Sunday 20th September Bart’s Bash Races

Last Sunday all over the world races were being held to raise funds for the Andrew Simpson Sailing  Foundation and Reading SC was taking part as we did last year for the first Bart’s Bash.
It was decided to hold one race for the Juniors and then a second race for the Oldies starting about 45 minutes later. However the weather had other ideas and although the sun was breaking through by 10.30 there was no sign of any wind so the Junior start was delayed.
In the meantime Paul R was distributing “Build your own Boat” kits to the kids with a view to holding a race of these little boats at the end of the day and a sponsor form was going round so that punters could back the boat number of their choice.
At 11.00 with still no wind, Karen and Hadey initiated a wind dance with the juniors to summon up the wind spirits and Mike N donned his Indian Head Dress and gave a cameo performance as Big Chief Get the Wind Up (nothing to do with barbecue sausages he was cooking !)
At 11.30 after a pow-wow it was decided that the oldies should go for it first and the juniors could start later if any wind appeared and lo and behold five minutes before the first gun the wind arrived !
Just shows what a little faith and a good dance can do !
Newton was SOOD and set a first beat down to 4 then 2, 5, 6, 7 and back through the start line.
There were 18 starters, unfortunately down on last year, but well done to everyone who signed on.
Jon (Laser with a new sail) was first back through the line followed by Richard S and Dave L also in Lasers, then Ellen & Matt (RS 200) and John H (Laser), Adrian (Rooster) and Hadey (4.7).  Then another trio of Lasers came through, James, Alistair S and David M followed by Mike A (Lightning), Alexander (Buzz), Chris (Comet), Paul W (Radial), Rick (Laser) Bob & Roland L (Leader), Stan (Laser) and finally Matt R (Skipper).
There were not too many changes in position on the second lap apart from John H who came to grief rounding 6, but soon got going again. David M moved up three places to 7th and James up two places to 8th and Rick also gained two places.
As the race progressed Jon maintained his lead, but Dave L moved up to 2nd place and Adrian came through to 3rd. In mid fleet Hadey, Mike A and Alistair S were having a good battle.,
Matt R received the gun after two laps and Stan after three laps with Chris, Hadey and Bob & Roland finishing at the end of five laps.
The final positions on the water after six laps were 1st Jon; 2nd Dave L; 3rd Adrian; 4th Richard S; 5th Ellen & Matt; 6th James.
The Junior Race set off after the oldies had come through their first lap and there were seven Topper and three Oppies competing.
After one lap William was in the lead with Joe 2nd, Ben 3rd, Thomas 4th, Milo 5th Rhys 6th and Katie 7th.
Jemima was leading the Oppies with Chloe 2nd and Bee 3rd and they were given the gun at the end of the lap.
At the end of the second lap William still led but Ben had moved up to 2nd and Rhys up to 3rd with Thomas 4th, Joe 5th, Mile 6th and Katie 7th.
Well done to all of you and for being patient at the delayed start.
Despite the delayed start it turned out to be a great day for sailing with a nice breeze (eventually) and sunshine. There were cakes, soup and hot dogs and other goodies provided by Geesje, Ann and Sally and the head barbecue chefs Mike N and Stuart.
Thanks to Ellen for organising the event and to Matt from Hyde Sails for backing the event and providing T shirts and prizes.
Thanks to Newton and Paul R and the OOD Team of Alistair J, Mike C, Nick J, Graham K, Pat, John H and Wendy and Karen (who did a great job of encouraging the juniors both off and on the water).
Thanks to anyone else who helped in any way and indeed thanks to everyone who turned out for this worthwhile and enjoyable event.

Tree pruning Saturday 26th September

Please be aware that some tree pruning will be taking place behind the clubhouse, from about midday on Saturday. Avoid this area until the work is finished.
The contractors will need access via the grassed area to the right of the car park. This will have to be kept clear.

