Gillette Series 16 – 27th July

The forecast was for a WNW wind of about 8 mph, but as usual the wind kept changing direction and strength. For all that it was a very pleasant evening for a sail and Curtis used an Island Start with a first beat to X (between 4 and 5 on the buoy line) then 4p, 9s, 2s,1p and back through the start. Obviously not playing to the gallery in the clubhouse!
There were 17 starters plus 3 juniors.
Seniors (some more than others!)
Mark (Laser) was first back through the line followed by the usual suspects of Karen (Laser) and Newton (Solo). Roland & Ryan (National12) came through in 4th place with Simon (Laser) 5th and Monica (Europe) 6th.
By the end of the second lap Karen had taken over the lead and Monica had moved up to 5th and Hadey (Radial) was up to 6th (Here come the girls – again!). Behind these a terrific mid-fleet battle had developed with Simon, Mike A (Lightning) and the Solos of Chris A, Julian W and  Bob swapping places at every mark. Further back Mike T (Laser) was trying to hold off Dave & Ann (Leader), Paul H (Supernova), Rod (Laser), Sally & Stuart (Leader) and Richard H (Laser).
On the third lap the leaders remained in the same positions, but Hadey had moved up another place to 5th and Julian W had gained four places to 6th. Bob and Rod had also gained one place and Richard H two places.
By the end of the fourth lap Hadey had moved up again to take 4th spot and Bob had gained three places to move up to 7th. Richard H had gained another two places and Paul H had passed Sally & Stuart and these and Mike T received the finish gun at the end of the lap.
At the end of the fifth and final lap the only change in the leading nine boats was Roland & Ryan regaining 4th place from Hadey. Chris A had passed Monica to take 10th and the only other mover was Rod who had gained another two places.
The final positions on the water were – 1st Karen; 2nd Newton; 3rd Mark; 4th Roland & Ryan; 5th Hadey; 6th Julian W
On handicap Newton will snatch victory from Karen with Mike A moving up to 4th with Hadey and Julian keeping 5th and 6th places.
This means that in the Gillette Series, Newton and Karen currently lead with exactly the same number of points but Karen’s first discard is a 2nd place whereas Newton has a 3rd.    
At the end of the first lap Joe (Topper) led Edward (Topper) with Jemima (Oppie) in 3rd place and these positions were maintained through the whole of the race.
Jemima received the gun after two laps and Joe and Edward after four laps.
In the Junior and Youth Series Jemima actually leads the table (on discard) – more girl power at RSC

Thanks to Curtis and the OOD Team of Hugh, Ian S, Andy B and Chris M.

Summer Series 7 – 24th July

There were 14 starters today with a reasonable SW wind and first back through the line was Chris A (Solo) followed by Richard S (Laser), Chris K (Radial), Bob (Solo), Mark B (Laser) and Ellen & Newton (RS200).  Then there was a whole stream of chasing Lasers led by Karen then Luke, John W, Steve P, Gareth and Alistair S with the Rooster of Adrian and the Enterprise of Peter R mixed in the middle.
At the gun the final positions were –
1st Ellen & Newton; 2nd Richard S; 3rd Mark; 4th Karen; 5th Adrian; 6th Steve P
Handicap Race
Peter R decided not to contest the second race so the fleet was down to 13.
Adrian got away well and at the end of the first lap was clear of a trio of Lasers, Karen, Luke and Richard S with Newton & Ellen just behind them followed by Mark.
By the end of the second lap Adrian still led, but Newton & Ellen had moved up to 3rd and Steve P and John W had managed to get past Chris K to move up to 7th and 8th respectively. In the battle of the Solos towards the back of the fleet Chris A had managed to stay ahead of Bob and Gareth had managed to get past Alistair.
At the gun Karen and Newton & Ellen crossed the line together just ahead of Adrian and this was the only change with the rest of the fleet keeping station.
Final positions on the water were –
1st; Karen; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Adrian; 4th Richard S; 5th Luke; 6th Mark
On Handicap the first two will not change but Richard S will move up to 3rd with Chris K 4th , Luke 5th and Chris A 6th.
Thanks to SOOD Dave P and his team of Brian M, Mark P and Nick L

