Summer Series 5 – 25th July 2021

With a fairly light NW wind Newton set the start near to Tektona and came back up the lake to A in the middle then B (near the buoy line) down to 2, 4, 1 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

At the end of the first lap the early starters were still ahead with Chris H (Comet) leading from Ron (Mirror) with Dave & Ann (Leader) in 3rd place followed by Paul W (Morbic). Roland S (Solo) and Karen (Laser) were together contesting 5th place, closely followed by Mike C (Solo) and Aileen (Comet.

At the gun the final order was – 1st Chris H; 2nd Karen; 3rd Darren; 4th Dave & Ann; 5th Roland S; 6th Chris K.

Handicap Race

Five Lasers nose to tail led the fleet back through the line, Karen, Mark, Darren, Chris K and Ralph. Roland S (Solo) crossed in 6th place followed by Chris H (Comet), Dave & Ann (Leader) Mike C in the second Solo and Aileen in her Comet. Rick & Lottie were next along flying the flag for the RS200s, followed by Ron (Mirror), Milo (Radial) and Paul W (Morbic).

Darren was up to 2nd place by the end of the second lap with Ralph up to 4th and Chris H up to 6th. Further back Ron and Milo had caught and passed Rick & Lottie.  Milo, Rick & Lottie and Paul W all received the gun at the end of this lap.

On the last lap there were no changes in position, so the final order was – 1st Karen; 2nd Darren; 3rd Mark; 4th Ralph; 5th Chris K; 6th Chris H.

On corrected time the only change is Chris H moving up to 1st place pushing everyone else down one.

Thanks to SOOD Newton and the team of Ainhoa, James C and Zetat.

Gillette Series 8 – 28th July 2021

It was quite frisky tonight with a 16 mph SW wind gusting to 25 mph. Mike A set the first mark as 5 then 4, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.

There were 19 boats out tonight, but Alex & Matt in the 470 and Ru in the Lightning were just out to have a good time and enjoy the swimming!

Richard H (Laser), Peter A (Topper), Angus (Mirror) and Nick H (Laser) all got into difficulties before the start, either capsized or blown into the bushes, although Nick H did manage to start. Ralph capsized shortly after starting and Mike C (Solo) retired at the end of the first lap.

The first two boats back across the line were Mark and Ed both using Radial rigs with Steve S in 3rd place sailing a full Laser. Newton & Emily (RS200) were 4th only 20 seconds behind Steve. Then a minute and a half later Gareth D (Laser) crossed in 5th place with Jamie in another Laser a further two minutes back. Paul H was next along in his Supernova (opting for a bigger rather than a smaller sail to his Laser!) and he was followed by Chris H using his smaller sail on his Comet (initially he was undecided whether to go out, but when Aileen said she was braving it, he decided to do the same, but then Aileen decided against it!). Finally a determined Nick H crossed the line.

By the end of the second lap Ed had taken the lead and Steve had managed to get past Mark to move up to 2nd place, there were no other changes as most were intent on just getting round. Nick received the gun at the end of his second lap having been passed by the leaders.

At the finish Ed and Steve were still in 1st and 2nd places, but Newton & Emily had got past Mark to cross in 3rd place. Gareth was unlucky to capsize just before No 6 enabling Jamie to claim 5th place and  Chris H just pipped Paul H for 7th.

Newton & Emily and Steve S nearly got black flagged as they got carried away playing in the strong wind and very nearly impeded the boats finishing behind them!

The final order on the water was – 1st Ed; 2nd Steve; 3rd Newton & Emily; 4th Mark; 5th Jamie; 6th Gareth D; 7th Chris H; 8th Paul H.

Unusually there were no changes in position from the finishing order. Thanks to Mike A and Sam who managed the race from the bank, but special thanks to the Safety Boat teams, Chris & Carol, Chris & Toby B and Steve D & Aileen, who were particularly busy this evening.

July Cup Races 2021 – Sunday 18th July

The format for the July Cup this year was four races, each about 30 minutes duration with three to count. It was very hot and sunny, but there was only a light breeze. Paul R was SOOD and used the movable marks A, B, C and D to give himself more flexibility.

There were 15 competitors initially, but Jess, Jewels and Dave & Ann decided one race was enough for them and James and Mark opted out after two races.

