Youth and Juniors Team represent RSC at the Thames Challenge in Maidenhead

On Saturday 28th June, our youth group to took part in their very first team racing event for Reading Sailing Club at the Thames Challenge at Maidenhead Sailing Club. Over eighty youth and junior sailors from Maidenhead, Upper Thames, Claires Court, Kingsmead, Goring, Silverwing, and Reading Sailing Clubs were looking forward to a day of challenging team racing, with sixty-six races of six RS Feva boats each (three per team) scheduled, each team facing all the other teams. Our Juniors had some tough competition but they all did extremely well in spite of tricky winds and then a thunder storm. Even with the weather, the day was a success, with all the competitors enjoying themselves. Plans are already being made for the next Thames Valley Challenge, but not, as one wag put it "On Glastonbury weekend. It always rains on Glastonbury weekend."

A huge thanks goes to Karen Smailes for coaching and leading the team helped by James Primrose and many other parent helpers. Thanks also to Stephen Day for being the chief team photographer. For a lovely diary of the day – see link attached. 

29 June Summer Series – Race 4

SOOD Adrian Frost and team had a difficult start to set with the wind coming from NE at 10-11 mph.
The first beat was up to 6 and with 21 boats the start line was quite crowded, after 6 it was 9, 5, 3, 2, 8 and back through the start line and at the end of the first lap Dave L came through first followed by Ian C and Karen.
By Lap 3 Ian C had taken the lead from Dave L and held it to the finish with Dave hanging on to second place on the water. Meanwhile Karen had been overtaken on Lap 5 by Ken P then Newton and Roz, and then on the last lap by a fast finishing Steve P in his 505.
Newton and Roz had gradually worked their way through the fleet from 9th on the first lap to 3rd at the finish. The other notable mover through the fleet was Steve P who came from 8th on the first lap to 5th at the finish.
In the middle of the fleet there was quite a battle between Nev & Sally (she gets around!) in the Leader and Rod B, James P, Phil A and Sylvia in Lasers and Mike C in his Solo, with Rod B finally getting to the fore.
There was a near miss when Mick G got stuck in a patch of weed and was nearly taken out by James P then Nev & Sally who all approached on starboard expecting Mick to move when he was stuck fast!
Monica, Mick G, Dave I and Gordon P all decided to retire on the 3rd lap, but Oswin, Laser; John C, Topaz and Paul D, Radial, persevered to get the finish gun.
The final placings on the water were 1st Ian C, Supernova; 2nd, Dave L, Laser; 3rd Newton & Roz, Laser 2000, but on handicap these positions will probably be reversed with Newton & Roz taking the final honours.

25 June Gillette Series – Race 10

Another lovely summer evening with a typical light wind, but once out near the buoy line the wind was actually stronger than it looked from shore. Bob L  stepped in as SOOD at the last minute and set an interesting sausage course, (but not as good as the pasta course provided by Geesje later!)
First mark was X followed by 4 down wind and back through the start to X.  No excuse for anyone missing a mark in this race, although Monica did accuse Julian of doing just that!
Karen was first round the first mark followed by Curtis, Ian and Julian, and Karen stayed ahead for the rest of the race. Ian moved up to 2nd place on the second lap with Curtis 3rd and Julian 4th. Curtis and Julian battled for the rest of the race with Julian taking 3rd place on the fourth lap and holding it to the finish. 
The battle of the Lasers (behind Karen) was won by Curtis with Dave L next followed by Rod B. The battle of the non-Lasers (behind Ian) was won of course by Julian in his Solo, followed by Mike A, Lightning, and Monica, Europe.
The only two-man boat out was Sally and Stuart in the Leader (by name but not by nature!), they were accompanied by Phil M in his Solo for two laps and then they all decided to come in for an early supper. Hugh persisted in his Byte for four laps and was relieved to get the gun without having to do the final lap and then he put his boat away in record time to make sure of his place at the table!

