd place about five minutes ahead of Dave & Ann (Leader) in 4th, who were nearly ten minutes ahead of Mark (Laser) and Newton & Sam (RS200). In the light wind it obviously paid to be an early starter and at the 35 minute gun the only change in order was Chris passing Ron.

Handicap Race

Mike shortened the course for the second race by taking 8 out and moving A a little further down the lake and William B joined the fleet in his Laser.

Roland was first back across the line nearly one minute ahead of Chris in 2nd place with Mark 3rdand Newton & Sam not far behind him. The rest of the fleet was evenly spaced with Dave & Ann in 5th place followed by Ron and William.

With the wind threatening to disappear, Mike shortened the course even further by moving the finish line up to A!

At the finish Chris had taken the lead from Roland and Newton & Sam just snatched 3rd place from Mark on the line. Behind them there was no change in order, but William decided that he had enough excitement and retired.

The order on the water was – 1st Chris; 2nd Roland; 3rd Newton & Sam; 4th Mark; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Ron.

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Chris; 2nd Roland; 3rd Ron; 4th Mark; 5th Newton & Sam; 6th Dave & Ann.

Thanks to Mike A and the race team Alex, Emily and Gareth D.