Power Boat coarse 21st & 28th September

The first day of Power Boat Level 2 was a little chilly and drizzly, but our 6 intrepid trainees, Gary, Louise, Ian, Henry, Mike and Craig, together with their instructors, Ken, Richard and Brian took to the water. Tracey sat in the club house reading a book….the commodore and his other half popped in briefly….but otherwise it was a quiet day on shore. While on the water and in the training room the 6 trainees were being put through their paces – nervous at the beginning of the day, but showing great promise by the end.

Day 2, much warmer, saw a lot going on….the modeller yachters got Mike and Ian, good practice for them, to bring in all their little buoys ashore for a good ‘scrub up’ and repaint, in readiness for their Open Meeting next Sat, 5th.

While on the water there was towing, coming ashore, standing off a mark and lots more to be learnt and sessions in the clubhouse, learning knots, weather conditions etc.

Meanwhile, lots of sailors took to the water for a ‘blast’…..Ian in his Laser, Steve trying out a new mast, Frantz, single handed in his Merlin Rocket, flying his blue and white kite, Gary and his…..one design…?, Carole in her Comet, Colm and Robert in their new Firefly, Maurice in his Comet, Tracey in her Topper – having ‘played’ with ropes and things on her Leader all morning, no quiet day with a book again for her! – Dean and Lucy out in their Laser 2 for a bit of R ‘n R for Lucy after a hard week at college? – Steve in his Laser and Mark trying out his new (quite old really) Laser as well.

Monica was seen repairing a shovel and spraying things with fluorescent paint ……..has she really lost the plot now….!!??

All the while the model yachters were driving the rubber duck round and round trying to break up the heavy clumps of weed around the shore – model yachts stop dead in any weed!!

Lunch was picnics on the deck, bacon butties for Sue and her lot and left over fajitas for Gary, Carole and Rene, with entertainment from Lucy getting into Dean’s foot less dry suit and trying not to look like Mr Blobby!! What a laugh!

All the boats on the water were a challenge for the trainees, practicing their newly learnt skills. But they were ..’all very good’….according to their instructors and all passed with flying colours and left clutching their certificates and books, ready to do lots more power boat driving – well done guys!

Hopefully next Sat will see RSC just as busy – Work Party Day….?


Sunday dawned warm and drizzly with no wind, but that did not deter 19 boats taking to the water. Mike and his team set a good course form the shore, 4p, 9s, 3p, 2p, 5s, Xp.

By the time the 2 Bytes and Rob in his Comet – great to see another youngster on the water, the first boats off, started, a little breeze had come up and lasted for most of the first lap – well for the early starters – while Steve in his 505 just continued to sail up and down the line till no. 32 came up….

Next away were the 3 Solos, Mike with some new skills, Chris still getting to grips with his new boat, Bob, Mike in his lightening and Monica in her Beau. Needless to say the wind died to just odd puffs, but as was observed by Mike A after the race…..”we never actually stopped…..”

Peter and Bob, went the wrong way after 4, allowing Monica to get through, but not for long. Peter in his Ent, as always in light airs, found his own wind and sailed into the lead. There were some shenanigans in the middle of the fleet with Newton and Mike having to do turns, which slowed them down a bit. Adrian found enough wind to fly his big red kite from time to time, while Karen had extricated herself from the Laser posse and went in hot pursuit of Peter’s Ent. In the dying minutes of the race Mike C put his new found skills into action and sailed through Monica….any more private coaching going Steve…??

Mike and Sally kindly towed Karen and Monica back to the shore as they were at the top of the lake when the 90 minute hooter sounded….lucky girls….. favoritism…?!

As always the wind filled in when the race finished…….finishing places 1st Peter, 2nd Karen, 3rd Mike C.

Standing on the shore AGAIN was young Haidy, watching the race, but after the ‘ear bashing’ she got from Karen, Monica, Roland and more, methinks she will be racing next Sunday…????


With all the advanced warnings from the weather guys it was not surprising that only 14 boats went out, mostly radial Lasers – only big Adrian and Ken had full rigs. Frantz and his FULL team set a good course from the shore with several gybe marks, 5p,9s,3p,2p,6s,7s,S!