Success For RSC Sailors in Round The Island Race

On Saturday, Roland & Naomi Smith, Newton & Scott  Anthony, Steve Sharp and Graham Marks took part in the Round The Island Race in ‘Raspberry Ripple’, the Smith’s Hanse 432. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the race, it is set as a course of 1 lap around the Isle of Wight. The race annually attracts around 1700 yachts. The start is divided into groups at 10 minute intervals with approximately 150 yachts in each. In light airs Raspberry Ripple completed the course in 11 hours and 3 minutes, and was first across the finish line in her starting group. After handicap correction she was first in her division and 16th in the ISC handicap system of around 700 yachts.

22 June – Summer Series – Race 3

A beautiful sunny morning, but not a lot of wind saw 17 boats set out from Tektona.

Dave Portus and team decided to make use of X and a white buoy (well actually a dirty old grey buoy!) to try and find marks that has some wind around them.

It was a case of “Here come the girls” with Monica and Karen showing the boys (some very old boys) how to do it. They both got great starts and Monica just led at the end of the first lap with Mike Caton trying to stay with them in third place. Karen managed to get past Monica on the second lap, but they both left the rest of the fleet standing, finishing in first and second place.

Adrian Frost moved up to third in his Vago and with his spinnaker flying he was clearly faster than anyone else downwind. A little further back there was the usual gaggle of Lasers with John Windass, James Primrose, Phil Andrews, Dave Isaacs, Eddie Bennet and Mike A swapping places in the fickle wind.

Heidi Lines graduating from Pico to Laser and flying the smallest sail (4.7) in the pack managed to stay with the rest of the fleet, well done Heidi.

It was good to see Steve Poulter back with Titanic; we have been missing the wind shadow!
However it really was Ladies Day at RSC with Karen and Monica spanking the boys and taking a very easy first and second.

18 June Gillette Series – Race 9

What a beautiful evening, clear blue sky and the sun blazing down. Prior to the race a number of sailors decided to try out the new RS Aero, which is pitched as a Laser competitor,(probably be told that the Lasers will be no competition for it).
Thanks to Paul Robson for organising that with RS. Paul and Monica have already decided to buy one and the comments from other sailors were favourable.

David Clay and team had a difficult task setting a course as the wind was coming from anywhere between North and East at about 9 mph at the start of the race and from nowhere at the end of the race !
Karen led at the end of the first lap, just, from Ian C, Dave L and Curtis, then there was a bit of a gap to Mike A, Sally & Stuart, Simon B and Sylvia. As the race progressed the wind dropped and the two Leaders (boats not places) and the Solo, Topaz and Comet Duo decided that they could no longer stand the excitement and retired.
Paul had come out in the Aero with the intention of swapping halfway with Monica but not sure that happened as the wind died. Good on young Hugh who went out single handed in a Sport 14, but he was probably the only one who was happy the wind decreased instead increasing.
Some lucky people were finished one lap early and the leaders managed to catch the last of the wind to finish in a reasonable time. Further down the fleet it was a slow to very slow drift to the finish.
Mike A had a paddle to the shore race with Tracey and Amy T and was holding his own single handed (literally) until mother and daughter teamed up on the Comet towing the Topper behind. It was then no contest and Mike was caught by Simon using the belly down before the mast double handed technique ! This was arguably the closest racing of the evening.
Whilst everyone else had started supper on the sundeck poor James Primrose, Dave Isaacs, Mike Todd and Sylvia were stranded on the far side and wondering if they would get back in time for breakfast.
The final placings were – 1st Ian C, Supernova; 2nd Karen, Laser; 3rd Dave L, Laser; 4th Curtis, Laser. (Had to mention Curtis as he said that otherwise he would not do the washing up – as it turns out he was only kidding as he wanted to wear his very fetching pinny!)

15 June Summer Series – Race 2

SOD Nev Robson set a Tektona start with a NNW wind of about 11 mph (most of the time !). 17 boats started and it was nice to see an Otter out.  
Ian Casewell came through in first place at the end of the lap one followed by David Clay with Newton & Roz, Karen and Dave Lomas in close company. In the following laps Ian held his lead right to the finish, but there was a great battle between Karen and Dave L for second place with Dave taking it at the gun. Newton & Roz held fourth place for most of the race but David Clay slipped back and was caught by a trio of chasing Lasers. Curtis Leach won this particular battle fending off Rod Barber and Mike A.