Bart’s Bash Sunday 20th September

Reminder that this Sunday is Bart’s Bash. Junior and Novice race at 10.30 main race at 11.15 ish.
Please register at Registration on the day is possible but it is much easier to do in advance. A £5 donation to the charity is requested from competitors on the day.
There will be a BBQ and raffle with the proceeds going to the charity.
Non members and spectators welcome.
The RS200 will be available after the race and in the afternoon for people to try out. 

Cobley Series 2 13th September

With an E wind, but variable both in direction and strength, Mike N had a tricky job setting the start line and used Tektona with a beat down to 6 then 8, 5, 2, 3 and back through the start.
Traditionally the Cobley was a 90 minute pursuit, but it had been decided to use the Summer Series format of a 35 minute Pursuit Race followed by a 45 minute Handicap Race.
There were 20 starters for the Pursuit Race and Ellen & Newton (RS 200) were first back through the start line followed by Hugh (Byte), Richard S (Laser), Adrian (Rooster) and Curtis and Mark B in Lasers. There was quite a mixed fleet this morning with eight Lasers, the two Toppers of William and Joe, Chris H (Comet), Hadey (4.7), Peter R (Enterprise), Nev single handed in his Leader, Stan (Pico), Steve P (505) and Mike A (Lightning).
At the finish gun Ellen & Newton were still in 1st place with 2nd Richard S, 3rd Adrian, 4th Hugh, 5th Curtis, 6th Neville.
Everyone stayed on for the Handicap Race and at the start three boats jumped the gun and were over the line.
This time Richard S was first back through the line with Newton & Ellen 2nd,  Mark 3rd, Adrian 4th, Steve P 5th and Curtis 6th. Stan decided one lap was enough for him. Neville took a chance by squeezing inside Hadey at No 6 and got a right telling off from her and he decided that he had to do penalty turns or never hear the last from her.
Richard and Newton & Ellen retained their leading positions to the end, but on the second lap Peter R was up to 3rd. Hugh must have got the message that he was one of the OCS offenders and retired.
Towards the back of the fleet Rick decided to take Mike out by ramming him twice and then had to do penalty turns under instruction from Hadey !   At the end of the second lap William and Joe received the finish gun with William taking the Topper honours on this occasion.
At the end of the final lap the first three boats had maintained their positions, but Steve P had moved up to 4th, David C, Adrian and Rick all gained a place on the last lap. Poor Neville finished the race only to discover that he was one of the boats over the line at the start. The other boat was actually Adrian but he rounded and restarted avoiding DSQ.
The final positions on the water were 1st Richard; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Peter R, 4th Steve P; 5th Mark B; 6th Curtis.
On Handicap the first three retain their positions but Chris H should move up to 4th.
Thanks to Mike N and the OOD Team Sally, Issy, James and John W.

Twilight Race 9th September

Roland S delayed the start until 7.15 pm so that the oncoming darkness would display the boats decorated with lights in all their splendour. In fact apart from three or four boats the display was rather meagre and some boats had none at all !
There was a light wind which became lighter as it got darker and some boats managed three laps, some two, some one lap and the GP14 retired before the end of the first lap.
There were 18 starters and an unknown number of finishers; some may have been out there until dawn the following day.
Newton & Ellen in their RS 200 just beat Dave L (Laser) across the line in a close finish, which no-one saw of course, and in past years would have been awarded with magnificent candelabra, which thank goodness has gone missing.
Thanks to Sally who did us proud with a great barbecue and for her enthusiasm and organisation through the Wednesday evening sessions.
Geesje was presented with flowers for all her hard work preparing the meals all year and a big thank you to her too. Thanks also to Ann who has helped out with the catering and cleaning up and she was also presented with flowers.
A good finish to the Wednesday evening sailing.

Bart’s Bash This Sunday

Reminder that this Sunday is Bart’s Bash. Junior and Novice race at 10.30 main race at 11.15 ish. Please register at Registration on the day is possible but it is much easier to do in advance. A £5 donation to the charity is requested from competitors on the day.
There will be a BBQ and raffle with the proceeds going to the charity.
Non members and spectators welcome.
The RS200 will be available after the race and in the afternoon for people to try out.

