Spring pursuit 11 – Racing Report

Almost perfect racing conditions – sun and wind, a shame it was shifty. Karen as SOOD thought she had the perfect start line and course until the wind changed 5 minutes before the start!

Pat got off to a flying start in her Mirror and managed the first lap and a half before anyone caught up. She then got intimidated by the laser hordes and decided enough was enough, retiring gracefully. Steve in the 505 was almost lapped before he started – Steve you really should get a slower boat then you could race with the rest of the fleet.

Monica in the Europe, Bob  and Jon Mc in their Solos and Chris in the Firefly were keeping ahead of the all the Lasers except David and Chris who struggled to catch Peter in the Enterprise.

Oh Monica, whatever did you do – 5th place….then you capsized and lost 5 places and all in the last 5 mins of the race!

David and Chris had a last tacking duel in the final two minutes with David the final victor but so intent were they on each other they forgot about Peter who nearly overtook them again!!

Final positions David 1st, Chris 2nd, Peter 3rd.

Spring Pursuit 10 – Racing Report

There was an amazing turn out of 32 boats in the lovely sunshine!! Paul and his team set a long course, with boats crossing each other in the middle of the lake – one sailor was heard to say “…it was the worse course he had ever sailed, trying to remember where you were going…”
Despite that, we saw Hugh back in his Byte; Pat and Gordon in their Mirrors; Newton, Steve and Adrian all flying their colourful spinnakers; Sylvia sailing again for the first time since her injury last August; and even Alice taking part in her first Sunday race, coming all the way from Lewisham  to take part, and she wasn’t last in the Laser fleet – well done Alice. It was a first for Ryan too, a pursuit race in his New Topper, well done Ryan.
Paul sensibly dragged buoy 6  out into the wind, which came and went through out the race.
The sunshine saw Bill D, Colin and Bill C, helping with the launching of boats – the slipway was very busy….
There was some interesting racing with Roland and Chris getting becalmed briefly, while a gaggle of Lasers, Peter in his Enterprise and Newton in his Laser 2000 caught them up, very frustrating!
With the shifting winds the fleet stayed together in little clusters – Dave had an interesting experience at buoy 6, hitting it, another boat and capsizing and then having to do umpteen turns……nice one Dave!! But it was not long before he had caught up again.
As the 90 min hooter sounded it was difficult to keep track of the finishing places – Paul was seen dashing into the clubhouse clutching the race sheet to work out the placings to everyone’s satisfaction.
For final results see the results page on the web site….the Jolly Sailor ‘lost the plot’ as well!!
The afternoon saw plenty with some 15 boats, cruising, practicing for their next training, overseen by Sylvia in the safety boat, trying out her new skills from her previous day’s training in how to rescue  capsized boats with Richard and Brian, While over on the ‘beach’ the Brooks family and friends, were celebrating Gary’s birthday….though he assured us it was not a ‘big birthday’ he had bought himself a new boat, which was launched with ceremony and pink bubbly!!
A very pleasant Sunday afternoon was had by all – not sure about Brian’s chemistry lesson going on in the clubhouse…..a complete foreign language for most of us!!
Don’t forget to send photos and news to the Jolly Sailor – email address on the back of your yearbook.

Spring Pursuit 9 – Racing Report

Yet another windy day, but Adrian and his team set a good course for the 14 starters, 5p,2s,4s,6s,9p,7s. There was some ‘umming and aaring’ in the dinghy park as to what sails to use, most of the Lasers chose radial sails, whether to reef etc. Monica teamed up with Dave P in his reefed Wayfarer and had a great sail, while Hugh forsook his Byte  to crew Newton in his big boat with some great spinnaker work. Lynne and Steve were just content to stay upright – no spinnaker for them!!
Poor Mike in his Solo didn’t even make the start and retired after a nasty capsize, while Dave L had to be pulled out of the trees with his upturned Laser.
Paul and Nev broke their main halliard 2 minutes before the end of the race, trying to put on more kicker, but survived and didn’t lose a place.
There were murmurings in the dinghy park, after the race, that more reaches would have been better, but the wind was very shifty as well as strong
Dave got through Chris to finish 1st,  Chris 2nd and Ian 3rd.
The afternoon saw 3 novice sailors out in Picos, being assisted by Steve in another Pico and Phil in the safety boat – excellent progress was made with no capsizes – well done guys!! 

