Cobley Series and November Cup

Apologies to Rhys who was reported as retiring in the Cobley Series Handicap Race 7, he did actually finish and did well to stay out in the tricky conditions.
Next Sunday, 6th November, will be the Cobley Series 9 Races starting at 10.30 as usual, but the following Sunday, 13th November, will be the November Cup Race starting at 11.00 

Cobley Series 8 30th October

It was a misty autumnal morning with not a lot of wind, about 4 mph ESE. Mike A used an Island Start with a first beat (drift) to X (which was about level with 8 in the middle of the lake) then 5p, 2s, 4s and back through the start.
Pursuit Race
Only 8 starters this morning and Chris H (Comet) was first away followed a few minutes later by Hadey (Radial). Chris actually managed to stay ahead until the last 10 minutes of the race when everyone apart from Dave I (Laser) managed to squeeze past him. Ellen & Newton had managed to get away at the front but the rest of the fleet was quite close together and at the gun Steve S was just pipped for 2nd place by Mark B in the final seconds of the race.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Ellen & Newton (RS200); 2nd Mark B (Laser); 3rd Steve S (Aero); 4th Adrian (Vago); 5th Ralph (Laser); 6th Hadey (Radial; 7th Chris H (Comet) 8th Dave I (Laser).
Handicap Race
Last week the wind got up for the second race, but this week it actually dropped slightly. Bob L having sorted out some problems with his Solo rudder joined the fleet for this race. Newton & Ellen managed to get quite a lead on the rest of the fleet with a gap back to Mark in 2nd place and another gap back to Steve S in 3rd place. Ralph and Dave I were fairly close together in 5th and 6th places with another gap back to the rest of the fleet, who were really close together.
With the wind appearing to drop even more, Mike A decided to finish them after just one lap.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Newton & Ellen; 2nd Mark B; 3rd Steve S; 4th Ralph.; 5th Dave I; 6th Hadey; 7th Bob L; 8th Adrian;
9th Chris H.
On handicap the only change should be Chris leapfrogging up to 5th.
Thanks to Mike A and the OOD Team of Sylvia, Bob W and Mick G.

23rd October Cobley Series 7

 This morning was a pleasant autumn morning with a light mist early on and the sun breaking through before the first race, which started with a light NE wind about 7 mph. By the time the second race started the wind had increased to about 12 mph and continued to increase throughout the race!

Richard S used an Island start line with a beat down to X (just E of 7), then 6p, 9s, 5p, 2p and back through the start line.
Pursuit Race
There were 21 starters including Steve S with his brand new Aero 7. Newton & Ellen (RS200) scorched away at the start as they caught a gust just as the gun went.
At the end of the first lap early starter William (Topper) was still ahead with Newton & Ellen closing in on him. Peter R (s/h Enterprise) came through in 3rd place with Mark (Laser) 4th, Julian W (Solo) 5th and Steve S 6th and Rhys (Topper) 7th. Curtis capsized gybing round 5 and impaled his mast, which was an omen for things to come!
In the light wind there was not time for a second lap before the gun went and the final positions on the water were 1st Newton & Ellen; 2nd Steve S; 3rd Peter R; 4th Karen (Laser); 5th John W (Laser); 6th Mark (Laser)
Handicap Race
Julian, Dave I and Steve S decided to sit this one out, so there were 18 starters for the second race.
The wind was now getting quite frisky and somewhat perverse, one minute the wind died away and then the next minute a viscious gust would come through and not necessarily in the same direction as the previous wind. This made things quite interesting and there were numerous capsizes!
Mark led at the end of the first lap followed by Karen, Newton & Ellen and then the Lasers of Rod, John W, James, and Franz. Hadey (Radial) was next and then Peter & Sylvia (RS200), Curtis (Radial) and then Adrian (sailing single handed in his Vago and finding it quite a challenge in the conditions). At the back of the fleet the Toppers of William, Joe and Rhys were having their own battle and doing well to keep going in the freshening breeze. Peter R decided that these were not the ideal conditions for sailing an Ent single handed and retired before the end of the lap.
By the end of the second lap Karen had taken the lead with Newton & Ellen in 2nd place and John W was up to 3rd. Hadey gained a place to go to 7th and Curtis was up one place to 9th. Rick and William had both gained two places.
Karen still led at the end of the third lap, but James had moved up six places to 2nd and Hadey had moved up two places to 5th. Franz was up one place to 7th, Mike A, Rick and Chris H were also up four places to 8th, 9th and 10th respectively, although these gains were largely to the retirement of John W, Curtis and Adrian who had all come to grief more than once! Rhys also retired on this lap and William and Joe received the finish gun at the end of the lap.
At the end of the fourth and last lap Karen crossed the line in 1st place, but Mark took 2nd place just ahead of Newton & Ellen in 3rd place with James 4th and Rod and Franz both gaining a place to finish 5th and 6th.
On handicap the first three places should remain unchanged, but Hadey will leapfrog up to 4th place.
Thanks to Richard S and the OOD Team of Jim T, Gareth and Roland L (again!) who had quite a busy morning.

