Cobley Series 10 – 24th November 2019

It was slightly misty this morning and at the start of the first race the promised wind of a 5 mph SSW had not arrived! Mike A set a box course with the first mark as A (in line with 5, but further to the middle of the lake than 8), then 5, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

In spite of the lack of wind there were 8 starters, but some of them did not make the line to start at their allotted time (particularly Ron!) It was slow going and only three boats actually made the end of the first lap, although the wind did improve slightly during the race. At the gun the positions were –

1st Mike T (Laser); 2nd Chris H (Comet), who was nearly caught by 3rd place James (Laser); 4th Adrian (Vago s/h); 5th Ron; 6th Dave & Ann (Leader) who just got their nose in front of 7th place  Rhys (4.7); 8th Rick (Laser).  

Handicap Race

Encouraged by the slight increase in wind everyone started the second race and James was first back across the line not far ahead of Mike. Dave & Ann came through in 3rd place  about a minute ahead of Chris H in 4th, who in turn was a minute ahead of Adrian in 5th. Then another minute elapsed before Ron crossed the line in 6th place with quite a gap back to Rhys and Rick.

On the second lap James managed to draw away slightly from Mike who was caught by Chris at the penultimate mark and Chris managed to keep the 2nd place to the line. Adrian passed Dave & Ann to take 4th across the line and Ron crossed a minute later in 6th place. Rhys decided to retire, but Rick kept going and earned himself a 7th place finish.

The order on the water was – 1st James; 2nd Chris; 3rd Mike; 4th Adrian; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Ron; 7th Rick.

On corrected time this becomes – 1st Ron; 2nd Chris; 3rd James; 4th Mike; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Adrian; 7th Rick.

Thanks to Mike A and the OOD Team of Bill J, Colin H, Gareth E, Jewels and Julian W.

November Cup Remembrance Sunday 10th November 2019

 There were 12 starters and Julian B (Devoti D-Zero) was first back across the line a minute ahead of Adrian (Rooster) with Rick (Laser) a further minute behind in 3rd place. He was closely followed by Dave & Ann (Leader) and Karen (Laser) with Emily & Sam (RS 200) only 15 seconds further back. Chris H (Comet) crossed in 8th place followed by Lottie (Laser), Jeremy (Laser), Rhys (4.7) and Ron (s/h Mirror).

On the second lap Jon moved up two places to 3rd and Karen and Emily & Sam gained a place to move to 5th and 6th respectively. Fur6ther back Jeremy gained a place by passing Lottie.

At the end of the third lap there was no change in the first three, but Karen had gained another place to move up to 4th by passing Rick. Everyone else maintained station.

The fourth lap produced no change in order throughout the entire fleet!

On the 5th lap there was just one change in position when Emily & Sam got past Rick to move up to 5th place. Rhys and Ron both received the gun at the end of the lap.

The 6th and last lap, again saw only one change and that was a close thing as Chris managed to cross the line just ahead of Dave & Ann to snatch 7th place from them.

The final order on the water was – 1st Julian B; 2nd Adrian; 3rd Jon; 4th Karen; 5th Emily & Sam; 6th Rick.

On corrected time, congratulations to Julian as he keeps his first place and takes the November Cup. Chris moves up to 2nd with Jon 3rd, Karen 4th, Adrian 5th and Dave & Ann 6th.  

On the race results Rhys was placed in last position but was probably much higher up as he sailed a 4.7 rig but was given a full rig handicap number!

Thanks to SOOD Mark and his small OOD Team of Aileen, Paul R and Sarah C.  Apologies to anyone else who did help, but these were the only names recorded on the race sheet.

Cobley Series 9 – 3rd November 2019

With a light WNW wind of 8-10 mph, Dave L set the first mark as 4, then 2, 5, 9, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

Nine starters today and the only positions recorded on the race sheet were those at the gun, which were -1st Chris H (Comet); 2nd Steve S (Solo); 3rd Jon (Laser); 4th Ellen & Newton (RS200); 5th Sally & Mike C (Leader); 6th Karen (Laser); 7th Mike T (Laser); 8th Adrian (Vago s/h); 9th Nick M (Radial).   

Handicap Race

Everyone started the second race and first back through the line were Newton & Ellen about a minute ahead of Chris H with Mike T right on his transom. Karen, Jon and Steve S came through close together contesting 4th place, then a minute passed before Mike C & Sally crossed in 7th With Adrian and Nick M further back.

At the end of the second lap Newton & Ellen still led, but Mike T and Karen had passed Chris H to move up a place. Steve S had moved up two places by passing Jon and Chris. Mike C & Sally and Adrian maintained their places and Nick received the gun at the end of the lap.

The only change on the final lap was Chris H repassing Steve S, so the final order was –

1st Newton & Ellen; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Karen; 4th Chris H; 5th Steve S; 6th Jon; 7th Mike C & Sally; 8th Adrian; 9th Nick M.

On corrected time this becomes 1st Chris; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Newton & Ellen; 4th Steve S; 5th Karen; 6th Mike C & Sally.

Thanks to Dave L and the OOD Team of Cecilia, Paul W, Phil M and Ron.

Cobley Series 8 -27th October 2019

It was a sunny morning with a light WSW wind of around 5-7 mph. Adrian set the first mark as 4 then 9, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

Thirteen starters and by the end of the first lap Mike T (Laser) had caught early starter Chris H (Comet), who was still in 2nd place, but in danger of being passed by Jon (Laser).  Julian W (Solo) came through in 4th place chased by Peter R (Enterprise) followed by James (Laser), Dean & Nick (Vago) and Sam & Newton (RS 200). Then came the battle of the Leaders with Mike C & Emily ahead of Dave & Ann, then Alistair S (Laser) with Rhys (4.7) and Nick M (Radial) bringing up the rear of the fleet. At the gun the final positions were – 1st Mike T; 2nd Jon; 3rd Chris H; 4th Peter R; 5th Julian W; 6th James

Handicap Race

Julian and Alistair decided to sit this one out and with a slight drop and a change in the wind direction Adrian introduced a box course using A, 9, 5, and B.  

Newton switched roles with Sam for the second race and they led across the line at the end of the first lap clear of Mike T in 2nd place and Peter R in 3rd. Chris H and Jon crossed the line together battling for 4th position with James not far behind them. By this time the fleet had split into three groups and the second group was led by Dean & Nick who were just ahead of Dave & Ann followed by Mike C & Emily. About four minutes later along came Rhys and Nick M who were enjoying their own race.

At the end of the second lap there was no change with the two leaders, but James had gained three places to move up to 3rd and Jon was up one to 4th. Dave & Ann had passed Dean & Nick, but they were still very close to one another and there was no change in the order behind them.

The only change in position on the third lap was Dean & Nick repassing Dave & Ann. Rhys and Nick M received the gun at the end of the lap.

The fourth lap was the last and Newton & Sam crossed the line in 1st place some five minutes ahead of Mike T in 2nd.  James retained his 3rd place, but Peter R, Dean & Nick and Dave & Ann all passed Jon and Chris to take 4th, 5th and 6th places respectively.

The final order on the water was – 1st Newton & Sam; 2nd Mike t; 3rd James; 4th Peter R; 5th Dean & Nick; 6th Dave & Ann.

On corrected time the order changes to – 1st Newton & Sam; 2nd Chris H; 3rd Mike T; 4th Dave & Ann; 5th James; 6th Peter R

Thanks to Adrian and the OOD Team of Linda and John S, Gareth D and Ron.