23 November Frost Bite 1

Not so much Frost Bite 1 as Monsoon 1 !!
It was a miserable wet start to this series with not much wind either.
With the wind in a tricky NNE direction Nev set a short beat (or drift) up to 6 as the first mark.
There were only 10 boats starting and three of these were deemed to be over the line when the start gun went. Newton & Ellen (Laser 2000) and Peter S (Byte) returned to restart, but David C (Laser) pushed on as he was not convinced that he was over the line.
The first man to finish was Steve P (505) followed by David C and then Curtis, however on handicap the winner would be David C with Curtis 2nd and Newton & Ellen 3rd.
David C was disqualified as he did not return when adjudged to be over the line at the start.
He subsequently lodged a protest on the grounds that as no recall flag was flown he believed that he was not being recalled.
This raises an interesting issue, as if it was a general recall all boats would have to restart.
However if it is an individual recall only the boats that are actually over the line need to restart. The problem is how does the SOOD identify and inform those boats. The pragmatic approach would be to simply shout out the sail numbers or the names of the helms, but this does not appear to be an option within the racing rules. However this pragmatic approach could create another problem in that it could be an advantage to be the first named offender as he would have first notice of the requirement to return, compared to say the second or third offender!
Time to dig out the rules book and inform the OOD teams what they should do in these circumstances ?


Notice of AGM

11th December 2014
Venue: Berkshire County Sports Club, Sonning Lane, Sonning, RG4 6ST.
The RSC committee is delighted to invite you to attend the club’s Annual General Meeting on 11th December. Members are invited to join the committee for drinks and a finger buffet from 7.00pm, followed by the formal AGM proceedings and prize giving at 7.30pm.
The current committee has been in place for 1 year with some members having served for several years and is offering to stand again for election this year. Nominations from individuals wishing to take on committee roles are welcome for any of the posts. In particular the committee is looking for a volunteer to take on the role as club secretary, since Simon Bray is stepping down from his role as membership secretary after 8 years and Sylvia Bohnenstengel has offered to take over from him as membership secretary leaving the position of club secretary vacant. Please speak to any members of the committee to find out what is involved in the role. Our sailing club strongly depends on every single member to run the club so please consider joining us and help us running the club.
Any members wishing to propose a resolution should send this in advance to the club’s Commodore Alistair Johnson or again by returning this email by 4th December 2014.
At the AGM the committee will propose changes to the club constitution, a development plan for the club, and changes to the membership fees at the AGM. A link to the current club constitution can be found here: www.readingsc.org.uk/RSC_constitution_7_Jan_08.pdf
As per current constitution only full single members and adult members covered by a family subscription (i.e. categories 1 and 2) are eligible to hold office and vote at meetings.
A full agenda and detail on the proposals will be published shortly.
Alistair’s email address is: alistair@spacreators.co.uk
If you are coming to the meeting or can’t make it and would like to send you apologies, please emailenquiries@readingsc.org.uk

The Winter / Flooding Season Approaches

The Winter / Flooding Season Approaches !!

Remember this ?    Winter approaches and while hopefully we will not see the same extent of flooding as last year,  nonetheless we should be prepared for some flooding.  Therefore the committee kindly requests that members ensure that their boats are properly secured both against flooding and high winds.  This will prevent damage not only to your your boat, but potentially others too by avoiding knocks and bangs. In extremis,  it will also ensure that your boat does not head downstream in general direction of Henley!
Now is a good time to do this to avoid being caught out later on.   

James Primrose

16th November Cobley Pursuit Race 10


A slightly misty morning with a light NNE wind, probably about 6 mph to start, then building up to 8 – 1- and dropping off again towards the end of the race.
There were 20 starters and Andy H used a Tektona start with a beat down to 6, across to 8, back up to 5 then 9 and a run to 2 and then back towards Tektona and the start line.
First away was William P in his Topper and then there was a wait of 11 minutes before Mike A (Lightning) got away followed at 1 minute intervals by Steve S (Solo) then Newton & Roz (Laser 2000) and Paul D (Radial) followed by Peter R (Enterprise).  The Laser pack was next away followed 1 minute later by Ian C (Supernova) then 2 minutes after Adrian in his Vago.
Paul R started somewhere around here in his new Aero 7 followed last of all by Steve P in the 505.
First back through the line were Newton & Roz with Steve S up to 2nd and Mike A and William down to 3rd and 4th.  Peter R was in close pursuit of William and then slightly further back was the first Laser of Richard S with Ian C in close attendance. Then came the next trio of Lasers, David and Jon C and Dave L who were very close together.  Paul R followed having just passed Andy B in another Laser and Curtis not far behind in yet another Laser. There was a slight gap back to another trio of Lasers, Phil A, James P and Dave I and an even smaller gap back to Eddie B (Laser), Adrian, Paul D and Alistair (Laser) with Steve P bringing up the rear, hardly surprising as he had started after the lead boats had crossed the line for their first lap !
By the second lap Steve S led from Peter R who was having a terrific battle with Newton & Roz. Ian C was now up to 4th with Mike A hanging on to 5th but Dave L was closing fast with David and Jon C not far behind him. Eddie had decided to go for his usual early cup of tea leaving the rest of us to it.
At the end of the third lap Peter R was leading and Ian had moved up from 4th to 2nd with Newton & Roz hanging on to 3rd with Steve S 4th, David C 5th, Dave L 6th, Jon C 7th and Paul R moving up to 8th.   
The gun went as the leaders were three quarters round the fourth lap. The leading eight boats were still in the same position apart from Ian taking the lead from Peter. The second pack of Lasers was led by Richard S in 10th place followed by Andy B, Curtis, Dave I, Phil A, and James P. Dave, Phil and James had enjoyed a terrific battle all through the race.
The final podium positions were 1st Ian, 2nd Peter, 3rd Newton & Roz.