Cobley Series 6 16th October

It was a wet morning with a light and variable wind, which was not as forecast and there were only 10 starters! There was no scheduled SOOD, so Ian S, Steve P and Luke A stepped in to run the races.
Pursuit Race
The course for the pursuit race was 2p, 1p, 5s, 7p, 6p and back through the start. Chris H (Comet) was first away followed by Hadey (4.7). Chris nearly managed to stay up front for the whole of the race just being caught by Richard S (Laser) before the finish gun.  
The final positions were –
1st Richards S (Laser); 2nd Chris H (Comet); 3rd Newton & Ellen (RS200); 4th Karen (Laser); 5th Hugh (Radial); 6th Curtis (Radial)
Handicap Race
All 10 boats started the second race with a shorter course of 5p, 9p, 6s, Xp (between 6 and 7)
Karen and Richard initially got away chased by Ellen & Newton, behind them the Radials of Curtis and Hugh sandwiched Adrian in his Vago. Hadey (4.7) came through in 7th place just ahead of Rick (Laser) and these two were some way ahead of Chris H (Comet) and Milo & James (Laser II).
On the second lap Ellen & Newton got past Richard and Hugh had moved past Adrian to 5th place and Rick had moved to 7th place. Milo & James were finished at the end of this lap.
At the end of the third and last lap the first three kept their positions, but Hugh had gained another place by passing Curtis to move up to 4th. There was no other change in position and the final order on the water was –
1st Karen; 2nd Ellen & Newton; 3rd Richard S; 4th Hugh; 5th Curtis; 6th Adrian
On handicap the only change should be Hadey moving up to 6th.
Thanks again to Ian S, Steve P and Luke. 

Team Report: RSC Toppers at the NSSA Single Handed Team Racing Event

Team Report: RSC Toppers at the NSSA Single Handed Team Racing Event

Two teams from Reading SC took part in the National Schools Sailing Association Single Handed Team Racing Event this weekend just gone, held at the Aztec Upton Warren SC in Bromsgrove near Redditch.  Team A “the veterans” consisted of Hadey, Joe and William,  Team B “the newbies” consisted of Edward, Rhys and Thomas.  Photos below. Karen was the team coach, who was also looking after two teams from Claire’s Court just for good measure.  This was a large competition with 35 teams taking part from all over the country an increase from last year, and involving age ranges up to 18 years old.  So quite a daunting challenge for Edward, Rhys and Thomas and their first time out solo as it were as far as team racing was concerned. 
Both days where fairly sunny, the Sunday better than the Saturday, with light winds on both days.  The lake was fairly small and somewhat “sunken” with high banks on two sides and trees on the other, which led to tricky and fluky wind patterns.  Competition was stiff from the get go with Reading A only managing to win two races on Saturday, one of them against Reading B, and the other a bye due to the odd number of teams. However, this belied the fact that the racing was close with them losing out by single point on a number of occasions. Reading B found it tougher going as you would expect without the advantage of a bye on the first day didn’t manage chalk up a win despite some achingly close results.
Day 2, saw some changes in fortunes. Firstly, Team A started to get their eye in and racked up a number of wins to finish the competition in 22nd place with a respectable 4 wins out of 8. However on the downside Team B had been in the wars. At the end of Saturday Edward had an altercation with a deckchair (don’t ask !) and spent a couple of hours in A&E and was now sporting two heavily bandaged little fingers – but was still determined to carry on sailing. Thomas unfortunately managed to pick up a tummy bug and so regretfully had to retire leaving Team B down to 2 men.  It is still possible to win a team racing event with only 2 boats, if they finish 1st and 2nd or 3rd. However,unfortunately other teams know this and tend to gang up on one of the boats to ensure they get pushed to the back.  So Edward and Rhys had a number of frustrating races – not much fun for an 11 / 12 year old to be chased around a lake by 16 – 18 year olds ! Any way, their last race was against a mixed team from Goring and Dorchester so a local Derby so to speak. Reading bowed but undaunted, down to two men, one with bandaged hands started well.  Goring/Dorchester made a mistake in dividing their attentions on both Edward and Rhys which allowed Edward to sneak through on the downwind leg from 4th up into 1st place.  Rhys managed to leave two of the other boats behind, but still had to contend with with their other boat now in 2nd place on the last beat, who a couple a yards from the finish line slowed down to try and hold up Rhys from coming in 3rd. But Rhys had the finish line in his sights and with a jink one way and a jink the other slipped in behind the Goring / Dorchester boat to snatch 2nd place and an overall win !  I am sure you could hear the roar from the parents as far as Birmingham.  The smiles from the victors was a treat to see when they came off the water and thoroughly well deserved after all their hard work.
Any way all should be proud of their performance. Team B ,Edward, Thomas and Rhys in particular learnt a lot about team racing as well as sailing in light winds (plus the perils of deckchairs!) and displayed great perseverance in continuing to plug on through against teams that were both older and had far more experience of team racing.  
Thanks to Karen for managing both the two Reading teams and the two Claire’s Court teams (who by the way finished 19th and 26th).  Paul R was one of the umpires for the event as well.
Thanks should also go to the NSSA and Aztec Upton Warren SC for staging such a large event.
James Primrose

