Frost Bite 6 – 13th January 2018

There was quite a blow this morning about 16 mph from the West but with gusts of well over 20.
Peter S set a first beat to X then 5, 9, 4, 3, 2, 6, 7 and back through the start. Most of the Laser sailors (apart from Adrian) opted for one rig down because of the conditions.

There were 11 starters (there may have been 12 as Dave P signed The Declaration Sheet but was not recorded on the Race Sheet, so he either thought better of it or did not make it round on the first lap!). Mike T (Laser) led back through the start line followed closely by Ellen (Laser), then there was a slight gap back to Steve S (Aero) with James (Laser) close behind him. About a minute later Newton (Solo) crossed the line in 5th place just ahead of Adrian (Laser) then 20 seconds behind them came Will (4.7 rig but Radial handicap). Bill (K1) came through next on his own and well ahead of Rhys (4.7) and Chris H (Comet) with Ron in his Mirror bringing up the rear. Bill retired at the end of this lap.

At the end of the second lap Ellen had taken the lead from Mike, but Steve and James retained 3rd and 4th places. Adrian had passed Newton to move up to 5th. There were no other changes in order apart from the shuffle up due to Bill’s retirement.

On the third lap it was all change at the front with Steve moving up to 1st spot and Mike passing Ellen to move back to 2nd place. No change in 4th and 5th, but Will passed Newton to move up to 6th. Rhys and Chris maintained their positions, but Ron came to grief and retired on this lap.

Lap four saw no change with the first five boats but Newton had regained 6th place from William.
Rhys received the gun at the end of the lap and so did Chris despite a spell of pond dipping somewhere down by 2, but he got going again to receive the gun.

So only seven boats left on the last lap and poor Ellen capsized when a gust hit her gybing round 7 in sight of the finish. Steve crossed the line in first place tow minutes ahead of Mike T in 2nd place and Adrian managed to pip James for 3rd place.

The final order on the water was –
1st Steve S; 2nd Mike T; 3rd Adrian; 4th James; 5th Newton; 6th Will

Corrected time should see no change in these positions, not something that happens very often!

Ellen received a nasty bang on the head and we all hope that she has recovered and is feeling better.

Thanks to Peter S and the OOD team of Alistair S, Frantz, Jerry and Mike C.

Frost Bite 5 – 6th January 2018

It was a fairly light wind this morning about 5-6 mph from the West and David C used a Tektona start with the pin down towards No 2. The first mark was 4 then 3, 2, 5, 8, X (about halfway between 5 and 6) and finally No 1 and back through the start line.

16 starters and Simon B (Blaze) got a flyer and led Newton (Solo) by three minutes at the end of the lap, who in turn was about 30 seconds ahead of Dean & Nick who crossed the line in 3rd place. There was a terrific battle for the 4th to 8th positions with Mike T (Laser) just ahead of Bill (K1), then Ralph and Mark crossed the line together only four seconds in front of James all in Lasers). Mike A (Lightning) crossed in 9th place with Chris H (Comet) and Sally & Mike C (Leader) close behind. The other Leader of Dave & Ann was next through followed by Ellen (Laser) then Alistair and Rick (both Lasers) and finally Ron in his Mirror.

Considering the close racing it was surprising that there was no change in the order of the first four boats on either the second lap or on the third and last lap. On the second lap Mark and Bill could not be separated across the line as they battled for 5th place. James gained one place to move up to 7th spot and Ralph and Chris H crossed the line together battling for 8th place. Sally & Mike C also gained a place to move up to 10th with Ellen gaining two places to move to 11th. Further back Alistair and Rick both gained a place by passing Mike A. Ron received the finish gun at the end of this lap.

By the end of the last lap with no change in the first four, Bill had managed to secure 5th place and James gained another place to finish 6th. Ellen and Alistair both moved up one place at the expense of the two Leaders (not the 1st and 2nd, but Sally & Mike C and Dave & Ann!)

The final order on the water was –
1st Simon; 2nd Newton; 3rd Dean & Nick: 4th Mike T; 5th Bill; 6th James

On corrected time Newton (Solo) should take the victory with Chris H (Comet) moving up to 2nd place with Simon (Blaze) 3rd and Mike T (Laser) 4th. Sally & Mike C should move up to 5th place with Dean & Nick in 6th place.

Thanks to David C and the OOD Team of Donal Mc, Emily S, Helen J, Jon C, Paul H and Sam S.

Frost Bite 2 – 16th December 2018

With a very light wind from a Northerly direction, Newton used a Committee Boat start near Tecktona with the first mark as X (set in the middle of the lake in line with 5) then back to 4, 2 and back through the start.

There were 13 starters this morning and first back through the line was Mike T in a Laser followed by three more Lasers, Jon, Hugh and Ralph, then Karen with a Radial rig. The first double hander was Nev & Mike (Leader) in 6th place with Sally & Mike C in another Leader and Dean & Nick in their Vago, crossing the line together, behind them. Adrian (Laser) was next through just ahead of Dave I (Radial) and Chris H (Comet). About two minutes later along came Dave & Ann in the third Leader with Jeremy (Laser) not far behind.

No change in the first two at the end of the second lap, but Ralph had passed Hugh to move up to 3rd and Dean & Nick had moved up three places to 4th. Further back Chris H had gained two places passing Adrian and Dave I.

On the last lap Mike T crossed the line in 1st having led for the whole of the race. Ralph gained another place to take 2nd place. Chris H also gained a place by passing Sally & Mike to move up to 8th but that was the only other change in order.

The final positions on the water were –
1st Mike T; 2nd Ralph; 3rd Jon; 4th Nick & Dean; 5th Hugh; 6th Nev & Mike

On corrected time the first three keep their positions, but Nev & Mike move up to 4th with Chris H up to 5th and Karen up to 6th.

Thanks to Newton and the OOD Team of Jill G, Mark D, Nigel J, and Oscar & Steve G.