27 May Gillette Series Race 8

Rod, with a 12-14 mph West wind, set a first beat down to 4, across to 2, back to 8, up to 5 on the buoy line, then the usual 6, 7 and back through the start.
There were 22 starters including a mini fleet of Toppers sailed by Jo, Edward and Ben.
First back through the start line was Ian C (Supernova) followed by David, Curtis and Karen all in Lasers. Newton (Solo) was next through in 5th place, then Hugh(Radial) just in front of Steve S (Laser) followed by the Radials of Paula and Sylvia. Peter S (Byte) was next in 10th, pursued by Mike A and Ellen in two more Radials and Paul H (Supernova). Sally & Stuart in the Leader (not reefed, but wet suited and booted – just in case !) were the first double hander and they were followed by John H (Laser), Amy (Europe), Mike C (Solo) and then the second Leader of Rob & Craig. Chasing them was Tracey in her Comet and then the intrepid trio of Jo, Ben and Edward in the Toppers. Jeremy started in his Skipper 12 but retired at some time during the first lap.
The second lap saw the three leaders unchanged, but Steve S had passed Karen and Hugh to move up to 4th. Sylvia had passed Paula to take 8th place and Mike A and Ellen had got past Peter S to move up to 10th and 11th. John H had moved up two places and Mike C one place by passing Amy. Tracey had decided to call it a day, but the three Toppers were still gamely battling on in the frisky conditions.
At the end of the third lap there was no change in the leading three but Karen had repassed Steve S. Newton was still in 6th place and behind him there was a great battle between the Radials of Hugh, Sylvia, Paula, Mike and Ellen with Paul H and John H mixing it with the Radials. Rob & Craig had managed to catch and pass Sally & Stuart in the battle of the Leaders and Amy was still chasing them, but the three Toppers had wisely retired.
Fourth lap and Ian was still leading with David in 2nd, but Karen had moved up another place to 3rd pushing Curtis down to 4th. Steve S had retired moving Newton up to 5th. Hugh and Sylvia were neck and neck for 6th spot. There were no other changes in position, although there was some close racing. Mike C thought he had been given the gun and sailed off course, only to discover after the race that he had not been finished !
Curtis came to grief on the last lap when he suffered severe cramp and could not get across the boat ! Hugh managed to get an inside overlap on Sylvia on the very last mark to pip her at the finish.
At the gun the final positions on the water were 1st Ian; 2nd David; 3rd Karen; 4th Newton; 5th Hugh; 6th Sylvia.
Ian and David had identical times on handicap, so it was a joint first place.
Thanks to Rod and the OOD team of Monica, Chris A, Eddie, Don and Nick J.

NSSA Inland Champs

Well done to Hugh and Hadey who competed in the National Schools Inland Champs at Datchet SC on May 23rd/May 24th.

Hugh finished 7th in the Laser Radial Class and Hadley 12th in the Handicap Class. 

25 May Whitsun Pennant

Paul R used a Tektona start and with a 9 mph NW wind set a first beat straight up to 4 on the buoy line, then back down to 2 across to 9 and on to 8, turn left (or perhaps that should be hard to port) up to 5 then down to 1 and back up through the start.
There were 12 starters and welcome to James and William Hawkins. Richard S kindly woke Mike A up just before the start with a T-bone (no – not a steak !)
There was a slight traffic jam at the first mark, but everyone eventually got round.
David C (Laser) led at the end of the first lap with the Lasers of Richard S and Karen crossing the line together in joint 2nd place with Jon also in a Laser in 4th place.  Monica (Europe) was right up with the leading Lasers in 5th place and then there was a slight gap back to Newton & Ellen (RS200) in 6th. Then there was a bigger gap back to Mike A (Lightning) and Mike C (Solo) who were followed by Chris M & lady friend  in his 420 (apologies but no name was entered on the  Declaration Sheet). Tracey & Amy were next along in their Leader just ahead of James H (Laser) and William H (Topper).
By the second lap Newton & Ellen had come through from 6th to 3rd place and the only other mover (in the right direction) was James H who had gained two places.
Lap 3 and Newton & Ellen had passed Karen to take 2nd place and Richard S who had slipped to 6th on the second lap was now up to 4th. The rest of the fleet retained their positions.
At the end of Lap 4 Chris & lady friend had decided to retire from the fray, which moved everyone below them up one place, but Tracey & Amy went one better by passing James.
The fifth lap was the last and there was only one change in position as James had repassed Tracey & Amy. They had been together the whole of the race and enjoyed a great tussle.
The final positions on the water were 1st David C; 2nd Newton & Ellen; 3rd Karen; 4th Richards S; 5th Jon; 6th Monica.
The only change on handicap is likely to be Monica leapfrogging Jon.
Thanks to Paul R and his OOD team Carol M, Hadey, Nev R, Bill C and Paul W.