Cobley Series 1 6th September

The first race of the Cobley Series was run at the same time as the third race of the Leader National Championships, which were taking place this weekend at Reading SC with five boats from Reading competing.

Peter S used X as the first mark then 9, 4, O, 6 and 8. Not sure where X or O were, but it looks like Paul R had some influence in setting the course as he does like to use extra marks !
There were 14 starters but Matt (MiniSail) retired on the first lap and John C (Topaz) retired on the second lap whittling the fleet down to 12.
There was a great scrap between the three leading boats, Ellen & Luke (RS 200) and David C and Sylvia in Lasers. Ellen & Luke led on the first lap, Sylvia led on the second and third laps but Ellen & Luke just crossed the line first at the finish. Peter R (Enterprise) harried Richard S (Laser) for most of the race for 5th place, but was just pipped on the last lap by Rod (Laser) who came through to take 6th.  James P (Laser) took 8th place just ahead of a great battle between John W (Laser) and Chris H (Comet), who had traded places throughout the race.
William (Topper) received the gun at the end of the third lap, but Rick (Laser) persevered to finish all four laps.
The final positions on the water were –  
1st Ellen & Luke; 2nd David C; 3rd Sylvia; 4th Dave L; 5th Richard S; 6th Rod.
On handicap Ellen & Luke were joint first with David C, first time that this has happened this year and the first time that a sister and brother crew have finished first.
The only other handicap change was Chris H pinching 5th place from Richard.
Thanks to Peter S and the OOD Team Chris B, Jim, James and Bob.

Gillette Series Final Race 2nd Septemeber

With a light NW wind about 9mph but variable in speed and direction, Roland S set a first beat to 5 then 2,8,6,7 and back through the start.
There were 21 starters for the last race of the Wednesday evening series and series leader Ian C (Supernova) was first back through the start line followed by Curtis (Laser), Newton (Solo), Dave L (Laser), Luke (Laser) and Ellen (Radial). There were three Leaders out prior to their National Championship at the coming weekend and Hugh & Hadey were leading this fleet in15th place with Sally & Ann 20th and Tracey & Amy 21st.
At the end of the second lap the three leaders were the same but Luke had got past Dave L and Andrew (Laser) had moved up to 6th. Julian (Solo) and Alistair S (Laser) both gained a place to move to 8th and 9th respectively. Adrian (Vago) had gained two places  and Sally & Ann had gained a place and were now right on the transom of Hugh & Hadey. Further back Rick (Laser) had also moved up one place. William (Topper) and Tracey & Amy received the finish gun at the end of this lap and Adrian retired..
By the third lap Dave L had passed both Luke and Newton to move up to 3rd. Sylvia (Laser) had moved up to 6th and Andrew to 7th pushing Julian down to 8th with Mike T (Laser) 9th and James P (Laser)  making up a place to 10th.  Alistair, Peter S (Byte), Mike A (Lightning), Sally & Ann and Hugh & Hadey were all finished at the end of this lap.
The positions at the end of the fourth and last lap were 1st Ian; 2nd Dave L; 3rd Curtis; 4th Newton; 5th Luke; 6th Sylvia.
On handicap Newton will leapfrog Dave and Curtis to take 2nd place.
Thanks to Roland S and the OOD team of Ryan, Ken and Roland L.
The final Gillette Series Leaderboard was:
1st Ian C; 2nd David C; 3rd Newton; 4th Karen; 5th Sylvia; 6th Curtis  

Cobley Series Race Format

Following feed back from members, it has been decided to run the Cobley series in the same format as the summer series. There will be a 35 minute pursuit race starting at 10.30 followed by a 45 minute handicap. These will be counted as two separate series. Last week’s handicap will count towards the handicap series. Note that Bart’s Bash is on Sunday 20th. This will not count towards the club series.
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