Spring Series 3 – 24th March 2019

It was not quite as windy as previous Sundays this morning about 8 – 10 mph, but it kept swinging from WSW to WNW, which made Mike A’s job of setting the start line very tricky. For the first race he set the first mark as X (on the buoy line about halfway between 5 and 6).

Pursuit race

20 starters and there was a reasonable breeze at the start of the race, but by the time the Lasers started this had died away, which resulted in a mass rounding of the first mark. In fact, Ron (Mirror) was approaching X just as the Lasers were clearing it! Fellow early starters, Chris H (Comet), Rhys (4.7), Mike C & Sally (Leader), Will (Radial) and Dave & Ann (Leader) occupied 2nd to 6th places at the end of the first lap.

The gun went about halfway through the second lap with the final order as – 1st Chris H; 2nd Will; 3rd Mike C & Sally; 4th Rhys; 5th Dave & Ann; 6th Simon (Blaze)

Ron would have been 2nd, but unfortunately missed out the first mark on the first lap!

Handicap Race

 The wind got up a bit more for the second race and swung to the South, so the start line was adjusted, and X dropped, so the first mark was now 5, and 6 and 7 were added to the end of the course. Steve S (Solo) joined the fleet making 21 starters for the handicap race.

Simon (Blaze) was first back through the line with Julian B (D-Zero) chasing him. Then there was a slight gap before Newton & Ellen (RS200) crossed the line in 3rd place followed closely by Mike T (Laser) in 4th. About one minute later Jon (Laser) came through in 5th place followed by Bill (K1) and the Lasers of Ralph and Richard S. Chris H (Comet) was next along in 10th place, just ahead of Steve S (Solo) and Rick (Laser). About a minute later James (Laser) crossed in 12th spot with Alistair S (Laser) not far behind him and Dave & Ann (Leader) overlapping him across the line and the other Leader with Sally and Mike C right on Dave & Ann’ transom. Jeremy (Laser) was only 5 seconds behind them leading another tight group consisting of Will (Radial), Gareth E (Laser), Adrian (Laser), Ron (Mirror) and Rhys (4.7). So, the back half of the fleet was enjoying some very close sailing.

Simon increased his lead slightly on the second lap, as did Julian on the 3rd placed boat of Newton & Ellen with Mike T still chasing in 4th place. Ralph moved up two places to 5th by passing Jon and Bill. Rick also moved up two places to 9th just behind Richard S passing Chris H and Steve S in the process. Alistair also moved up two by passing Chris and James and in the Leader battle behind them Sally & Mike C had got past Dave & Ann. Further back Adrian was another to gain two places passing Will and Gareth E and Ron also got past Gareth with Rhys not far behind them.

By the end of the third lap Julian had made up some ground on Simon, but Simon was still leading. No change in position for the next two, but Jon had regained 5th place from Ralph. The 8th, 9th and 10th positions were still held by Richard, Rick and Steve, but James had moved up two places to 11th. Further back Adrian and Gareth both gained a place and Gareth, Ron and Rhys received the gun at the end of this lap.

At the end of the fourth and last lap, Simon crossed in 1st place with Julian not far behind in 2nd place and Newton & Ellen claimed 3rd with Mike T not far behind in 4th (coming home in pairs!) Ralph just pipped Jon for 5th place and Richard just pipped Bill for 7th place!  In the fleet behind there were no other changes in position. The final positions on the water were –

1st Simon; 2nd Julian; 3rd Newton & Ellen; 4th Mike T; 5th Ralph; 6th Jon  

On corrected time there was no change in position, which is quite unusual for our mixed fleet!

Thanks to Mike A and the OOD Team of Mike Todd, Steve George and Tony Riley.

Spring Series 2 -17th March 2019

Spring Series 2 races should have taken place last Sunday, but with winds of 40 mph plus, SOOD Roland S wisely decided that it was a non-starter, much to the relief of most!

This week was a little better with a West wind of about 20 mph and stronger gusts. Most of the Lasers had opted for radial rigs and Will had dropped down to a 4.7. Julian B turned up with his new Devoti D-Zero, a new addition to our mixed fleet. Mark B set the first mark as 4, then 2, 5, 9, 6, 7 and back through the start.

