Work Party

We have a Work Party this Saturday 5th April, please come and help.
Main Jobs – finish cleaning far end of Red shed
                   Clean up Tectona
                   Clean and relocate floating Pontoon
                   Clean second Slipway
Other Jobs will be posted on the day


Anyone interested in a Mirror dinghy?

I received an email with an offer for a Mirror dinghy. Please email me on if you are interested and I can put you in contact.

Mirror dinghy (sail number 26596)  built by the owner from a Mirror kit.  
It is in quite good condition but is now unused.
It has not been measured, since it has never been raced.
The sails and fittings are complete.
It currently sits on a road trailer in a garden.
The owner would be glad to give it away to a club or someone who would use it.

Racing Sunday 23rd

Racing will start again this Sunday. The lane is clear and usable and much of the ground around the club house has dried although some areas of the boat park are still rather soft. The water supply has been restored so the toilets are functioning, however the tap water is not safe for drinking.
Following the review of the scoring system at the end of last year the sailing instructions have been amended to reflect the consensus of opinion. The changes can be found with the following link.
The handicaps have also been changed to reflect this and the 2014 numbers from the RYA. These can be found with the link below.
There will be a short briefing before the race.

sports bursaries available

Note from the Chairman of Wokingham Borough Sports Council to all Sports Clubs and Town and Parish Councils
Dear Sports Clubs,
We are delighted to announce that C-SALT, the Trustees of the Leisure Connection sites in Wokingham, have made a donation to the Sports Council that will enable us to offer a number of Bursaries. It is intended that these Bursaries should be utilised to pay all or part of the annual Sports Club subscription for individuals suffering from financial hardship.
The money will be split between the summer and winter seasons so the first nominations should be submitted by the end of March this year with results available in April. We will then be asking for nominations again by the end of August with results available in September.
We are not asking you to complete a complicated nomination form but would ask that you advise details of the individual, specific reasons for the request, together with the amount required. There are limited funds so we may not be able to satisfy all requests or to meet subscriptions in full. It the latter case it may be that Clubs will assist the individual by providing any balance themselves.
Responses will be sent to the Club rather than the individual and all nominations will be treated in confidence.
Please note that the bursaries are available to Wokingham Borough residents only.
Nominations to be submitted by the 31st March should be sent to:-
Beverley Thompson
Sport and Leisure Manager
Wokingham Borough Council
Sport and Leisure
Shute End
RG40 1WL
Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch either by emailing or calling the Sports & Leisure team on 0118 9743728.

15th March Work Party

Your help is needed  this Saturday just to clear the access road only of timber debris. If any one has a chain saw to cut up the larger logs that would be great.
We need to stack the timber on the lake side of the road but clear of the Fishing areas.
It is necessary to  keep members cars at the top of the road to avoid further damage to the road surface.
The  boat park is still a mess and needs to dry out before we can move the boats and clear up.


Latest Situation 9th March

Access to the club is now possible but please avoid driving down the lane until further notice as it may cause more damage which will then require further repair. Although the water has retreated, the whole area is very soggy so any significant activity will churn up the ground and make a worse mess that we already have. Members will be concerned about their boats but please keep any visits to a minimum. Work parties will be organised as soon as it is has dried enough to make clearing up possible. This may be possible next weekend – watch this space. 
Sunday 16th Racing is Cancelled
Note there is no access to the club from the Oxfordshire side as the B478 between the roundabout in Sonning Eye and the Henley Road is closed due to damage, access is via Sonning Bridge only .