The first to come in was Bob, in his Solo, having made a late start and finding the wind too strong, followed by Phil in his Solo and later on Hugh.

Roland managed a magnificent dry capsize right in front of the OODs before the start. But he went on to lead most of the race, keeping Newton and Ros at bay, only to be overtaken by them in the dying minutes of the race, but only by his retracted spinnaker pole – a close thing!

Finishing places 1st Newton, 2nd Roland and 3rd Adrian.

September Pink Day

Even with Ken, Barbara, Elaine and Jerry all missing, it was a great day! Monica had to multi task ‘big time’ – helping Paul, the Pink Fleet chef, serve breakfast, clear up the galley, set a course…..thanks to Steve….then start the race – no one seemed to notice she had got the wrong flags and the wrong timings – then leap into the ‘big’ engined safety boast with Richard to help Bob, Chris, Dave and James, already on the water, to effect any rescues….well the standard of sailing was so good that the 14 racers didn’t need any help….except a bit of towing….Belinda had 3 reefs in her Pico, as per instructions, where none was needed – the wind was quite pleasant with few gusts.

Alice took the lead from the start and romped away from the rest of the fleet, only to be disqualified for going too fast! William sailed really well in his Topper, even though Dean had led him astray and had to do some turns….naughty, naughty Dean!

It was good to see Rachel and young Sam on the water, Alex with Dad Dave at the helm of the Wayfarer, Gordon in his Comet, John and his 2 little ones having fun in his Pico – while Bob decided to take a mate with him in his Supanova…it’s a single hander Bob…….he lost his boom, but with a little outside help, he got it reattached and of course was disqualified…..but the out right star of the race was Pat in her Mirror and for her efforts, she won the much sort after Pink Fleet cup – well done Pat.


Pursuit 2

It was a glorious chilly morning with no wind….but right on queue at 1000 – the met office were ‘spot on’ for a change! – the wind filled in!! 22 boats took to the water, including young Alice, with most Lasers sporting a full rig…..poor Gordon did not realise it was a pursuit race and missed his start!

Jon and his team set a course from Tektona with 4 gybe marks!! The lovely sunny, fairly breezy conditions suddenly changed an hour into the race when a squall with heavy rain came through…..gusts exceeding 22mph, which were recorded in a sheltered part of Reading, capsized about 80% of the fleet and really tested the power boat teams, boosted in number by Brian.

Upturned Lasers were left while dripping sailors were plucked from the water. Paul survived and won the race – see the results for other placings. Poor Peter was towed in, having capsized due to gear failure. Also Alice managed to avoid capsizing with her full rig – well done Alice.

Monica retired before the squall hit and had hot soup and rolls waiting for the cold, wet, sailor

As always, the weather changed once the race was over, with the sun coming out and the wind dropping again – what will next week bring?


It was a perfect evening for a the 29 boats, eager to get on the water in the dying breeze. While Don and his team delayed the race for 15 mins the boats were being decorated with an assortment of lights. By the time the race started the wind was very light but Steve in his 505 got away on a lucky puff and headed off to 3 at the far end of the lake. Andy retired after the first lap, Sylvia and a few others were towed in finding the lack of wind too tedious!!

There were little groups of boats swapping places through out the hour long race and lights became visible – a lovely sight for those deciding to just sit on the deck and enjoy the views of the setting sun.

Roland got ahead of Steve and established a good lead, finishing 1st, Mark 2nd and Chris 3rd. While poor Dean and Lucy having got totally shut out at the start, sailed back wards for a bit, but eventually getting going to finish in last place – bad luck Dean!

Meantime on shore, Sally and her team were preparing a massive BBQ feast, which some 35 people enjoyed on the deck.

There was thanks all around, to Sally and her team for the BBQ, Lynne and Elaine who had done supper when Geesji was on holiday and a bouquet was presented to Geesji from all the Wednesday evening racers for all the wonderful meals she had given us all summer. Everyone pitched in to clear up and thus ended the Wednesday sails for another year.    

Work partly

Despite the ‘hiccup’ with the dates in the Year Book, some 30 people arrived on Saturday morning to get to work on the list of jobs.

