New Year Cup Race 2020

The New Year Cup Race is on and the start time is 11.00

Newton went to the club today and the lane is clear.

Mike C and Newton checked over the macerator and that is on and working so we are all good to go racing tomorrow.

James has volunteered to be SOOD, but we are very short of PBs and OODs. If any of you would be willing to volunteer that would be much appreciated.   

The tap water is not drinkable yet.

The quay is still underwater and other surfaces may be covered in a layer of mud and could be slippery.

The mince pies and mulled wine that were postponed from before Christmas are going to be available on Sunday 5th January.

Happy New Year

Flood Update – Boxing Day Cup Race cancelled


Newton went down on Sunday afternoon and the lane was 2.5 feet deep. (Mama said it’s 3 feet high and rising).

Newton checking the entrance lane

There is no chance of the race being able to take place on Boxing Day

Not surprisingly the bore hole has been flooded and the macerator pump has been turned off so don’t use the toilets.

Do not drink directly from the kitchen cold tap and make sure you boil any tap water for making coffee and tea.

Bottled water will available.for cold drinks(if the delivery boat gets through or perhaps the milk float will!)

Once the water has receded the bore hole will be cleaned and sterilized and everything should get back to normal.

It’s too late to ask Santa for a set of waders but enjoy your Christmas Day.

Racing Sunday 22nd December cancelled

The lane is flooded to 1 foot in places and getting deeper. There is no chance of it dropping by Sunday so the race and the mince pies are now cancelled.
Sorry about this, but we hope you all have a good Christmas and hopefully the Boxing Day Cup Race will be on.

Frostbite Series 2 – 15th December 2019

Another windy Sunday with a SW wind around 15 mph with the usual gusts. Newton set a long first beat to 3 then A (about where 2 should be, but 2 had drifted off!), 9, 5, 8, 6,7 and back through the start. It was good to see Hadey, Hugh and Will back out on the water.

There would have been 15 starters, but Julian B went out to the start, but the rudder stock on his D-Zero broke before the race started. The remaining 14 got away without further incident.

Simon B (Blaze) was first back across the line followed two minutes later by Karen sailing a Radial rig, but she was only just ahead of Jon in a (Laser). Ten seconds later a quartet of tightly bunched Lasers came through with Hugh leading Adrian, Mike T and Ken (using a Radial rig). Hadey (4.7) crossed in 8th place with the first double -hander of Dave & Ann (Leader) about a minute further back in 9th, but they were only four seconds in front of Dean & Nick (Vago). Rhys (4.7) was in 11th place with Mike C & Sally (Leader) bearing down on him. Then there was a gap of 40 seconds before Will (Radial) and Jeremy (Laser) crossed the line.  

By the end of the second lap Mike T had moved up four places to 2nd and Jon had passed Karen to move to 3rd place.  Karen was down to 4th and Hugh and Adrian down to 5th and 6th. Hadey gained a place to move to 7th as Ken, who was just ahead of her, retired. Mike C & Sally made up two places to move to 9th just behind Dave & Ann, so the battle of the leaders was now on. Will also gained two places by passing Rhys and Dean & Nick.

At the end of the third and last lap Simon crossed the line in first place nearly two minutes ahead of Jon, who had got past Mike to take 2nd place.  The only other mover was Jeremy who gained a place when Rhys retired with a gear failure.

The final order on the water was – 1st Simon; 2nd Jon; 3rd Mike T; 4th Karen; 5th Hugh; 6th Adrian

On corrected time the order becomes –

1st Karen; 2nd Hadey; 3rd Jon; 4th Simon; 5th Mike T; 6th Hugh

Thanks to Newton and the OOD Team of Sam (the only one on the rota!) and special thanks to Ellen, Emily, Andrew & Thomas M and Roland L who stepped up to volunteer  and make the race possible.

Frostbite Series 1 – 8th December 2019

Frost Bite 1 – 8th December 2019

The first race of the Frostbite Series was very windy, as it had been the previous two years.

 With a WSW wind of about 18 mph and stronger gusts coming through, Peter R set the first beat to 4 then 9, 3, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.

The race was a one lap affair with 10 starters and only five finishers with Simon B (Blaze), Rhys (4.7), Dean & Nick (Vago), Ralph (Laser) and Ron (Mirror) all retiring.     