The first race turned out to be a one lap affair as the wind dropped. Having said that, Newton & Sam in the RS200 finished in 1st place in 28 minutes and the last finisher was Joe in 54 minutes and Sally and Paul W did not finish at all! The first six on the water were Newton & Sam (RS200), Mike C (Solo), Rhys (Laser), Mark (Laser), Jess (Laser) and Chris H (Comet).

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Mike C; 2nd Newton & Sam; 3rd Rhys; 4th Ron; 5th Chris H; 6th Mark.

Paul adjusted the course for the second race and got the timing spot on with two laps taking just over 30 minutes. Newton & Sam were first back across the line followed closely by Rhys and the old man battling for 2nd place. Mike C was 4th about one minute ahead of Mark in 5th,  who in turn was one minute ahead of Aileen (Comet) in 6th just ahead of Ron (Mirror) and Chris H in another Comet.  Behind them Joe (Laser) and Emily (Radial) were only split by 5 seconds with Paul W Morbic 12) and Sally (Comet) bringing up the rear. At the end of the second lap Mike C had moved up to 2nd place with James 3rd,Rhys 4th, Chris H 5th and Joe 6th.

On corrected time the order changes to – 1st Ron; 2nd Newton & Sam; 3rd Mike C; 4th Chris H; 5th James; 6th Rhys.

After a short lunch break Paul tweeked the course again and this time the fleet managed two laps in a slightly shorter time.  Chris H was first back across the line followed by Aileen, so a good start for the Comets. Newton & Sam were 3rd with Rhys 4th, Mike C 5th and Emily 6th.  Sally crossed in 7th ahead of Joe with Ron and Paul W behind them. At the finish Newton & Sam were up to to 1st, but there were no other changes in position.

The order on corrected time was – 1st Chris H; 2nd Aileen; 3rd Mike C; 4th Newton & Sam; 5th Emily; 6th Rhys.      

The final race was also a two lapper and Newton & Sam were again first back across the line with Rhys in a good 2nd place about one minute ahead of Mike C in 3rd.  The Comets of Chris H and Aileen were next along with Emily in 6th place and Joe in 7th place. Ron and Paul W vying for the lanterne rouge. Unusually there were no changes at all in position at the end of the second lap.

The corrected order was – 1st Newton & Sam; 2nd Rhys; 3rd Chris H; 4th Mike C; 5th Aileen; 6th Emily.

Interesting to note all the races were won by a different helm with a different class boat.

When the numbers were crunched and the discards made the final podium was

– 1st Newton & Sam (RS200); 2nd Mike C (Solo); 3rd Chris H (Comet).

Congratulations to Newton & Sam the winners of the July Cup for 2021.

Thanks to SOOD Paul R and the race team of Hadey, Bill, Mike and Nando.

Gillette Junior Series 1 – 21st July 2021

It was very hot and sunny with a NE wind about 8 mph. Karen used a triangle course with a start line on an East – West axis with 5 as the pinnacle and A and B marking the base line. She drew out the course on a whiteboard to show to the young sailors before they went on the water, perhaps something that some of our older sailors could benefit from!

7 young sailors started and the fleet reduced each lap as boats were lapped, so everyone completed the first lap with Thomas (Radial) crossing the line in 1st place with Emily (4.7) in 2nd place. Then came a trio of Toppers with Fleur leading William and Lucy followed by the Oppies of Frances and Ollie. Ollie received the gun at the end of his lap.

On the second lap the only change in the order was William overtaking Fleur to move up to 3rd place and Fleur was finished at the ned of the lap.

The third lap saw no change in the order, but William, Fleur and Lucy were all finished at the end of the lap as they had been overtaken by Thomas and Emily.

The fourth lap was the last and Thomas retained the lead over Emily.

The final order was – 1st Thomas; 2nd Emily; 3rd William; 4th Fleur; 5th Lucy; 6th Frances; 7th Ollie.

Well done to all of you.

Thanks to Karen & Stuart, Hadey, Richard S and Stan for helping out.     

Gillette Series 7 – 21st July 2021

Tonight was hot and sunny with a NE wind about 6 mph. Mike A used a CB start line on an East West axis near to No 5 with the first mark as A, then 5, 9, 4, 8, B and back though the start line.

There were 17 starters and 12 finishers with five retirements on the first of the two laps, which tells the story of a course that was too long and a wind that virtually disappeared!