Gillette 15 – 20th July

On one of the hottest days of the year the wind was described as “fresh to scary” by SOOD Roland, but despite this there were 19 starters and everyone finished bar two.
He set a first beat down to 3 then 2p, 8p, 5s, 6s, 7s and back through the start.
First back through the start was Steve S, sailing his Laser instead of his Solo followed by Karen (Laser), Richard H (Laser), Nev & Mike (Leader), Hugh (Laser) and Newton (Solo).
Steve and Karen maintained their leading positions for all five laps of the race, but Sammy (a guest sailor) moved steadily up from 7th to cross the line in 3rd at the end of the race. Other steady movers up the fleet were James (Laser) who moved from 9th on the first lap to finish 4th and Ellen who went from 16th to 9th.
For the first three laps Richard H had 3rd place, but retired somewhere on the fourth lap, not sure if he came to grief or suffered gear failure. Mike T had gone a lap earlier but again, reason unknown!
Further back in the fleet Chris A and Julian W in Solos were having a good battle with Sally & Stuart (Leader) and Paul H (Supernova) and they were always being chased by Dave & Ann in another Leader.  
In the middle of the fleet Hadey (4.7) had a steady race swapping places with Rod (Laser) who just managed to pull ahead on the final two laps.
Bringing up the rear were Paula (Laser) and William (back in his Topper), but Paula did manage to catch and pass Dave & Ann on the last lap.
Paula, William, Sally & Stuart and Dave & Ann received the finish gun after four laps.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Steve S; 2nd Karen; 3rd James P; 4th Hugh; 5th Newton; 6th Nev & Mike
On handicap the first two will keep their positions but Hadey will move up to 3rd with Newton 4th, Neville & Mike 5th and William 6th.
Thanks to Roland (liked his comment on the bottom of the race sheet – “Wish I was sailing”) and the OOD Team of Ryan, Simon, Paul B and Tony R.

Summer Series 6 – 17th July

With a good SSW wind, James set a first beat to X then 2, 5, 8, 6, 7 and back through the start.
Pursuit Race
There were 18 starters and it was good to see Sylvia back sailing and going well. Peter S, Luke and Josephine were given DNFs with “Missed start” as the reason. Presumably they started outside the designated start line rather than not getting to the line in time!  .
There were no really early starters this week (William had abandoned his Topper and was getting to grips with a 4.7 rig Laser) and late starter Paul R (Aero) was already in the lead at the end of the first lap with Ellen & Newton (RS200 in 2nd and Julian B (OK) 3rd .
The final positions at the gun were  –
1st Paul R; 2nd Ellen & Newton; 3rd Julian B; 4th Roland & Ryan (National 12); 5th Karen (Laser); 6th Sylvia B (Radial)
Handicap Race
There were 13 takers for the second race and Luke and Peter successfully negotiated the start!
Paul led from start to finish followed by Newton & Ellen who retained 2nd place for all four laps.
On the first lap Karen and Luke (Laser) came through together  in 3rd place but Julian B had moved up to 3rd at the end of the second lap and kept this position to the finish, leaving Karen, Roland & Ryan and Richard S (Laser) to battle for 4th spot.
Hadey retired from 8th place on the second lap, but not sure of the reason. Gareth and Steve P both in Lasers were having a good battle for the vacated 8th place with Gareth just pulling away towards the end of the race. Peter S could not quite make up the gap and William was going steadily behind him and actually getting Past Peter on the second lap.
The final positions on the water were –
1st, Paul R; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Julian B; 4th Richard S; 5th Karen; 6th Roland & Ryan
On handicap William will take 6th place from Roland & Ryan.
Thanks to James and the OOD Team of Paula, David H, Mike T and Rachel C.

Gillette Series 14 – 13th July

With a fairly light wind there were 16 starters and it was good to see Monica back in her Europe.
First back through the line were Jessica and Karen in Lasers (the girls really are taking over – May, Merkel, Clinton?) The first man through the line was Mark (Laser) followed by the Solos of Newton and Julian W then Peter S (Byte II).  Luke came through in 7th just ahead of Hugh, both in Lasers. Then came the first double-hander with Sally & Stuart (Leader) just ahead of Monica (Europe) and Paul H in the only remaining Supernova, now that Ian has departed to the Cotswolds. Next through the line was Richard H (Laser) in front of Bob in the third of the Solos out tonight. At the rear of the fleet there was a trio  of double-handers with Dave & Ann (Leader), Paula & Angela (Comet Duo) and Chris & Carol (Sport 14).
The race lasted four laps and Jessica and Karen maintained their leading positions to finish 1st and 2nd,
behind them there was a good battle between Mark, Newton and Peter S for the next positions. There was another good scrap for 6th place with Hugh just taking it on the last lap from Julian and Luke.
The final positions on the water were-
1ST Jessica; 2nd Karen; 3rd Newton; 4th Peter S; 5th Mark; 6th Hugh
On handicap Julian should leapfrog Mark and Hugh to take 5th.
Thanks to SOOD Steve S and his team of Ellen, Jessica W and Andy K.

Sunday Racing 31st July

As you hopefully will have seen in the news letter this Sunday the club will be hosting a RYA open day. This will start at 11.00 and to fit in with this the Sunday racing will consist of a single one hour handicap starting at the EARLIER TIME of 10.00. This will count towards the summer handicap series, 



Dear RSC Members,
We have two boats pictured below, that despite a number of attempts, we have been unable to identify their owners. Therefore we have taken the decision to post Part II notices for the sale and disposal of the boats under the 1977 Torts Act.
These notices expire on the 17th October 2016, after which the club will be entitled to sell the boats and recover outstanding membership fees and costs.
If either of these boats belong to you, or if you know who they might belong to please contact Roland Lines – RSC Boat Park Marshall as soon as possible.
Many thanks for your help
RSC Committee
Attached below are images of the following unidentified boats:
Lark “Iona” (was in S7), Adventuress (was in Q10)
Both these boats have now been moved to a holding area to free up much needed space in the boat park proper.
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