Sunday Sailing.

The committee have decided to cancel racing tomorrow Sunday 29th Dec. The Lane to the club is still flooded and it would be dangerous to take the cars down to the club. The committee will let you all know how things are before The New Years Day Race.

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Good morning, I am the SOOD for the day, just been to the lake and it is flooded. The lane is flooded to the corner at the entrance so access is not possible. I have taken a decision to abandon racing today ….
Best regards,
Andy Jones.



 A bright day and conditions looked testing but good at the start.
David (Team Clay) took an early lead but after two laps the wind picked up a pace and rescue boats braced themselves for a busy morning…Ultimately it was carnage. – SOOD Dave decided wisely to finish after only 35minutes….

Soup, thanks to Bernadette and Carole was great as was mulled wine and minced pies, thanks to Mike. People lingered in the clubhouse until 1400….very good. 

Dave sets the course
They are off and conditions are looking good

Frantic start as usual, no hanging back here

Where does Santa find the time

Second lap and the wind is building

Killer gybe

We’re coming in before it gets rough

Correction, we’re going in



The Xmas tree was up, Father Xmas could be seen on the horizon, so it must be Pink Xmas at RSC!

At 0900 the lake looked like glass, but that did not deter the some 20+ pinkies from decorating their boats ready for the Great Turkey Race at 1100. At 1100 sharp, well 1115 ‘ish, after a photo call on the deck, 17 boats took to the water, the wind picked up and though a trifle line shy the race started in a light breeze. Steve and his mate Tim went into the lead, hotly pursued by Alice, while naughty Father Xmas. aka Ken made some waves for them to slow them down, while Monica tried to get some action shots……Jan and Mike were in the other safety boat on hand to pull Pat out of the buoy line in her attempt to get a turkey…..a little yellow duck really….,!!!

On the second lap the turkeys were thrown into the water and all the racers had to pick up just one – before the race Ken had put a number in an envelope and the racer who had retrieved the corresponding numbered duck won the prize. Paul in a club Laser won and was presented with a bottle of wine for his effort and having the right numbered duck / turkey.

The wind filled in nicely to give some good sailing – the 2 ‘elves,’ James and ‘big’ John struggled in their Pico with their ‘relaxed’ style of sailing.

Young William did not have much room in his Topper full of presents, while David in his superbly decorated Pico won the best decorated boat prize – it went to his daughter, Lily who had done all the work!

Once ashore everyone was keen to get into the club house drawn by the wonderful smells of mulled wine and roasting turkey.

During the race, Paul, Barbara and their helpers had been busy setting up trestle tables with loads of festive food, which we all tucked into.

Presentation of the Pink Fleet cup went to Barbara with a huge bouquet of pink flowers, pink bubbly to Ken, wine to Paul, Elaine and Jerry and a lucky dip bag of pressies brought by Santa for us to have a dip into……some were lucky and found smellies, an umbrella, socks, gloves, all pink of course – others, not so lucky got pink bin liners!!!

After all the thanks and applause had died down it was time for Ken’s special quiz. A lot of laughs and some strange answers filled the club house….but we were all winners and every team had a bottle of wine to share……

It was another great Pink Fleet Christmas and we all ‘mucked in’ to clear up the club house.

Thanks all round for everyone who had helped to make another fun day.


Report to follow:

After lap one, David is clear ahead, here’s the chasing group

Closely followed by

Quite gusty at times

Yes, the Start line is part of the course

At the end, David is first past the post, but what about the handicap?
Chicken or tomato soup? What do you reckon Dave


A light breeze saw 23 boats happily rigging with the prospect of more wind to come……Steve and his almost full team set a very interesting course using most of the lake Xs, 5s, 9s, 3s, 4s, 8p, 6s, 7s, S. Will made a port on end start which saw him 3rd at the first mark, while Ian, in his Supanova went straight into the lead and steadily drew away from the rest of the fleet. But for many others, the race was quite eventful……Chris and Karen had a good race swapping places in their Lasers, but when the wind got up on the last lap, Chris got ahead.

Andrew managed a dry capsize, almost unnoticed, between 5 & 9, when his main sheet caught on his transom and lost a couple of places – the usual hazard with Laser sailing!!

Poor Mike lost his tiller at 8, going round in circles for a bit and putting him firmly ‘down the pan’ – bad luck Mike!

All the while the wind was increasing, but Hadey, in Newton’s Laser this week with a 4.7 sail, managed the increasing winds well, overtaking Hugh and Peter in their Bytes, on the last lap, only to capsize after the finish and needing a little help to get ashore – but Hadey, that’s amazing keep it up!!

At some point in the race Dean in his Solo T boned Chris’ Solo…. a large crunch followed by many apologies….. damage / insurance claim??!!

Jon stayed safely ashore ‘playing’ with his Solo mast. in an attempt to improve his boat speed… new sail yet……???

Finishing places, 1st Ian, 2nd Chris and 3rd Karen. Mutterings were heard in the dingy park that Will in his Solo won on handicap…??? and he had a video camera on his transom…..we wonder what action, infringements he recorded…..???watch this space…..!!!!

Bev stepped in again, just popping down to see how Hadey was doing, she rushed to the galley to thaw out blocks of soup, open tins and cook some rolls – poor Steve was 1 short and therefore had no one to spare to make soup for some 30 cold sailors to enjoy, whilst dissecting the race in the warmth of the clubhouse………



The new Bosun, Don did a good job in getting quite a number of people to the club on Sat am. Curtis arrived with a trailer load of scalpings which went a long way to filling most of the pot holes along the drive. The surplus was used to start shoring up the badly eroded bank below the deck area.

The weed blown onto the slipways was cleared – the pyromaniacs had a huge fire, clearing all the branches that littered the grass areas – a good place to be on a chilly day!

Inside, windows were cleaned, hoovering, mopping and general tidying up was done.

Thank you to everyone who came and gave a hand – what about those who have not been seen at a work party this year? Will they be able to renew their membership next year????



Another windless day greeted the 10 sailors with the forecast for 4/6 mph not in evidence, The SOOD, Glen was a bit short of helpers, so Paul ‘stepped in’ and set a short course which would cover any wind direction, 5p,8p,xp,6s,7s,S.

Curtis made the perfect port tack start in the middle of the line, with Hadey in Karen’s Laser and 4.7 sail close behind, very impressive Hadey – while Karen crewed Newton in his Laser 2000, Sally helmed Nev’s Leader with Nev crewing….not sure how that came about?? and big Adrian went for his big sail.

Everyone was a little ‘line shy,’ so no recalls and poor Sally and Nev got becalmed with the 9 other boats sailing through them…..

It proved to be a slow drift, with Curtis needing to tack to make X mark and losing 3 places – bad luck Curtis. Adrian took the lead for a while, but Peter in true fashion in light airs took the lead.

Jon tried his luck in his Ent….no new Solo sail yet….?? As usual the wind picked up towards the end of the race, and it appeared to the Jolly Sailor that Hadey finished ahead of Newton? Very impressive!

Finishing places 1st Peter, 2nd Dave, 3rd Adrian.

We had wonderful choice of soups, homemade by Julie, really scrummy….