Cobley 5 9th October

What a lovely morning for a sail, the sun was out and there was steady 10 mph wind, pity that it was coming from the NNE, but still very pleasant. Adrian used an Island Start making use of Newton’s lakeside retreat and set a beat to X (still South of 6) then back down the lake to 1, up to 5 then 3, 2 and back through the start.
Pursuit Race
There were only 13 starters this morning, which was surprising considering the pleasant weather conditions. It was good to see Snow Storm the Laser 200 back racing in the hands of Steve & Oscar. In the absence of any Toppers Chris H (Comet) was first away followed by Chris A (Solo). In fact they held out for quite a way before being caught by the Lasers and RS200s.
At the gun the positions were –
1st Newton & Luke (RS200); 2nd Steve S (Laser); 3rd Mike A (Laser); 4th Rod (Laser); 5th Richard S (Laser); 6th Chris H (Comet)
Handicap Race
There was a course change for the second race using the same marks, but in a slightly different order, Xs,1s, 3s, 5s, 2p and back through the start.
Steve S had pulled a slight lead from Ralph (Laser) and Richard S at the end of the first lap. Slightly further back Rod was 4th just ahead of Luke & Newton, then Mike A and Peter & Sylvia (RS200) came through the line virtually together and further back Rick and Franz, both in Lasers were also very close. Then there was a gap back to Gareth (Laser) and then another gap back to a three-way scrap between Chris A, Steve & Oscar and Chris H.
On the second lap the fleet became spaced out and there was no change in the order of the first nine boats. Chris A managed to get past Gareth and Steve & Oscar retired.
At the end of the third and last lap Steve still led, but Richard had passed Ralph to move up to 2nd and Mike A had passed Luke & Newton to move up to 5th. Further back Chris A and Gareth had got past Rick and Franz and Chris H had also got past Franz.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Steve S; 2nd Richard S; 3rd Ralph; 4th  Rod; 5th Mike A; 6th Luke & Newton
On handicap Chris H should overtake Luke & Newton for 6th place
Thanks to Adrian and the OOD Team of Dean, Nick, Robbie H and Dave W.