Sat 13th December 2014
Race 11:00
Xmas buffet lunch 1300 ‘ish followed by a quiz, with prizes for the best team.
Tickets £5 adults, £3 children, including wine and beer, less any subs paid.
……hopefully Father Xmas will be stopping by……
 Please let Monica know by Monday 8th  December if you would like to come 

We need some helpful Elves for the following:
  • To drive the power boats
  • Clubhouse decoration on Friday pm with Pat
  • Food shopping
  • Food preparation and serving on the day
  • Clearing up and taking rubbish away
email monicabeer@aol. com

RSC Juniors Compete at Maidenhead SC.

Saturday 8 November saw two junior teams from the club competing in a single handed, 2 boat team racing event hosted by Claires Court School at Maidenhead SC.  Teams were randomly divided into 4 leagues and after each round promoted and demoted. Reading Girls – Hadey and Amy and Reading Boys – William and Joe all started in League C sailing Toppers, where the girls won their first two races one of which was against the boys. The less experienced boys did well in windy conditions but unfortunately lost both races.  

Round two saw the girls promoted to League B where they again won both races this time in style with a 1,2 in both races.  The boys now sailing in League D began to find their feet and won both of their races too. 

By now the wind was increasing so much that the boats were all reefed before moving onto Round 3. The girls now in League A and sailing Fevas were now up against the better teams and unfortunately lost both races. The boys back in League C won one and lost one. 

Round 4 saw both the girls and boys in League B where the girls lost their race and the boys wet, cold and tired decided they had had enough for the day and did not sail. 

55 races were run in total, on a wet, cold windy day but both Teams enjoyed themselves, have asked when the next competition is, and did the club proud. 

The event was won by Clifton College with Goring Thames Sailing Club as runners up. Reading Girls finished 6th and Reading boys finished 8th. Very good results for their first team racing event. 

Well done, Hadey, Amy, William and Joe.

Holiday OOD Teams Needed

Sally is looking for volunteers for OOD duties on:
Boxing Day – 26 December
New Years Day – 1 January
If you are able to be a SOOD to run the race, Powerboat driver or a general helper then it would be much appreciated.
Please contact Sally directly by e-mail sallynewlove ‘at’ hotmail.com

9th November Cup Race


It was a beautiful sunny morning for Remembrance Sunday and the November Cup Race.

With a very light SSW wind, Steve S made a last minute change to the first beat by putting X in place just past Tektona instead of the original No 3 buoy, in case no-one actually reached No 3 ! In fact a nice breeze sprang up shortly after the start and made for a very pleasant sail. There was a two minute silence before the start in remembrance of all those who served their country in past and current conflicts.

There were 15 starters and the fastest away from the line were David C and Karen in Lasers, Newton & Ellen in the Laser 2000 and Adrian in his Laser 8.1.  Well actually Jon C (Laser) was the quickest away but he was adjudged to be across the line and had to go back round again! Mike A (Lightning) did the same thing, but went back round just before the gun, as he arrived at the line too early.

At the end of the first lap, Steve P (505) led, followed by David C then Newton & Ellen and Karen. Peter R (Enterprise) had come up to 5th despite having to do penalty turns after a slow motion bump with Mike. Adrian was 6th with John W (Laser) 7th, Mike 8th, Curtis (Laser) 9th and Jon C up to 10th. Eddie B (Laser) in 11th place had pulled out a lead on Paul W (Radial), Sally (Comet) and Hadey (4.7), with Pat G (Mirror) slightly further back.

By the second lap the first five boats were in the same positions but very close together. At this point Peter R in the Enterprise was probably leading on handicap.  There was a slight gap back to Adrian and John W in 6th and 7th , but again these two were very close to one another. Curtis had passed Mike to move up one place to 8th but Jon and Eddie had retired, which moved Paul W up to 10th closely followed by Sally and Hadey.  These three were having a great battle at the back of the fleet.

Pat had now decided to retire and at the end of the third and last lap David C had just taken the lead from Steve P, but Steve was still in 2nd place.  Karen had moved up to 3rd and Adrian up to 4th with Peter still in 5th place.

The final positions on the water were 1st David C, 2nd Steve P, 3rd Karen; but on handicap Newton & Ellen were close enough to snatch victory with David C dropping down to 2nd with Karen retaining 3rd place.

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