24 May Spring Series 11

With a pleasant 8 –12 mph WSW Mike C, with input from Steve S, set a first beat down to 4, back across to 9 then down to 3, back to 2, then up to 5 on the buoy line and on to 6 and 7.
There were 20 starters and it was good to see Nick Trottman back in his Finn and Paul Waterman out in a Radial.
First back through the nominal start line were Father & Daughter, Ralph & Anna in their Feva, followed by John C (Topaz) followed by Father & Daughter, Newton & Ellen in the Laser 2000 (you cannot say that RSC is not a family club !).  Mike A (Lightning) was 4th, Chris A (Solo) 5th and Neville (s/h Leader) 6th. The leading Laser was Jon in 7th and Eddie kept to his usual routine by retiring at the end of the lap for an early cuppa. Karen nearly completed a lap but her traveller broke as she rounded Number 7.
After two laps Ralph & Ana were still in the lead but Newton & Ellen and Neville had passed John C.
Behind these leaders Mike A and Chris A were having a great battle swapping places every other mark. Richard S had come to the front of the Lasers and was chased by Jon, David C, Dave L, Dean, Phil A, John W, Rod and Alistair S. At the back of the fleet Steve P in his 505 had caught Paul W but Nick T was still ahead of him just behind the Laser pack.
At the end of three laps Newton & Ellen had taken the lead with Ralph & Anna 2nd and Neville 3rd. At the gun these were still in the first three places, but Richard nipped past Mike A at the last minute to take 4th with David C in 6th.
Today was probably a unique occasion in RSC history with Newton & Ellen coming 1st and Ralph & Anna coming 2nd making a Father – Daughter pairing first and second.
Thanks to the OOD team of Mike C, Steve S, Jan & Paul H, Chris W and Chris B. 

20 May Gillette 7

The usual jolly sailor was not so jolly tonight as he was home in bed with flu, but there was a good fleet of other jolly sailors and 22 started the race and it was good to see John H out in his Comet and young Ben out in his Topper.
First back through the start line was Ian C (Supernova) followed by the Lasers of Karen, Curtis and Sylvia. Newton (Solo) was next through in 5th place with Monica 6th and Hugh in a Radial 7th, then another three Lasers John, Dean and Mike T. In 11th place was Paul H in another Supernova followed by Peter S (Byte), Mike C (Solo), Ellen (Radial) and Chris A (Solo). Next came the battle of the Comets with Tracey leading the way in front of Angela & Paula (Duo) and John H. Chris S (Laser) was mixed up in this as was Leader 1254 (no names on the race sheet, but suspect it was Rob, Craig & Colum or any two from the these three !)
Last but not least were Ben (Topper) and Roz & Paul getting to grips with the Laser 2000.
Second lap and the only change in the leader board was Curtis nipping in front of Sylvia to 3rd and Mike C moving up five places to 8th.
At the end of the third lap the first eight boats had maintained position, but Paul H had moved up to 9th, Peter S up to 10th, Ellen up to 12th and Tracey to 13th.
Last lap and Ian C crossed the line in 1st place with Karen 2nd, Curtis 3rd, Sylvia 4th and Newton 5th. Monica would have been 6th, but she was disqualified for being over the line at the start ! (that’s no cakes and tea for Steve S and he’s probably off the Christmas Card list).
The significant movers on handicap were Karen who took the race win from Ian. Newton who took 4th place from Sylvia and Peter S who moved up to 6th place, also young Ben who moved up from 19th to 11th.
Thanks to Steve S and his OOD team, Catherine B, Nick J, Alistair S and Mark H.

17 May Spring Series Race 10

There were 20 starters this morning and at the end of the first lap Hadey (4.7) was leading followed by Mick G (Otter), Peter S (Byte), John C (Topaz) and Sylvia (Radial). Ominously for the boats in front of her Karen was already through to 6th having just got past Steve S (Solo), William (Topper) and Mike C (Solo).  Newton & Ellen in the Laser 2000 were next through just in front of Ken and Phil A both in Lasers. At the rear of the fleet Eddie decided to retire before last starter Steve (out in his galleon) could catch him.
Hadey was still leading after the second lap, but Karen had moved up to 2nd and Ian C (Supernova) to 3rd with Ken P 4th. Phil A (Laser) had moved up from 12th to 6th, Curtis (Laser) from 15th to 11th and Rod and Dean both in Lasers had moved up two places to 12th and 13th.
At the gun Karen was through to 1st, Ian 2nd and Ken 3rd with Hadey 4th, Curtis 5th and Peter S 6th.
Other notable movers on the third lap were Rod up to 7th and Dave P (another Laser) up to 8th.
Phil A should have been hereabout, but he seems to have been missed out by the OOD team.
Steve S was just ahead of Mike C in the battle of the Solos and behind them were Sylvia, Newton & Ellen and then a trio of Lasers, James P, Dean and Dave L.
Thanks to the OOD Team of Peter R, Rachael G, Nick J, John H, John M and Richard H.

