Cobley Series 2020 27th September

Cobley Series    27th September 2020

Before the racing there was a lot of debate and prevaricating as to whether to venture out or not. The conditions initially were not that bad, but the forecast was for 30 mph gusts and it was nothing like the tee shirt and shorts weather we had the previous week. It was going to be a shock to the system!

Pursuit Race

In the end 8 boats ventured out with Rick and Newton deciding to go for Radial sails, although racing on their full rig handicaps. 

Ralph set a course of 6, 4, A, 5, 8, S with a well angled start line from the shore.  Mark A was positioned near Tektona (that’s the buoy not a person!).

Emily and Chris led off first in their slower handicap boats several minutes before the Lasers set off to hunt them down. Mark was over enthusiastic in this endeavor and was over the line at the start and had to return. Emily had got away well and had a reasonable lead as the others headed down wind to 4. By now the forecast had started to fulfil its promise and Mike T, Chris and Newton were hit by a substantial gust. Newton just about managed to control it but Mike and Chris both capsized losing them a lot of ground by the time they had recovered. Newton continued on his quest to catch Emily, but it never looked likely before time ran out. Emily finished first with a comfortable lead. Congratulations to her in winning her first adult race. 

The finishing positions were – 1st Emily – 4.7; 2nd Newton – Laser; 3rd Mike T – Laser; 4th Mark – Laser; 5th Chris H – Comet; 6th Rick – Laser

Handicap Race

Dean and Nick were out in the Vago in the first race, but decided to give the second a miss. Dean remarked “it’s not nice out there”)

It was close racing at the front with Mike T leading Mark by just 2 seconds at the end of the first lap. Rick crossed the line 30 seconds later in 3rd place and he was just 7 seconds ahead of Newton in 4th. Then there was quite a gap before Chris H came though in his Comet followed by Thomas in a Radial and then Emily in a 4.7.

On the second lap Mike had drawn away from Mark who dropped back and was briefly passed by Newton who had moved up to 3rd when Rick came to grief on the second lap with a broken tiller extension.

Thomas moved up a place by passing Chris and Emily unfortunately capsized getting her mast stuck in the mud!

No change with the positions of the first two on the third lap, but Newton capsized also embedding his mast in the process allowing Thomas to move up to 3rd place.

The fleet was now down to just the four boats and as there were no changes in position on the final lap the order on the water remained 1st Mike; 2nd Mark; 3rd Thomas; 4th Chris

On corrected time Chris pips Thomas for 3rd place, but a 4th place position in these conditions was very creditable.

Sally “kindly” asked Newton why his hair was wet on his return to shore! (he really wanted a shampoo and set but had to settle for a wet rinse)

Thanks to Ralph and the OOD team of Darren, Dave & Anne.

Overall, in the Series, the Pursuit is led by Newton with Mark 2nd and Mike T 3rd. The Handicap leaders are the same three but Mark leads from Newton with Mike T 3rd again and all in Lasers.