Mike A (that’s me!) would like to apologise to all competitors for extending the expected duration of the race and keeping them out in the doldrums for so long! This apology also extends to the unlucky race team of Sam and Hadey; Sam who recorded the race times in her usual immaculate way and Hadey who provided a tow boat service to many of the stranded souls!

Back to the race and Emily & Newton (RS200) got away at the front and finished over 10 minutes ahead of Mike C (Solo) who had passed Karen on the second lap to take 2nd place. Roland S in another Solo was 4th with Mark (Laser) in 5th place, a position he gained by passing Dave & Ann (Leader) on his second lap.  On the first lap Chris H (Comet) was in 7th place but he was caught and passed by Steve S & Rick (RS200).

The rest of the fleet was finished (in more ways than one) at the end of their first lap with Thomas M just crossing the line in 9th ahead of Nigel, both in Lasers. Young Jack & Ron were next to finish with Ron providing some valuable coaching for Jack and then Chris & Carol (Sport 14) made it to the finish line.  

The remaining boats got trapped in the black hole of Number 8, so Sally (Comet), Paul H (Laser), Chris & Hilary (Wayfarer), Rich F (Comet Duo) and Paul W (Morbic 12) all wisely decided to retire. Sorry to inflict that upon you.

The final order on the water was – 1st Emily & Newton; 2nd Mike C; 3rd Karen; 4th Roland S; 5th Mark; 6th Dave & Ann.

On corrected time the order of the first four remains the same, but Dave & Ann leapfrog Mark to take 5th place  pushing him down to 6th.

Thanks to Sam and Hadey for their help and to all SOODs a warning to beware of a long course with a chance of a dying wind on a Wednesday night (and avoid 8 if the Wind has an E in it!).

Gillette Series 6 – 14th July 2021

A hot sunny night with a NNW wind of 8-10 mph gave Ron some initial problems in setting the course, along with varied comments on not what to do! He settled on a Tektona start with a first leg up to A on the buoy line then 4, 2, 5,8, 6, 1 (not often used) and back through the start.

It was a good turnout with 23 boats taking to the water, but only 19 definitely racing and others following the fleet. These included Alex & Matt in a 470, James in a new RS300, Angus in a Mirror (who may have started racing and then decided to just enjoy the water and sail his own course) and Paul W (Morbic 12) who may have actually been racing but always sails his own course anyway!

With a light wind and a long course and the Wednesday evening threat of the dying wind, it was a two lap affair.

First back across the line were the Lasers of Darren, Karen, Mark and Mike T (sounds like a 60s pop group – well I might be the only one to know that!), followed by Emily & Newton in the RS200 and they were all in the same order crossing the line at the finish.  Ralph (Laser) came through in 6th place ahead of Rick in another Laser followed by the motley crew of Chris H (Comet), Mike A (Lightning). and Mike C (Solo). These were followed by another three Lasers led by Jamie, then Jeremy and Richard H. Then along came the Jones boys in the Vago (who said they needed less weight in the light wind – presumably referring to the boat not to their sylph like persons!). Yet another pair of Lasers appeared next, manned by Nigel and Chris A, followed by the fair Aileen and two more Lasers with Paul H and Nick H helming (which goes to prove the best part of any sandwich is the filling!)

On the second lap, the movers were Chris H passing Rick and Ralph to move up to 6th and Jamie passing Mikes A and C to move up to 9th place. Richard H retired, so as a result of this and passing Dean & Nick, Nigel gained two places. Further back Nick H and Paul H both passed Aileen, but there were only two seconds in it as they crossed the line.

The order on the water was – 1st Darren, 2nd Karen; 3rd Mark; 4th Mike T; 5th Emily & Newton; 6th Chris H.

On corrected time Chris H moves up to 2nd place pushing everyone else down one place.

Thanks to SOOD Ron and the race team of Sam, Ian S, Ann & Dave and young Jack.

Ron brought Jack along to check out the Mirror his family now owns and help him rig it.

They didn’t get a chance to sail before the racing, but Jack helped Ron with the race management and did a great job as Tektona did not have any ropes to hoist the flags, so Jack volunteered to stand on top of the cabin and hold them up by hand!!! It must have been quite tiring holding the Club Pennant aloft for 5 minutes!

After the racing Ron took him out for a sunset sail and encouraged him to helm for the first time rounding buoys 6 and 7 and back to the jetty successfully.  Ron thinks Jack enjoyed himself and had a great night. Good for you Ron!