Pursuit race

17 starters which was pretty good considering the testing conditions. At the end of the first lap, early starters Ron (Mirror) and Chris H (Comet) were still ahead, but Mike T and Jon (Lasers) were closing in on them. Sally & Mike C (Leader) came to grief early on and retired. Everyone else persevered, including Emily in her Topper and by the finish gun Jon had taken the lead and the final order was –

1st Jon – Laser; 2nd Mike T – Laser; 3rd Ron – Mirror; 4th Julian B – D-Zero; 5th Adrian – Laser; 6th Steve S – Aero

Handicap Race

Sally & Mike C having got warm and dry decided to stay that way and Julian joined them, which took us down to 15 for the second race. This was further reduced to 13 when Mike T and Ralph both retired on the first lap. First back through the line was Steve S followed about 30 seconds later by Jon and then Newton, with new crew Sam in the RS200 with James (Laser) on their transom. About a minute later Adrian crossed in 5th place with Will (Radial but flying a 4.7) not far behind. Another minute passed before Dean & Nick (Vago) hove into sight, just ahead of Ron, Chris H and Jeremy (Laser) with Rick and Alistair also in Lasers slightly further back but enjoying a good battle of their own. Emily bravely battled on at the rear of the fleet.

On the second lap Rick and Alistair caught and passed Jeremy and that was the only change in position, but on the third lap we lost two more when Steve S retired from the lead and Alistair got a nasty bang on his nose, splitting it across the bridge and was forced to retire. Jon was now in the lead, but there was no change in the order of next five boats. Rick gained two places to move to 7th by passing Ron and Chris H. Ron, Chris, Jeremy and Emily all received the gun at the end of this lap.

On the last lap the only change in position was Rick gaining another place up to 6th by passing Dean & Nick. The final positions on the water were –

1st Jon; 2nd Newton & Sam; 3rd James; 4th Adrian; 5th Will; 6th Rick; 7th Dean & Nick

On corrected time Jon takes the victory, but Ron moves up to 2nd with Newton & Sam down to 3rd place. James takes 4th with Adrian and Will 5th and 6th.

Emily did a great job sailing in difficult conditions which deterred many from sailing at all. Well done Emily!

Thanks to Mark B and the OOD Team of Ann & Dave, John H and Richard S. In fact, Ann & Dave and Richard all volunteered on the day, as there were four no-shows! So special thanks to them or we would not have had a race at all.

Spring Series 1 – 3rd March 2019

It was very windy morning and nearly all capsized at some point. In fact, at one point a big gust came through and knocked four or five down like skittles.

Pursuit race

There were 10 starters and enough wind for the fast boys at the back to catch the early starterswith Simon in his Blaze coming through the fleet to take the gun at time up. Mike T (Laser) was 2nd and Will (Radial) did well to stay ahead of James (Laser) and claim the family honours by finishing 3rd.

Steve S (Aero) was 5th with Adrian (Laser) in 6th place.

Handicap Race

Franz decided not to take part, so we were down to 9 for the second race of the day.

It was a three-lap affair and Simon led for all three laps with Steve S in 2nd place for all three laps

At the end of the first lap Adrian was 3rd just ahead of James in 4th with Mike T 5th. Some way back Chris H (Comet) in 6th place was well ahead of Ron (Mirror), Will (Radial) and Dean & Nick in the Vago, the only double-hander out today.

On the second lap Mike T moved up to 3rd place with James retaining 4th with Adrian down to 5th.

The main excitement was towards the rear of the fleet with Team Vago. The Jones boys were excelling in their capsizes, including one with the spinnaker up! The onlookers watched knowing exactly what was going to happen. Things went further downhill for them after that, because they missed out No 6. Eventually they got back and rounded 6, then capsized again, and then acquainted themselves with the trees. They even jinked the rescue boat because in attempting to recover them its bung came out and the boat filled with water. Prime candidates for the Endeavour trophy for battling on through adversity.

Chris, Ron and Will all received the gun at the ed of the lap.

Back to the final lap and no change in the front three, but Adrian had repassed James to take 4th place. The final positions on the water were –

1st Simon; 2nd Steve S; 3rd Mike; 4th Adrian; 5th James; 6th Chris H (one lap down)

On corrected time the first three retain their positions, but Ron moves up to 4th with Adrian 5th and James 6th.

Unfortunately, the names of the OOD Team were not recorded on the race sheet, but should have been Dave P, Christopher K, Issy, Mark P, Mark R and Simon R, so thanks to you if you turned up, if not where were you!