13 May Gillette Series 6

With a 9 mph NE wind Chris A used a Tektona start with a first beat to X, up to 5 on the buoy line, down to 9 and then back up to 4 and onto 3 across to 2 and back through the buoy line.
Karen started on starboard at the pin end but tacked onto port in front of Mike A and consequently had to do penalty turns (is that the third race in a row that Karen has had some issues at the start ?)
There were 20 starters and Ian C (Supernova) was first back through the start followed by Karen (Laser), Mark B (Laser) and Newton (Solo). In 5th place was Sylvia (Laser) with Peter S (Byte) 6th, Hugh & Stuart (Leader) 7th and Mike C (Solo) 8th. It was good to see another Supernova out in the hands of Paul H and just behind him was Tracey in her Comet then Mike A (Lightning). The next through the line were Paula and Ellen in Radials followed by Chris S in another Laser (good to see you back on the water Chris).
It was also good to see Roz & Paul out in the Laser 2000 and they were followed by Chris & Carol (420), Mike T (Laser), Dean & Monica (Laser II) and Colum, Rob & Craig (Leader) – a real mixed fleet out on the water tonight!
At the end of the second lap Ian and Karen were still 1st and 2nd, but Curtis had moved up to 3rd with Mark in 4th. Paul H had moved up two places from 9th to 7th and Paul and Mike T had both moved up a place.
Lap 3 saw the leading seven boats holding position, but Peter S had moved up one place to 8th, Ellen had moved up four places to 14th and Mike T and Dean & Monica had gained another place. Dean was obviously getting some intensive race coaching from Monica !
At the end of the fourth lap the first 10 boats had not changed position, and the only mover was Mike C who had moved up one place to 11th.
The end of the fleet was finished after four laps but the leaders went on for one more lap.
Mike C made up another place and Tracey two places on this last lap and at the finish Ian C crossed the line in 1st place with Karen 2nd, Curtis 3rd, Mark 4th, Sylvia 5th and Newton 6th.

10th May Spring Pursuit 9

A pleasant morning with a 10 mph SW wind saw 22 starters set off at their allocated times, well apart from Karen who jumped the gun !
At the end of the first lap William came through in his usual 1st place in his Topper, followed by Gordon (Mirror), Rhys (Topper), John C (Topaz) and Peter S (Byte). The first of the Lasers was Hugh in 7th place with a Radial rig, then Richard S and Karen in full rig Lasers.
Second lap and William was still out in front, but John C had moved up to 2nd with Gordon 3rd and Rhys 4th. Karen had moved up four places to 5th with Richard S 6th.  Ian C (Supernova) had come though from 19th to 7th and Dave L had gained two places to 8th. Another rapid mover was Paul R (Aero) who had moved up from 17th to 9th. Gordon decided two laps was enough for him and retired.
At the end of the third lap the leader was John C, but Karen was gaining and was now in 2nd with Richard S in 3rd place and Ian up to 4th and Paul up to 5th. Jon C (Laser) had gained three places up to 7th and Curtis had gained a couple of places up to 9th.
At the end of lap four, Ian was leading with Karen 2nd and Paul was up to 3rd.  Richard S was 4th and Jon C had moved up to 5th with Newton & Ellen (Laser 2000) gaining five places up to 6th. Dave L and Curtis both gained a place to move up to 7th and 8th and Hugh also moved up one place to 9th. John W (Laser) and Dave P (laser) both moved up two places to 10th and 11th. Further back Steve P (Laser) and James P (Laser) also gained two places and Hadey after going backwards in the first few laps had found a new lease of life and was making ground again and Mike C (Solo) gained two places just before the gun.
At the gun Paul had snatched victory from Ian and Karen had retired, at last being informed of her early start, allowing Jon up to 3rd, with Richard S 4th, Dave L 5th  and Newton & Ellen just pipping Curtis for 6th place.

The Reading Sailing Club are aware of an incident that occurred yesterday resulting in a fatality in the area of the Sailing Club Lake. We have no further details at this time other than those reported in the press. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased at this very difficult time.
The committee have been in contact with the police who have confirmed they see no reason why club activities cannot continue as normal. We will inform members at the earliest opportunity of any changes to this position.
Regards Alistair Johnson [Reading Sailing Club Commodore]

Summer Series Format

A number of members have requested that for the summer series we have two shorter races instead of the one 90 minute handicap race. The format for this would be to have a nominal 50 minute pursuit followed by a 45 minute handicap race. They would be run as two separate series for two individual trophies. Competitors could decide to enter either or both races. Please let me know on your views on the proposed change either by email or via the forum on the members portal.

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