Summer Series 4 – 11th July 2021

Rick was SOOD and set the course from the shore with a port rounding of 4, back to 9 for another port rounding and then a reach to C near the buoy line (around the normal position of 5, but 5 seems to have drifted down the lake towards 6!). Anyway, starboard rounding of C and off on a broad reach/run to 7 for a port rounding and back over the start.

The wind was 6 – 9 mph from the south west shifting round to the south east and back again on a regular basis, so one minute it was a beat to 4 and the next a fetch. 

Pursuit Race

There were 13 starters this morning and it was a momentous occasion for Dave & Ann in their Leader as they managed to catch all the boats starting ahead of them and at the gun were in 1st place.

Chris H (Comet) managed to stay ahead of the Lasers to take 2nd place, with the Lasers of Mark, Mike T and Darren in 3rd, 4th and 5th places. Ron and Jewels were 6th and 7th in Mirrors and Karen was 8th sailing a Radial rig Laser.

Well done to Dave & Ann who have been going well all year in their Leader.

Handicap Race

No drop outs for the second race and Dave & Ann inspired by their first race result were first back across the line followed by the Lasers of Mike T and Mark. Karen (Radial) came through in 4th place closely followed by Chris H (Comet) and Darren (Laser). About one minute later Adrian (Rooster) crossed in 7th place with Sally in her Comet just 10 seconds behind him. Alistair S (Laser) was next in 9th ahead of the Mirror duo of Ron and Jewels and Emily in her 4.7. Finally along came Paul W, in his distinctive gaff rigged Morbic 12, sailing his usual idiosyncratic course due to the nature of his rig.

By the end of the second lap Karen had taken the lead with Dave & Ann in 2nd place and Mike T in 3rd. Darren and Adrian were both up two places to 4th and 5th places and Ron was also up two places passing Jewels and Alistair. Emily, Alistair and Paul all received the gun at the end of two laps.

Darren crossed the line in 1st place at the end of the last lap having caught and passed the three boats ahead of him, but he was only 10 seconds ahead of Karen in 2nd place. Most other maintained station, but Sally had caught Dave & Ann to cross the line abreast in an equal 7th place.

The final order on the water was – 1st Darren; 2nd Karen; 3rd Mike T; 4th Mark; 5th Adrian; 6th Chris H.

In the light wind the faster boats could not get sufficiently ahead of the slower handicap craft, so there were significant changes in order on corrected time – 1st Ron; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Sally; 4th Dave & Ann; 5th Darren; 6th Karen.

Thanks to SOOD Rick, who was ably assisted by Lottie, Alessandro, Sam and Jeremy. Thanks to you all.

Gillette Series 5 – 7th July 2021

With a SW wind of 10-12 mph Mike T set a first beat to 4 then 8, 5, 7 and back through the start. There were 11 starters, 7 Lasers, a Solo, RS200, Comet and a Supernova.

First back across the line was Mark just ahead of Karen and Darren, all in Lasers. Emily & Newton in a RS200 were through in 4th place followed by the Lasers of Richard H, Jeremy and Nigel. Mike C (Solo) was next across the line in 8th about 30 seconds ahead of Paul H (Supernova) who was over a minute ahead of Chris H (Comet) and Nick H (Laser).

On the second lap Darren passed Karen to move up to 2nd place and Richard H and Jeremy both passed Emily & Newton to move to 4th and 5th places. Further back Nick had gained a place by passing Chris H.

At the end of the third lap there was no change in the order of the first three, but Emily and Newton had regained 4th place by retaking Richard and Jeremy. Chris H had repassed Nick H and these two received the gun at the lap. Paul H disappeared from the charts having been disqualified for sailing an incorrect course. It is not clear if he had been sailing an incorrect course all the time or had just decided on a passing whim to sail a different course at a later stage.

Mark crossed the line to take 1st place and behind him there were no other changes in position. In fact the most consistent performers were Mark who led every lap and Nigel and Mike C who were steady in 7th and 8th on every lap. It used to be Rick who occupied 7th heaven in most races, but now he is flirting with RS200s he is all over the place!

The final order on the water was – 1st Mark; 2nd Darren; 3rd Karen; 4th Emily & Newton; 5th Richard H; 6th Jeremy.

On corrected time the only change to this order is Mike C moving up to 6th spot relegating Jeremy to the Doldrums..

Thanks to SOOD Mike T ably assisted by Sam S and the PBs Sally and Angus.