Final placings on the water were 1st Ian C, Supernova; 2nd Dave Lomas, Laser; 3rd Karen, Laser.



The pinkies arrived in their droves, youngsters, oldies and lots in between!
25 people had – the ‘enjoyed’ word doesn’t feature, as Monica a self confessed non cook was in charge – breakfast…..ably assisted by Carole and Tracey who had bravely camped the previous night in that horrendous storm. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement, not only from the children, while the fish enjoyed the remains of the over cooked bacon!
Monica set a course from Tektona assisted by Ian, Mike and David in the safety boats and after a briefing in the clubhouse – many were racing for the 1st time – the 22 boats were starting, some very impressively, well done Louis.
The standard of sailing amongst the youngsters was impressive – Teddy in his new Topper was going very well when he was called in to go to a football match! Poor Louis had a gear failure which meant he lost a few places, Rhys had a little help with his rigging as did Amy.
The pictures show what an amazing fleet was on the water and how well everyone coped with the gusty winds.
But all too soon the blue flag went up and we were finishing – the usual Pink Fleet style disqualifications followed – Alice and Amy T just ‘going too fast.’ William, James and John having some unknown liquid on board their Pico…?? Dean and Lucy looking too good with their spinnaker…..and Amy P was pronounced the worthy winner, to everyone’s applause she collected the Pink Fleet cup. Well done Amy, – some great sailing!!
Meanwhile, Barbara was hard at work in the kitchen with the food preparations for the camp sail BBQ.
After a hasty lunch, Pirates were soon being briefed by Gary at the log and some 27 boats and kyaks were off again, watched over by Gary, Sylvia, Tracey, Alistair, James, Steve, Nigel and co… the safety boats. Some were practising their sailing skills in preparation for Level / Stage 2 in a few weeks.
There was the collection of treasure, other games and of course lots of capsizes, with prizes being awarded for the most treasure picked up, the best capsize, well done Grace and the most capsizes….around the bonfire later in the day.
Camp Sail – the gazebo was erected and the food preparation continued in the kitchen under Barbara’s watchful eye.
The fun in, on and around the water continued till sunset, watched over by parents, aunties and grandparents, enjoying a cooling glass or 2! The food was delicious, thank you Barbara and her assistant Son.
The fire was lit, old boats burned and a game of American football, thanks Dave, was organised, while we enjoyed our beers and wine on the deck.
All too soon it was late and people drifted off to their tents, well fortified…..
Thank you to everyone who helped with the massive preparation and the mega clear up. On Sunday morning, with breakfast over, the Sunday racers took to the water.
Mention must be made of the 15 people who attended the work party on Saturday morning and armed with trimmers, shears etc did a great job of clearing the foliage from the drive and especially around the outer gate.
Another fantastic week end at the club, with young and old all having a great time!

RS AERO TEST SAIL at RSC on Wednesday 18th June

RS Sailing will be at Reading Sailing Club on Wednesday 18 June from lunchtime to the evening to demo their new boat the RS Aero. 
The RS Aero completely re-sets the standard for pure exhilaration in a simple single-hander.  
If the Aero isn’t your cup of tea, but you are interested in another boat from their range at they are happy to bring one along for you to try.
To book a test sail or if you have any questions then contact Paul Robson or Charlie from RS
For the juniors there is the RS Terra. Charlie will bring the Terra if there is enough interest from the Junior fleet. Please email him here to register your interest

Work Party 14th June

1)       Access Road cutting back vegetation & branches – this is the most urgent Job


2)      General site – Cutting Grass and Nettles


3)      Cleaning Slipways  & Re-fix screws on Jetty hose   


 4)     Cleaning Windows




Please print your name on the Work Party Sheet

This is in the club entrance area


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