Cobley Series 4 2nd October

Another Sunday with no designated SOOD, but John W stepped up to the plate.
The wind was fairly light about 8 mph from the NNW, but the strength and direction varied throughout the morning. The first mark was set as X (just South of No 6) then 1s, 5s, 8s and back through the start.
Pursuit Race
There were 24 starters this morning and they were led off by Gordon in his Mirror followed later by the Toppers of Joe and William. As usual with a light wind there was considerable bunching at the marks, although the leaders managed to get away at the front.
When the finish gun went it was difficult to judge the positions in the latter half of the fleet as it had split into two groups converging on the next mark (which happened to be 5), one group was coming in from the direction of 4 and the other from the direction of 1.
The final leading positions were –
1st Ellen & Newton; 2nd Karen; 3rd Richard S; 4th Mark B; 5th Nev; 6th Steve S
Handicap Race
Gordon went for his usual cup of tea leaving 23 starters for the second race.
Karen (Laser) got a flyer and was well ahead at the end of the first lap and remained so for all three laps of the race, so the battle was only on for the remaining places. The leading contenders were Mark B, James P, Richard S and Steve S in Lasers and Newton & Ellen and Sylvia & Peter in RS200s.
By the second lap Mark was in 2nd place followed by Richard, Steve, James and Sylvia & Peter. Behind these there was a good scrap amongst the Leaders with Nev in 7th ahead of Sally & Stuart in 8th and Dave & Ann 10th. Curtis (Radial) was just behind Dave & Ann, but he was involved in a really close tussle with Alistair (Laser), Gareth (Laser) Hadey (Radial) and Chris H (Comet).There was another good battle between the Vagos of Dean & Nick and Adrian. Initially Dean & Nick were ahead but Adrian just managed to cross the line ahead of them on this lap. At the back of the fleet William and Joe in their Toppers were just managing to stay ahead of Milo & James (Laser II).
Newton & Ellen retired with a gear failure.
At the end of the third and last lap Richard had passed Mark to move up to 2nd but there was no change in position with the next 7 boats. Dave & Ann managed to pass Rod (Laser) to take 9th, Mike A (Laser) moved up four places to 11th with Gareth gaining a place to 12th, Dean & Nick gained four places to move to 15th .Chris H (Comet) and Rick (Laser) both gained a place as did Milo & James by splitting the Toppers of William and Joe.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Karen; 2nd Richard S; 3rd Mark B; 4th Steve S; 5th James; 6th Sylvia & Peter
On handicap Nev should overtake Sylvia & Peter for 6th place
Thanks to John W and the OOD Team which may have included Keith H, Stephen G, Jayne H and Simon T (names not recorded on racer sheets!)

Cobley Series Race 3 25th Sptember

With quite a blustery Westerly, varying from 10-14 mph, Nev (standing in as SOOD) set a first beat down to 3, then 2p, 5s, 6s, 7s and back through the start.
Pursuit Race
There were 24 starters with the three Toppers of William, Rhys and Thomas away first followed some time later by Chris A in the sole Solo. No Leaders out today, but there were the two Vagos of Dean & Nick and Adrian (single-handed), the RS200 of Ellen &Newton, the Comet of Chris H and the Contender of Franz to provide some variety from the pack of Lasers. Although one of the Lasers was the Laser II of Milo & James and Hadey and Curtis were using Radial rigs.
At the gun Ellen & Newton had come through to the front with Karen 2nd and William 3rd.
The final positions were –
1st Ellen & Newton; 2nd Karen; 3rd William; 4th Mark B; 5th Curtis; 6th Luke    
Handicap Race
The fleet was down to 20 for the second race as John W, Chris H, Ken and Eddie decided to sit this one out.
Newton & Ellen (RS200) led at the end of the first lap followed by the Lasers of Mark, Luke and Richard S. Curtis (Radial) was 5th followed by another trio of Lasers, Steve S, James and Karen with Chris A (Solo) in 10th place just ahead of Ralph in another Laser. Then came Hadey (Radial) ahead of Dean & Nick (Vago), Rick and Alistair(Lasers), Adrian (Vago), Franz (Contender) and Milo & James (Laser II). At the back of the fleet the Toppers were having their own battle with William getting away from Thomas and Rhys.
By the end of the second lap Luke had got past Mark to move up to 2nd and Steve S and James had got past Curtis to take 5th and 6th places. Further back Ralph moved up to 10th by passing Chris A with Franz and Milo & James gaining two places. Rick retired on this lap and Thomas and Rhys received the finish gun at the end of the lap.
At the end of the third and last lap Newton & Ellen had kept their lead to cross the line first, but behind them Steve S had moved up to 2nd place and Curtis had gained two places to move back to 5th. Karen and Ralph both gained a place to move up to 7th and 8th and further back Franz and Adrian also gained a place.

The final positions on the water were –
1st Newton & Ellen; 2nd Steve S; 3rd Mark B; 4th Richard S; 5th Curtis; 6th Luke.
On handicap Curtis should take the victory.
Thanks to Nev and the OOD Team of Sally, Dave I, Bob W and Bev & Roland L