Summer 8

Summer 8.

Yet another sunny but windy day dawned with Newton and his crew – only one

person missing this time – setting an interesting course, Xs, 4s, 5s, 9p,

7p, 6p,S.

There was the usual 'ummimg' and 'aaring' about sail sizes, with Dave

opting for a radial and Andy going for a full rig.

In the process of setting the best possible course, Newton, in the process

of dragging 2 out into more wind, managed to lose it's anchor, naughty

boy!…another job for the brothers to fix, I suspect??!!

Well the weather guys got it wrong again with the wind strength more than

was forecast – seeing 18 boats take to the water but Monica and Eddie,

didn't even get to the first mark, they wisely decided this is not the wind for

'oldies' to be on the water! Closely followed to shore by young Jess and

then Karen with her injured shoulder. But retirements didn't stop there –

Mike in his Solo and Curtis in his Laser retired before the end of the race,

leaving just 10 racers to finish the race. John in his Topaz with his

smaller sail did really well with only 1 capsize, Paul managed a couple for

everyone top see at bouy 6, losing a couple of places, while the rest just flew

around the course – another spectator day!

Finishing places, 1st Andy, 2nd Dave, 3rd Ian

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Summer 7

Summer 7.

Another breezy, sunny day with plenty of keen racers debating what size

sails to use…..mostly radials…….Dave and his depleted team set a good

course from the shore with a long beat up to 3, then Xp, 4s, 8p, 6s, 7s and

through the start line, giving the spectators on the deck something to

watch – spectacular planes across the lake with some capsizing!!

Simon opted for a club radial sail, while Sylvia decided on 4.7…it was


Eddie was the first to retire, before the start, then Karen in the lead,

came in with a shoulder injury – bad luck Karen. The 505 collided with

Sylvia, throwing Lynne into the water and capsizing Sylvia as well. Both Lynne

and Sylvia were rescued and taken ashore – Steve needed assistance to get

his 505 upright as well. Newton was going well with his spinnaker flying,

until he took a swim as well!!

The finish was exciting with Mark capsizing at 6 and losing a place, Paul

taking in front of Jon at 7 and Adrian falling out of his boat on the

finish line!! All very entertaining!!!

Finishing places, 1st Dave, 2nd Newton and 3rd Jon.

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