Summer Series 3 – 4th July 2021

With a South-ish wind varying from 3 to 10 mph, Mark decided to set an interesting course using nearly every number in the box and adding A and B as well. I expected him to run up the Stars and Stripes as well, but we must have lost that flag.

It was a standard flagpole start followed by a completely non-standard course using 9, 4, 2, A (near the buoy line halfway between 4 and 5), 5, B (going towards 8 but in the middle of the lake) 6, 7 and back across the start line.

The saving grace was that we could write the course down before leaving terra firma. It would have been a nightmare if it had been a Committee Boat start as well!

Perhaps we should have a new trophy for the SOOD who manages to set a sailable course using every mark plus A, B, C and D!

Pursuit Race

There were 11 starters this morning and first man away Ron (Mirror) was still leading at the end of the lap followed by Chris H (Comet), Dave & Ann (Leader), Mike C (Solo) and then the Lasers of Chris K, Mike T, Karen, James and Jamie M. Languishing at the rear of the fleet were Mike A and Alistair, who were still exhausted by the tension of watching England beat Ukraine by 4-0 on Saturday night. It takes some time to overcome a shock like that!

At the gun the positions were – 1st Chris K; 2nd Dave & Ann; 3rd Chris H; 4th Mike C; 5th Ron; 6th Mike T.

Handicap Race

Everyone stayed on for the second dance and this time it was the four Lasers of Mike T, Chris K, Karen and James who were first back across the line. Dave & Ann came through in 4th place with Chris H not far behind them. Mike C was next in 7th place, but he was only two seconds ahead of Jamie M in his Laser. Then there was a slight gap back to Alistair (Laser), Ron (Mirror) and Mike A (Lightning).

The second lap saw no change with the first two, Mike T and Chris K, who were having a good battle for the lead. James had manged to pass Karen to move up to 3rd and further back Jamie M had got past Mike C. Mike A had passed Alistair and Ron and these three were enjoying a battle at the back.

Chris K crossed the line in 1st place just about 10 seconds ahead of Mike T in 2nd with James and Karen holding 3rd and 4th places. Chris H pipped Dave & Ann for 5th spot but there were no other changes.

The order on the water was 1st Chris K (a nice doble for him today); 2nd Mike T; 3rd James; 4th Karen; 5th Chris H; 6th Dave & Ann.

On corrected time the order becomes – 1st Ron (that man again – if you can see him – he can beat you!); 2nd Chris H; 3rd Chris K; 4th Mike T; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th James.

Thanks to SOOD Mark and the race team, who all answered the last minute call for volunteers.

So thank you very much Aileen, Jewels, Leon & Ethan and Rick

Gillette Series 4 – 30th June 2021

The forecast was for a NNE wind of 7 mph, but on the race sheet SOOD Mark recorded a wind strength and direction of “NOTHING!” There was also no course recorded, but there must have been a short one because they managed to fit in four laps in 45 minutes.

Mike T (Laser) was first back through the line with Emily & Newton (RS200) in 2nd place followed by Roland S (Solo), Karen (Laser) and the A Team (Rick & Steve S) in another RS200. Chris H (Comet) came through in 6th place, still recovering from Sunday morning. A mystery boat came along next, a 470, sail number 868 and a helm designated A (perhaps this is the real A team or perhaps A stands for anonymous). Anyway if anyone can identify the sailor we will feature him in the next race report.  The Commodore crossed in 8th position (can anyone remember his name? Then came the friendly bunch Pip & Squeak in the Leader, Sally (Comet), Ron (Mirror), William S (Topper) and Angus the boatman in another Mirror.

Mike T led for the remaining three laps and Emily & Newton and Karen kept swapping places in the battle for 2nd spot.  Roland was a steady 4th and Rick and Steve a steady 5th. There was a ding dong for 6th and 7th places involving Nigel (that’s his name!), Dave & Ann and Chris H, with A maintaining 9th place. Ron had received the gun at the end of his third lap as he had been lapped by the leaders.

The final order on the water was – 1st Mike T; 2nd Emily & Newton; 3rd Karen; 4th Roland S; 5th Rick & Steve; 6th Nigel.

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Mike T; 2nd Karen; Equal 3rd Emily & Newton and Roland; 5th Chris H; 6th Dave & Ann.

Thanks to SOOD Mark and the race team of Andrew, Mike C and Nick H.

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