The fleet became well spread out and Julian B (Devoti D-Zero) crossed the line in 1st place about one minute ahead of Jon (Radial) in 2nd place. Mike Tr (Laser)was in 3rd place nearly six minutes further back and he was two minutes ahead of James (Laser), who in turn was two minutes ahead of Adrian (Laser).

The only change on corrected time was Jon leapfrogging Julian to take 1st place.

Thanks to Peter R and the OOD Team of Ann & Dave L, Jewels, Marcin, Richard M and many other volunteers who pitched in to help out in he very windy conditions.

Cobley 11 – 1st December 2019

It was quite cold this morning with a N to NNE wind about 9 – 11 mph with stronger gusts coming through. Julian B used a Tektona start with a first beat down to A (near the buoy line between 5 and 6), then 5, 9, 3 and back through the start line.   

Pursuit Race

14 starters this morning and early starter Chris H (Comet) was first back through the line followed by Steve S (Solo) then Dave & Ann (Leader) just ahead of Ellen & Newton (RS200) with Mike A (Lightning) about a minute further back. Mike T and Karen (both Lasers) crossed the line abreast battling for 6th place. Rhys (4.7) was next along with Pater Primrose (Laser) closing in on him, and they were about 20 seconds ahead of Rick (Laser). Sally & Mike in the second Leader were next along not far in front of Adrian (Vago s/h). Bringing up the rear was Ron, who missed his starting slot for the second week in a row! This is despite being the first boat out on the bank. Its obviously taking him too long to get his kit on, he’ll have to get a dresser or a valet! Julian W (Solo) came to grief early on and decided a wet wetsuit was not the thing to have on when a cold North wind was blowing, so headed to the bank for a hot cup of tea!

By the end of the second lap Newton & Ellen had come to the front with the 2nd and 3rd place boats keeping their positions, Karen moved up to 4th and Chris slipped back to 6th. James and Rick had caught and passed Rhys and Mike A to move up to 7th and 8th. Adrian had moved up two places by also passing Rhys and Sally & Mike C. 

At the gun the final order was – 1st Ellen & Newton; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Steve S; 4th Karen; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th James

Handicap Race

Having got warm and dry Julian decided to stay that way, but Mark and Ralph entered the fray to bring the starters up to 15. The course was changed to A, 5, 9, 4, 2, S.

Newton & Ellen were first back across the line followed by the Lasers of Karen, Mike T, Ralph, James and Mark. Dave & Ann came through in 7th place nor far ahead of Rick and Mike C & Sally who crossed the line together. Steve S was only 10 seconds behind them, with Adrian only 10 seconds behind him and 30 seconds further back Chris H crossed the line just ahead of Rhys. Bringing up the rear again was Ron, who did not miss the start this time! Mike A retired after capsizing rounding A and finding that Julian was quite right about the temperature and the wind chill.

On the second lap there was no change at the front but Ralph moved up two places to 2nd and James one place to 4th. Steve S passed Mike C & Sally and Rick to move up to 8th place. Mike C & Sally also got past Rick as did Adrian, so Rick slipped back to 11th with Mike & Sally 9th and Adrian 10th. Behind them, there was no change in position with Chris, Rhys and Ron. 

At the end of the third lap, Newton & Ellen still led with Ralph 2nd and Mike T 3rd and James and Mark crossed the line together fighting for 4th spot. Karen, who was lying 5th retired, so Dave & Ann, Steve S, Mike & Sally and Adrian moved up to 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th respectively. Chris H and Rhys also gained another place by passing Rick.   

On the fourth lap Ralph retired letting Mike T up to 2nd place and Mark got the better of James to claim 3rd place.  Everyone behind them gained a place due to Ralph’s retirement, but Adrian also retired from 9th spot. Rhys passed Chris to move up to 8th and Ron gained two places due to the retirements.

Chris H, Rick and Ron had all been lapped before they reached the line, so received the finish gun as they crossed.

At the end of the fifth and last lap there was a dramatic finish when Mike T pipped Newton & Ellen on the line to take 1st place with Mark 3rd, James 4th and Dave & Ann 5th. Steve S who was in 6th place retired letting Mike C & Sally up to 6th place with Rhys the only other finisher in 7th place.

The final order on the water was –

1st Mike T; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Mark; 4th James; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Mike C & Sally; 7th Rhys.

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Mike T; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Mark; 4th Dave & Ann; 5th James; 6th Ron

Thanks to Julian B and the OOD Team of John S, Ken P, Nick J and Will S.