The red shed was tidied, boat park areas strimmed, area beneath the galley window cleared with the remaining sand spread over the ground, slipway cleared of all the weed, BBQ grills scrubbed and put away,, and a large area at the end of rows E and F were also cleared, creating a couple more boat park spaces, a new jockey wheel put on the old white boat.

Inside windows were cleaned, stairs hoovered, loft tidied and all the BBQ tools tidied away for next year. The youngsters, Jo, Teddy and Jack had fun clearing the cobwebs from the deck and Grace and Louis enjoyed finding leaks in a club Topper with the aid of bubbles and air – great idea Chris!

Many thanks to everyone who came and worked so hard – there will be further work parties on the 1st Saturdays in Oct, Nov and Dec for all those who haven’t managed to do one yet this year……..!!


With no wind, the lake like glass, Roland and his team were reluctant to run a race, but the 14 boats were keen to sail…!! Some points needed to sort out the top places!!

The course was Xp, 8p, 7p and for those on shore it was like watching paint dry!! But Ian in his supernova got away at the start, was caught up by Mike, who then managed to head off to 6 instead of 7. letting Ian through again!! All very exciting! Finishing places on the water were 1st Ian, 2nd Mike, 3rd Newton, but the results page says it all!!

Last Pirates

As ever the Pirates were out in force, 14 boats, some 30+ youngsters, in the gusty winds and sunshine. Gary decided to fly the Pirate flag at 1/2 mast – the first to notice was the commodore……then the children came to ask as well – ….”we are in mourning” said Gary, as Pirates has come to an end. There was a race and then some fun and the usual capsizing, which everyone loves!!! While the children enjoyed their hot chocolate, Jerry made a little speech about how important the Pirates are – the largest activity in the club, with more youngsters on the water, more people enjoying the club facilities, than even the Sunday and Wednesday racing! Quite amazing!

Presentation were made to Gary, Don and David, Carole was away, and Gary said his ‘bit’ as well and there were ‘thank yous’ all round.

Up the Pirates!!

Camp Sail.

Saturday dawned, fine but a little chilly, but it did not deter the campers. Firstly, there were a few arrivals for the work party, wrongly shown in the Year Book for the 31st…….it’s next Sat 7th!! But David, Mike, Frantz. Bob and Peter set about strimming, moving sand and bricks from under the galley window, then helping set up for the camp sail – Louise did a sterling job supervising the erection of the gazebo.

Tents were soon being put up and Gary had agreed to do an ‘extra’ Pirate session in the afternoon – another race and more fun on the water, with kayaks, an assortment of boats – Rob, Colm and Hugh ‘road testing’ the Firefly kindly given to them by Chris – the youngest Pirate, Affe, out for her 1st sail in her brother’s Oppie – with smiles and capizes all around!!

Soon the BBQ was being lit, Colin and his mates arriving with their instruments and delicious food being enjoyed to the accompaniment of some wonderful jazz music, with a beautiful sunset over the lake as a back drop – quiet idyllic. The huge bonfire was lit and the youngsters disappeared to enjoy the warmth of the flames – there was even some dancing on the deck and a wonderful chorus of Happy Birthday for Alice’s 16th birthday.

In the musicians break a gorgeous bouquet was presented to Carole for all the work she has put into running the Pirates all summer long.

But all too soon it was getting late and a little chilly….though some stayed up into the small hours……

Sunday morning saw a flurry of activity, with Gary cooking bacon on the BBQ, everyone ‘mucking in’ to take the gazebo down and clearing up ready for the Sunday racers keen to start the Cobley pursuit series. It was a good race in a nice, gusty at times, wind.

But with the campers packing up their tents and some heading off, the day did not end there as Simon arrived with his family to celebrate his birthday, along with Sue, Dean, their girls and Sally and Mike with their friends and a picnic lunch – it was all happening at RSC at the week end!

There was an amazing sunset over the lake when the last of us left.

Many thanks go to everyone who helped to make such a great time at the club.    

Stop Press – Work Party and Pink day dates

Thanks to all those who turned out for Saturdays Work Party.

The next work party is this Saturday 7th September and Pink day is 14th September.
Not as previously advertised in the Year Book or Website.