Frostbite Race 7 21st January 2018

It was snowing quite heavily this morning with a light wind about  7 mph from the NE. Peter S set a short course with a start line from No 8 with the pin towards No 6, then X, 5, 4 and back though the start.
There were 7 starters, which was actually one more than last week and was surprising given the snow, although the snow did turn to heavy drizzle just after the start which was a great improvement!!
Newton (Solo) was first back through the line followed closely by Mark (Laser), Chris H (Comet) and Ellen (Laser), then there was a gap back to Rick (Laser), Mike A (Lightning) and Nick & Dean (Vago).
On the second lap there was no change in position for the first four boats, but Nick & Dean had gained two places crossing the line just ahead of Mike and Rick.
At the end of the third lap Newton and Mark were still ahead, but Ellen had moved up to 3rd with Rick up to 4th pushing Chris down to 5th and Nick & Dean had passed Mike to move up to 6th.
The only change on the fourth lap was Mike repassing Nick & Dean.
At the end of the fifth and last lap Newton crossed the line in 1st place and the only other change in position was Ellen crossing just ahead of Mark to take 2nd place.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Newton; 2nd Ellen; 3rd Mark; 4th Rick; 5th Chris H; 6th Mike A; 7th Nick & Dean
On handicap Newton will keep his 1st place, but Chris H will move up to 2nd pushing Ellen down to 3rd and Mark to 4th . Mike A should leapfrog Rick to take 5th spot.
Thanks to Peter S and the OOD Team of Ferdinando, James T, Gary W and Richard M, who had some pretty horrible weather to sit out in. Thanks also to Ann & Dave Lomas for laying on the soup and rolls.

Frostbite Race 6 14th January 2018

It was completely different this week from last Sunday with a very light wind 2-4 mph from the ENE. Peter S wisely decided upon a short course with a start line parallel to the shore heading out to X on the buoy line then 5p, 8p and back through the line.
Only six starters this morning, which was not surprising considering the lack of wind and Richard S (Laser) got a flying start (well a faster drift than everyone else!).
At the end of the lap he was a minute ahead of James (Laser) in 2nd place with Newton (Solo) 3rd, Mike A (Lightning) 4th and Chris H (Comet) 5th. Nev & Sally in the Leader had trouble even getting across the line to start, it was obviously the heaviest boat out and we won’t mention Christmas pudding!
On the second lap everyone bunched up on the way down to 5 and at the line it was quite a close finish with Newton crossing the line first just ahead of Chris.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Newton; 2nd Chris H; 3rd James; 4th Mike A; 5th Richard S; 6th Nev & Sally (one lap down)
On handicap Chris will take the victory with Newton 2nd, Mike 3rd and then James and Richard.
Thanks to Peter S and the OOD Team of Cliff, Jerry C, Jeremy T and Nick T and to Sylvia who provided soup and rolls.

Frostbite 5 Race 7th January 2018

It was really windy this morning with a cold East wind about 15 mph, but with stronger gusts of 30 mph coming through. James used an Island start with a first beat to X (up towards the clubhouse), then 5, 8, 4, 3, 2 and back through the start.
There were 14 starters, but only 8 finishers and nearly everyone capsized, most more than once!
Steve S (Aero 7) was the first to go in at the jybe round No 3 on the first lap and it was clearly going to be a bit of a survival race.
Newton (Solo) was first back through the line followed by Jon (Laser) then Nev & Mike (Leader), Franz (Laser) and Hadey (4.7). Dean & Nick (Vago) were next across the line in 6th place some 40 seconds ahead of Gareth (Laser), William (Radial) and Ellen (Laser). Then there was quite a gap back to a recovering Steve S who came through in 10th place with Chris H (Comet) not far behind him.
Rick (Laser) came through 6 minutes later, so he had obviously had a torrid time on the first lap, but perhaps not quite as bad as Mark B (Laser) and Hugh (Laser) who retired before completing the lap.
On the second lap, Newton and Jon both went over when they needed to jybe in the middle of an almighty gust that had already taken out several others behind them! Nev & Mike and Ellen retired on this lap and Hadey moved up from 5th place to cross the line in the lead just ahead of Franz. Jon had got going again to come through in 3rd spot with Steve up six places to 4th. Gareth had managed to pass Dean & Nick to move up to 5th place. A partially recovered Newton) was next across the line in 7th place. Chris H had gained three places by passing William and the retirees and Rick brought up the rear,  but he had recovered two minutes.
On the third lap Newton went in again and decided to retire as he could no longer feel his hands!
Hadey was still in the lead, but Jon had regained 2nd place by passing Franz. There was no change in the 4th, 5th and 6th places, but William gained two places due to Newton’s retirement and repassing Chris.  Rick was still going in 9th place and had made up another minute on the boats ahead of him as he received the finish gun at the end of the lap.
On the fourth lap and last lap Hadey maintained her lead to cross the line in 1st place, but Jon retired after further capsizes letting Steve, who had already passed Franz, up to 2nd. Gareth had also got past Franz to take 3rd spot, but there were no further changes in position.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Hadey; 2nd Steve; 3rd Gareth; 4th Franz; 5th Dean & Nick; 6th William; 7th Chris  and 8th Rick
On handicap Hadey in her 4.7 (good choice of sail today) will obviously take the overall victory, but Gareth will leapfrog Steve to take 2nd place with Steve 3rd, Franz still 4th, with Chris H moving up to 5th and Dean & Nick down to 6th spot.
Thanks to James and the OOD Team of Sophie F, Stewart H, Paul H and Bea and Rhys P, who had a very busy morning.
Well done to all the competitors for braving the challenging conditions.

31st December Frostbite Series Race 4

It was a similar wind to last week about 10-12 mph from the SW. Mike A set the first beat to 4, then 2, 8, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start line.
Only 8 starters this morning and Newton was the early leader with a good start from the port end of the line. Steve S (Aero 7) had taken the lead as they came back down the lake, but after rounding 8 he set off for No 6 instead of No 5, so the first boat back through the start was Jon (Laser) with Newton (Solo) not far behind him. Then came the Lasers of Ellen and Ken just in front of Steve who had found his way back on course. Franz and Rick came through close together in their Lasers,  (although Rick was flying a Radial rig) and bringing up the rear was Chris H in his Comet.
On the second lap Jon was still in the lead as he came down towards 8 but then he capsized and Steve S who had passed the four boats in front of him came through the line in 1st place. Ellen had passed Newton to come up to 2nd and Ken was still 4th, with a recovered Jon in 5th place. Rick had got past Franz to move up to 7th place.
The only change in position on the third lap was Chris moving up one place as Franz had to retire with a broken traveller, although Ken had closed up on Newton and they crossed the line virtually together.
The fourth and last lap saw no further changes in position but the battle between Newton and Ken continued to the line.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Steve; 2nd Ellen; 3rd Newton; 4th Ken; 5th Jon; 6th Rick; 7th Chris.
On handicap the positions will be –
1st Newton; 2nd Ellen; 3rd Steve; 4th Ken; 5th Jon; 6th Chris; 7th Rick
Thanks to Mike A and the OOD Team of Tony R, Paul R, John W and Hugh (who stepped in to assist on the rescue boat)