Frostbite Series 8 – 26th January 2020

Well we lost another race last week to flooding, but it had receded enough to allow racing today.

There was a good 14-15 mph wind from the South and 15 starters set out for what turned out to be a four lap race. Peter R set the course, but unfortunately it was not recorded for posterity on the race sheet!

Simon (Blaze) was first back across the line about 30 seconds ahead of Ralph (Laser), who was just 10 seconds ahead of Jon in another Laser. Mark (Laser) was through in 4th place well clear of James (Laser), Adrian (Laser) and Dave & Ann (Leader) who all crossed the line together.  Then another tight group consisting of Ken (Radial), Alistair (Laser) and Dean & Nick in the Vago crossed together.

Rhys in his 4.7 came along 30 seconds later and he was nearly a minute ahead of Chris H (Comet) and Mike C & Sally (Leader). Emily in another 4.7 was next through followed by Ron in his Mirror.

On the second lap there was no change in the leading three, but James had moved up to 4th and Dean & Nick to 5th, although they only crossed the line one second ahead of Adrian in 6th place.

Dave & Ann were steady in 7th and Alistair was up one to 8th and Mike C & Sally were up three places to 10th.

At the end of the third lap Simon still led, but Jon had moved up to 2nd ahead of Ralph. James was holding 4th and Mark had regained four places to move to 5th place. Dean & Nick were having a close battle with Dave & Ann crossing the line just 5 seconds ahead of them in 6th place. Mike C & Sally had moved up another place to 9th and Ken had regained a place to move to 10th. Ron had managed to catch Emily and crossed the line just 8 seconds ahead of her, both of these received the gun. 

Simon crossed the finish line about three minutes ahead of Ralph who had regained 2nd place from Jon. There was a very close finish for 4th place with James crossing just two seconds ahead of Mark.

Adrian gained two places to move up to 6th by passing Dean & Nick and Dave & Ann, who were still locked together battling for 7th.  Ken gained another place by passing Mike C & Sally to finish 9th and Rhys pipped Chris on the line by one second!

The order on the water was 1st Simon; 2nd Ralph; 3rd Jon; 4th James; 5th Mark; 6th Adrian

On corrected time the first three keep their positions, but Ron takes 4th with Dave & Ann up to 5th and Ken up to 6th

Thanks to Peter R and the OOD Team of Mike N, Nev, Paul H, Sam and Will S.

Frostbite Series 6 – 12th January 2020

There was a frisky SWS 16 mph wind this morning with stronger gusts coming through to increase the fun! (well for those on the bank). Unusually there were no double handers out today? Dave I set a long first beat down to 3 then A, 5, 8,6, 7 and back through the start line.

There were 11 starters and Julian B (D-Zero) was first back across the line followed by the Lasers of Jon and James. Newton (Solo) came through in 4th place just ahead of Ralph (Laser) and 30 seconds later Adrian (Laser) and Simon (Fire) crossed in close company. Two minutes later along came Ron in his Mirror about a minute ahead of Chris H in his Comet, then a further two minutes back were Jeremy and Gareth both in Lasers.

At the end of the second lap Julian still led with Jon in 2nd place, but Simon had moved up four places to 3rd pushing James down to 4th place.  Ralph had passed Newton to move to 5th, but there were no other changes. Chris H and Jeremy received the gun at the end of the lap and Gareth had retired.

On the last lap there were no changes in position and Julian B claimed the victory on the water.

However, on corrected time the order becomes – 1st Jon; 2nd Julian; 3rd Simon; 4th James; 5th Ron; 6th Ralph

Thanks to Dave I and the OOD team of Bill J, Frantz, Jill G, Ken, Mike C and Sally.

Frostbite series 5 – 5th January 2020

Frostbite Series 3 and 4 were cancelled due to the flooding, but normal service was resumed today, and it was quite a pleasant morning. The wind was SW 13 mph with gusts up to 18 mph. Mike A set the first beat to 4 then A (which was around the normal position of 2), 5, 8, 6,7 and back through the start. Mike originally put 2 up on the board until Adrian enquired if 2 was actually in position. A quick search revealed Buoy 2 lying by the boat shed, which would have made an interesting course!

