RSC Youth and Junior Racing – October 2019

Youth and Junior:                  National School Sailing Association

Two teams of Youth and Juniors spent the weekend of 5/6th October competing in the National School Sailing Association Single-handed Team Racing event at Fairlop Waters in Essex. Twenty one teams from all over the country racing one team against another in a continuous round of races all day Saturday and Sunday. Varying weather with light winds on Saturday and then windy enough for reefed sails on Sunday, resulted in some challenging race conditions. 

Team A – Rhys, Emily and Joe did well, winning 6 of their 11 races to finish 8th overall. 

Team B – Thomas, Max and Lucy won 4 of their races to finish 18th overall. They had some great individual results but never quite all at the same time in the same race!! Especially well done to Max and Lucy who were both helming in an event for the first time. 

Thanks to Hugh for Team Managing on Sunday and assisting Karen on Saturday, and thanks to the parents for transporting and supporting the teams. 

RYA Eric Twiname Team Racing 

Four Youth and Juniors took it up a notch on the 12/13th October and competed in the RYA Eric Twiname Junior Team Racing at Oxford SC on Farmoor Reservoir – a national event with 30 teams two boat team racing in Fevas. They were up against teams from national squads, counties, schools as well as other sailing clubs and they sailed brilliantly to be competitive in most of their 14 races. An incredible learning experience and a fun weekend. Well done Rhys, Emily, Thomas and Lucy!!

Many thanks to Karen for her unstinting efforts with the youths and juniors.

Cobley Series 5 – 6th October 2019

It was another windy Sunday morning with a 16 mph West wind and gust of 30 + mph, which resulted in a number of capsizes. Richard S set the first beat to 5 then 2, 3, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

Only six starters this morning with four Lasers, a Comet and a Leader. At the end of the first lap Jon had come through to take the lead with early starter Chris hanging on to 2nd place. Dave & Ann in their Leader were lying 3rd with Frans 4th. At the gun the final positions were –

1st Jon; 2nd Dave & Ann; 3rd Franz; 4th Chris; 5th Alistair S and 6th Rick.

Handicap Race

No dropouts for the second race and again Jon (Laser) was first back through the line about one minute ahead of Dave & Ann (Leader), who were two minutes ahead of Rick (Laser) in 3rd place. Chris (Comet), Alistair (Laser) and Franz (Laser) crossed the line fairly close together.

On the second lap there was no change in order at the front of the race, but Franz had moved up three places to 3rd position. Rick was now 4th with Alistair 5th and Chris not far behind him in 6th place.

On the last lap Jon went for a dip, but quickly recovered and kept his position and Dave & Ann were just rounding 6 when they caught a strong gust but managed to survive. Roland popped in the clubhouse to check the wind strength which was showing 35 mph! There were no actual changes in position, so the finishing order was –

1st Jon; 2nd Dave & Ann; 3rd Franz; 4th Rick; 5th Alistair; 6th Chris.

On corrected time the only change is Chris leapfrogging Rick and Alistair to move up to 4th place.

Thanks to Richard S and the OOD Team of Aileen, Eva, John R, Julian W, Nick J, Nick M and Roland L.  

Cobley Series 4 – 29th September 2019

There was a general warning of gale force winds and a forecast for RG4 of a SW wind of 22 mph and gusts far higher, which reduced the fleet to just six brave souls. In fact, on the day the wind was about 14 mph with gusts of around 20 mph, so still quite frisky but not as strong as forecast. Julian B set the first beat to 3 then 4, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit Race

By the end of the first lap Jon (Laser) was leading early starter Chris H (Comet) with Mike Tr (Laser) in 3rd place and looming up behind them Simon in his Blaze already past James and Rick in Lasers.

At the gun the final order was – 1st Simon; 2nd Jon; 3rd Mike Tr; 4th James; 5th Chris; 6th Rick

Handicap Race

Everyone stayed on the water for this race and first back through the line was Mike Tr about 20 seconds ahead of Jon who crossed the line just in front of Simon. James was 4th about 30 seconds ahead of Rick with Chris crossing about one minute after Rick.

On the second lap Simon took the lead with Mike in 2nd place, but only by 5 seconds from Jon. Behind them there was no change in the order, but James and Rick had edged slightly further ahead of Chris, which was not surprising considering Chris was in a Comet and they were in Lasers.

The third lap saw no change in position and there was only one change on the fourth lap as Jon pipped Mike for 2nd place by just 10 seconds.

The order on the water was – 1st Simon; 2nd Jon; 3rd Mike; 4th James; 5th Rick; 6th Chris.

On corrected time the only change is Chris leapfrogging Rick to move up to 5th.

Thanks to Julian B and the OOD Team of Chris S, Karen, Nick J and Nigel J.