Frostbite 11 18th February 2018

In contrast to the two previous weeks there was quite a light wind this morning. It was coming from the SE about 8-10 mph, although it went up and down during the race. Dave I used an Island Start with the first beat to 1, then 4, 8, 5 and back through the start.

There were 14 starters and first back though the line was Simon B (Blaze) with a good lead on Mark (Laser), who was closely followed by Newton (Solo), James (Laser) and Ken (Laser). Steve S (Aero) after a poor start (for him) was rapidly catching Ken. There was about 30 seconds back to Dave L (Laser) in 7th place with another 40 seconds back to Mike A (Lightning) who was about the same interval ahead of Rick(Laser). Then there was another gap back to William (Radial), Nick & Dean (Vago), and Jeremy and Alistair S both in Lasers with Marcin (Laser) bringing up the rear.

By the end of the second lap Simon had increased his lead and Newton had moved up to 2nd place with Steve moving up two places to 4th. The only other movers were Nick & Dean passing William to move up one place.

On the third lap Simon further increased his lead and Steve moved up to 3rd ahead of Mark and James and Dave L passed Ken to move up to 6th place. Nick & Dean gained another two places to move up to 8th and William passed Rick to move up to 10th. Further back Jeremy and Alistair were having a good scrap and Marcin and Alistair received the finish gun at the end of the lap. Not sure why Jeremy was not accorded this honour as well, perhaps the OOD Team missed him or he missed the gun or just decided to carry on anyway!

At the end of the fourth and last lap Simon crossed the line well ahead (we thought) of Newton in 2nd place with Steve still 3rd. James managed to just pip Mark for 4th place and the only other change was Rick repassing William.

Final positions on the water were –
1st, Simon; 2nd Newton; 3rd Steve; 4th James; 5th Mark; 6th Dave L

On handicap Newton will take the 1st spot with Simon in 2nd place and both James and Mark will leapfrog Steve pushing him down to 5th with Mike A beating Dave L by a whisker for 6th.

Thanks to Dave I and the OOD Team of Ellen, Andy B, Mike C and John H.

Frostbite 10 11th February 2018

It was very windy in fact even windier than the last time it was very windy. The wind direction was WSW about 12-14 mph, but with gusts at least twice as strong.

There were 13 starters which was definitely unlucky for some and it was surprising that so many went out. Everyone was down a rig except Newton as he does not have a smaller sail! Adrian was using standard Laser rig, which is one down for him!

Newton (Solo) decided to bail out just after the start and beat the rush. Rick (Laser) capsized at the start and parked in the bushes. Ellen (Laser) was going well in third just behind Jon (Laser) and Steve (Aero) when her mast broke just before the end of the first lap. More than half the fleet retired on the first lap so Ellen, Adrian, Curtis, Hugh, James, and Rick (all Lasers) disappeared, along with Newton in the only Solo.

At the end of the second lap Steve just led Jon across the line, then six minutes elapsed before William (Radial – flying a 4.7) came through in 3rd place. Two minutes later Dean & Nick (Vago) crossed the line a minute ahead of Chris H (Comet), who was about ten minutes ahead of Jemima in her Oppie. Jemima received the gun at the end of the lap (well done to her for going out in these conditions).

On the third lap Steve and Jon were still having a good battle before Jon capsized at No 1 and the cold and conditions got the better of him. This allowed William to move up to 2nd position with Dean & Nick now 3rd and Chris 4th.
Everyone received the gun at the end of this lap apart from Steve who had to do another lap before finishing (he was going so well it was a pity to finish him!).

Final positions on the water were – 1st Steve; 2nd William; 3rd Dean & Nick; 4th Chris H; 5th Jemima.

On handicap the first two retain their positions, but Jemima moves up to 3rd with Chris up to 4th

Thanks to SOOD Dave P and the OOD Team of Steve G, Paul H, Dave L and KMB + ANO?

4th February Frostbite Series Race 9

The conditions were similar to a couple of weeks ago with the wind from NE (from the club going down the lake) about 14 mph with much stronger and sudden gusts and occasional white horses. It did not start out that way and seemed quite reasonable before the start and in the shelter of the boat park; in fact all the Lasers and Steve were tempted out in full rigs.
Peter S used an island start with a first beat to X (up towards the clubhouse), then 5P, 3P, 4S, 2P and back through the start line.

There were just nine starters and Newton (Solo) managed to capsize just after rounding X for the first time and emerged in last place. Then on the run down to 3 the first of many big gusts came though and skittled over James (Laser) and Mark (Laser). At the end of the first lap Steve (Aero 7) came through the line about one minute ahead of Jon (Laser) who was closely followed by Adrian (Laser). Newton had recovered well to cross the line in 4th place and was about 30 seconds ahead of Dave L (Laser) in 5th place. Next were James and Mark in their Lasers recovering well from their early bath!
William (Radial) and Chris H (Comet) brought up the rear.

Remarkably although the leaders completed six laps there were no changes in position until the fourth lap of the race. Not strictly true as Dave stopped after two laps when lying 5th, as he could no longer feel his fingers because of the cold. Everyone behind him gained a place, but there was no actual overtaking until the fourth lap when Mark managed to pass James. Chris H received the gun at the end of this lap.

Jon was keeping in touch with Steve at the front until the 5th lap when he capsized and had difficulty getting it up and lost the best part of a lap which dropped him down to 5th place. Adrian and Newton moved up to 2nd and 3rd respectively and for their pains were sent round for a further lap. Everyone else received the finish gun.

The final positions on the water were –
1st Steve; 2nd Adrian; 3rd Newton; 4th Mark; 5th Jon; 6th James; 7th William: 8th Chris H

On handicap Steve still takes the victory but Newton leapfrogs to 2nd pushing Adrian down to 3rd and the only other change in the order is Chris snatching 7th from William.

Thanks to Peter S and the OOD Team of Simon B, Tony R, James T, Fraser W and Bob W.


28th January 2018 Frostbite Series Race 8

It was a windy morning again stronger than forecast with some white horses before the race and strong gusts sweeping through.
There were 11 starters and everyone apart from Newton and Adrian went down a rig, and Ellen went down two to a 4.7. Richard H though better of it and did not launch his RS400. Rick and Newton capsized just before the start. Jon and Steve had a good battle out front as did Ellen and James a little way back battling for 3rd place.
At the end of the first lap Jon (Laser) was 1st through the line closely followed by Steve (Aero), then 30 seconds back came the trio of James, Ellen and Adrian (nominally all in Lasers). A minute later William (Radial but flying a 4.7) came through, and in turn he was a minute ahead of Chris H (Comet), Newton (Solo) and Gareth (Laser) followed at some distance by Dean & Nick (Vago) and Rick (Laser).
No change in the first six at the end of the second lap, but Gareth had passed Newton and Chris to move up to 7th place and Rick had caught and passed Dean & Nick.
On the third lap Ellen had moved up to 3rd by passing James, but there were no other changes in position.
On the fourth and last lap Jon had stretched his lead over Steve to cross the line comfortably in 1st place (although in these conditions comfortably is the wrong word to use, perhaps thankfully might be a better descriptor!). There were no other changes apart from Rick and Dean & Nick passing Chris H to give him the coveted lantern rouge.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Jon; 2nd; Steve; 3rd Ellen; 4th James; 5th Adrian; 6th William
On handicap the first three should keep their positions, but William will move up to 4th with James down to 5th just ahead of Newton who will move up to 6th.
Thanks to SOOD Sylvia and the OOD team of Alex, Mark, Ralph, Richard H, Peter S and especially to Brian and Richard who turned up to help Sylvia knowing that she was likely to be short-handed.