There were 18 starters, the highest number since 4th August 2019! Before the actual start Nev came to grief when trying to shout something to Mike A and Dave I, who were manning the race start. Unfortunately, neither of them hears too well, so as Nev tried to get his message across, rather than concentrating on the wind, he was bowled over, but he did manage to make the start.

First back through the line was Julian B (D-Zero) who was 7 seconds ahead of Ralph in 2nd place. Newton (Solo) came through one minute later in 3rd spot with Steve S (Laser) in 4th, 18 seconds further back. James and Mark (both Lasers) crossed the line virtually together contesting 5th place. Next along were the two Leaders of Mike C & Sally and Dave & Ann and they enjoyed a race long battle. Close together behind them were the two Lasers of Rick and Adrian followed 10 seconds later by Ken in a Radial. Then there was a 20 seconds gap before Sam & Emily, going well in the RS200, crossed the line in 12th place. Nev in his Comet was not far behind, closely followed by Chris H in another Comet. After a minute had elapsed Ron arrived in the Mirror, closely followed by Rhys (4.7), Jeremy (Laser) and Lottie (Radial). It was a wonder thar Jeremy had actually caught the fleet as he was still making last minute rigging adjustments as the start hooter sounded (still he’s used to that!)

At the end of the second lap Julian still led, but Ralph was keeping him honest by maintaining the same gap.  Newton had lost a little ground (or water) on the first two but was still a minute clear of Mark who had moved up to 4th. James held 5th place with Dave & Ann moving up to 6th by passing Mike & Sally and Steve S. Adrian and Chris both gained a place by moving past Rick and Nev respectively. Further back Rhys passed Ron and Jeremy passed both of them to move up two places.

On the third lap Julian had slightly increased his lead on Ralph, who was trying hard to keep in touch.

Newton was now just one second ahead of Mark as they crossed the line. The next group of boats were all close together enjoying a good battle for 5th place and at the line Mike & Sally held that position with Adrian, Dave & Ann and James chasing them. Sam & Emily gained three places to move up to 9th with Steve S in 10th only one second behind them. Rick dropped to 11th just ahead of Ken, who was 40 seconds ahead of Chris H, Jeremy and Nev. Behind them Rhys and Ron were still having a good battle and Lottie was gaining on them.    

At the gun Julian was first across the line with an increased lead over Ralph, but probably not enough to take the victory on handicap. Newton and Mark held their positions, but Adrian won the battle for the 5th place. Steve S had a good last lap making up four places to cross in 6th and James repassed the Leaders to take 7th place. Mike & Sally just managed to stay ahead of Dave & Ann in their class battle. Ken, Jeremy and Lottie all gained a place by passing Rick, Chris H and Ron respectively to finish 11th, 13th and 17th.  Ron took the lanterne rouge again (he’s thinking of starting a business in Soho), but he had the last laugh on corrected time!

Final positions on the water were – 1st Julian B; 2nd Ralph; 3rd Mark; 4th Newton; 5th Adrian; 6th Steve S

On corrected time this changes to – 1st Ralph; 2nd Newton; 3rd Ron; 4th Mike C & Sally; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Mark

Thanks to Mike A and the OOD Team of Dave I, Jon and Paul H

New Year Cup Race – 1st January 2020

At last the waters had receded enough for the New Year Cup race to take place, unfortunately the wind had also receded!

With a light to non-exsistent NW wind James wisely set a short course of X, 4, A, B.

There were only five competitors and they were outnumbered by the OOD Team!

The race turned out to be a five lapper, just short of one-hour duration.

Newton & Sam in the RS200 led for the whole race and Chris H in his Comet was 2nd for the whole of the race!

The most exciting battle was for 3rd place between Monica in her Europe and Emily in a Radial. Monica led at the end of the first lap with Emily ahead for laps two, three and four, but Monica pipped her across the line at the end of the fifth lap.

Ron in his Mirror carried the lanterne rouge throughout the race and was finished one lap early at the end of his fourth lap.

The corrected times make quite a difference to the race result with the order changing to –

1st Chris H; 2nd Monica; 3rd Emily; 4th Ron; 5th Newton & Sam.

Thanks to James and the OOD Team of Ann & Dave, Frantz, John S, Ian S and Paul W.