Frostbite 10 January 24th

It was a mild morning with a 10-12 mph SW wind and a good turn-out with 20 boats starting. Mike A set the first beat down to 4 then back to 9P, 5S, 8P, 6S, 7S and back through the start.
At the end of the first lap the first four boats were very close together, but Ian C (Supernova) just crossed the line ahead of Jon (Laser), Newton &Ellen (RS200) and Richard (Laser). Dave L (Laser) was slightly further back in 5th place and Mark B (Laser), trying to make up ground after a poor start, came through in 6th with James in another Laser 7th and David C (Laser) 8th. Roland S (Byte) was going well in 9th and having a good tussle with Curtis (Radial) and they were being chased by Hugh (Radial) and Neville & Sally (Leader). Rod (Laser) came through on his own in 13th place but behind him there was a good battle for 14th place between Hadey (4.7), Alistair S (Laser) and Adrian (Vago).
Chris H (Comet) in 17th place was just clear of Rick (Laser) and further back William (Topper) had pulled slightly away from Mick G & Dave I in the Otter.
The second lap saw Newton & Ellen in the lead with Ian 2nd and Jon 3rd. The movers on this lap were David C gaining two places to 6th, Rod up two place to 11th and Rick up one place past Chris.
At the end of the third lap Ian was back in front pushing Newton & Ellen down to 2nd with Jon still 3rdDavid had moved up another two places to 4th, but the Lasers of Richard, Dave L, Mark and James were not far behind and having a good race. Behind these Roland and Curtis were still together but being gradually caught by Rod. Hugh and Neville & Sally were still in close company and they were just ahead of a great battle taking place between Hadey, Alistair and Adrian. Further back Rick had manage to draw away from Chris and William and Mick G & Dave I received the finish gun at the end of this lap.
The fourth lap saw another change of leader with Newton & Ellen back in front and with a slight gap back to Ian in 2nd and then a bigger gap back to Jon who was still 3rd ahead of son David (let’s hear it for the Dads !). The other changes in position (at least in the right direction) were Rod up another two places to 9th, Alistair up one place by passing Hadey and Adrian up two places by passing Hadey and Alistair.
Newton & Ellen maintained their lead and crossed the finish line comfortably ahead of Ian who in turn was well clear of Jon in 3rd. The only other changes in position on this final lap were  Adrian up another place by passing Nev & Sally and Hadey by repassing Alistair.
A good morning’s racing with a nice fresh breeze and good close racing all through the fleet.
The final positions on the water were –
1st Newton & Ellen; 2nd Ian; 3rd Jon; 4th David; 5th Richard; 6th Dave L.
On handicap Roland in his Byte should crash the leader board taking 3rd place from Jon.
We were a bit light on OODs with only Mike A and Gary B turning out  from those on the duty roster so thanks to them, but especial thanks to Roland L who once again stepped in to help out.

Frostbite 9 January 17th

This morning was grey and cold with sleet in the air and a light 6 mph wind from the East and as a consequence there were only 8 starters.
Newton used a Tektona start with a first beat to X (middle of the lake up from No 8), then 5P, 9S, 4S and back through the start line.
Roland & Ryan (good to see them out again) in their National 12 came through the line in 1st place closely followed by Mark B (Laser) and then Mike A (Laser). There was a gap back to Curtis (Radial) who in turn was some way ahead of Chris (Comet) and Hadey (4.7), who were having their usual close battle. Adrian (Vago-single handed) was in 7th place just ahead of Hugh (Radial).
On the second lap Mark managed to get past Roland & Ryan, however on the run to the last mark Mike nosed ahead of both of them but had to give water to Mark who just managed to establish an inside overlap. Hadey was the only other mover as she crossed the line clear of Chris.   
The final positions on the water were –
1st Mark; 2nd Mike A; 3rd Roland & Ryan; 4th Curtis; 5th Hadey; 6th Chris H.
On handicap Hadey should leapfrog Curtis to take 4th spot.
Thanks to Newton, Ellen, James T and Roland L for doing duty on a grey, cold day.

Flooding Update and Procedure

The water has been over the access road this week but not enough to prevent access. It has now receded a bit and is falling. With no recent rain and none forecast before Sunday it looks likely that we will be able to access the club and race this Sunday. 
With future flooding possible please note that the procedure regarding cancelling the race is as follows :
In order for racing to take place it must be possible for the emergency services to access the club via the road. As soon as it is clear that the water level is such that it could not possibly drop in time for racing on the Sunday then a notice will be put on the Jolly Sailor cancelling the race. OODs need then not turn up. This will be done by the Sailing Secretary or someone deputising, Once it has been cancelled it will not be reinstated. (There has been upset in the past when races have been cancelled and then reinstated without some being informed). If the level is marginal then the notice may not be posted until Saturday evening, It may also be the case that if marginal or the level rises overnight that it might get cancelled by the SOOD when they turn up on Sunday morning.


Frost Bite 8 – 10th January

It was a beautiful morning for the time of the year, sunny with a light 10 mph wind from SSW. Here comes Spring ? Curtis set the first beat down to 9S, then up to 4P, 1S, 2S, 5S, 8P, 6S and back through the start. There were 16 starters on a grand day for sailing.
Mark B was first back through the start line followed by David C, Jon, Steve S and Ross (good to see Ross back in the fleet) who were all in Lasers. Newton & Ellen (RS200) came through in 6th just ahead of Mike A (Laser) and Ian C (Supernova). Neville & Sally (Leader) came through in 9th place with Chris H (Comet), Adrian (Vago), James (Laser) and Dean & Nick (Vago) in close pursuit. Then there was slight gap back to Rick (Laser) and Hadey (4.7) with William gamely bringing up the rear in his Topper.
The first two held their leading positions through all four laps to the end of the race. Behind them a good battle developed between Steve and Jon with Steve taking the 3rd spot at the end. There was another close tussle for 5th place with Ian, Ross and Newton & Ellen changing places at nearly every mark. In the middle of the fleet Mike A was a steady 8th, but chased all through the race by James and Neville & Sally.  Dean & Nick won the battle of the mini- Vago fleet  from Adrian, but Chris H was mixing it with them. Towards the back of the fleet Hadey had managed to draw out a slight lead on Rick. William kept going and received the gun at the end of the third lap. (William – time to talk to Dad about trading up to a Laser !)
After finishing Mike A managed to capsize on his way back to the jetty !
The final positions on the water were 1st Mark; 2nd David C; 3rd Steve S; 4th Jon; 5th Ian; 6th Ross.
On handicap the first four places should remain the same, but Chris H should move up to 5th.
Thanks to Curtis and the OOD team of Paul H, Roland L (again) and Nick T