May Pink, May Pirates and Open Day

Open Day.
It was an early start for some with Mark setting up the signs at the roundabout and the signs along the road, inviting people to come and check us out and hopefully join us. A few people dropped in during the course of the day, including a reporter from the Reading Post – thanks for that Anne – with a huge camera. The commodore was duly on hand to show him around and explain that the mayhem on the water was in fact a race in progress!! Sales of the Reading Post are set to soar over the next week or so…??
Members came and went, lending helping hands, here and there – keeping the dishwasher loaded etc – thanks, Sally, Anne, Barbara and many others.
Pink Day
Despite the strong winds 14 boats took to the water, fortified by Chef Paul’s superb breakfast. Mark was standing in for Ken, while Monica replaced Barbara in the galley. We had the usual briefing in the club house and got going promptly at 1100 – a simple course but a nasty gybe mark at no. 6!!!
Monica and Richard took to one safety boat with Simon and Mark in the other. Brian opted for crewing Tracey in her Leader, while half way through the race Paul arrived towing a rib with an ENORMOUS  engine!! – a definite sparkle appeared in Richards’ eyes, and Brian completely lost interest in the Leader’s Jib!!
 The standard of sailing was very high, and although there were plenty of capsizes, few people needed assistance – except poor Izzy who managed to get her mast stuck in the mud and needing a little help to stay dry and get going again. This gave Monica plenty of opportunity to get some marvellous pictures from the rescue boat. Meanwhile the Leader needed to be pulled out of the reeds….was Tracey leading Brian ‘astray’ we wonder..!!
David, Ian and Mike managed some spectacular capsizing around the gybe mark – entertainment for those on the deck. Amy and her friend Vanessa giggled their way around the course, obviously having a lot of fun.
But the outstanding winner was Alice again with some superb sailing with plenty of capsizes, all dry of course. Well done Alice….another month of keeping the Pink Fleet cup polished!
Pirates Afternoon.
Plenty of youngsters arrived to swell the soggy masses of people in the club house having lunch. Numbers were also increased by a group of youngsters brought along by Chris and Carole for a taste of sailing.
Carole and Gary, our fantastic Pirate leaders, went out in their Rabbit, aka, Wanderer, for a final sail – they take delivery of a new boat very soon.
Due to the strong winds, by now gusting 40 mph, no club boats were allowed on the water, much to the disappointment of some keen youngsters. Only those willing to risk damage to their own boats took to the water plus a couple of old Topper hulls , with paddles instead of sails.
Haidy was having fun in her well reefed Pico, until a hook broke…what a shame. Colm and his mate Ben had fun in their Topper, while Alice, Robert and Craig were just sailing back and forwards at great speed, hanging on for dear life, for all to see – amazing spectator sport – their energy seemed endless……
Kea went out for a ‘spin’ with Robert in the Comet, but got a swim as well, but he was heard to say it was ‘great.’ Even little Tane had a sail with Robert and was also thrilled and very wet!!
Hot chocolate was awaiting everyone, and they all pitched in with the clearing up – Chris and Carole did sterling work in the changing rooms, while seeing Gary mopping the club house floor is …well…quite something….
Well done and many thanks to all the boys and girls Mums, Dads and Grannies for making all day such fun.
May Pink, May Pirates and Open Day

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Gillette 3 and Pirates

Gillette Series
The Wed evenings racing has got off to a great start with up to 25 boats racing thus far, including some youngsters on the water – well done Robert and Colm – followed by a super meal cooked and served by Gees in the club house.
OOD cover is now provided and the new teams are ‘working’ well, with a full team every Wednesday.
We had the added attraction of a low flying balloon the other week (see last week’s blog for a stunning picture). The racing is very competitive, with a rash of Lasers this week in strong winds – Simon late arriving  and then being over the line at the start  – shame Simon..!! There was  only one capsize to entertain those not brave enough to venture on to the water – nice one Mark! A squall came through so every one came into supper looking rather damp – like the new look hair Paula – but ready to demolish a large pan of spaghetti, salad , bread, followed by sponge pudding and cream – a nice mid week distraction from work….
The young people just keep coming – last week in the warm evening sunshine proved particularly popular. But this week saw a smaller crowd, with pouring rain and very strong winds. Sadly only those with their own boats were allowed on the water – too windy for hired club boats to go out. Craig managed to break Jam, but in true Pirate “make do and mend” style, fixed the problem with some handy rope before heading out to enjoy the wind. Those that braved the cold, wet conditions had a ‘ball’. They were ably supported by Gary, David and Don in the safety boats.
While in the warmth of the club house, Elaine, Jerry and Monica enjoyed a rather noisy supper!!
Everyone was ready for hot chocolate and a twix, served by Carole, especially Luke who had forgotten to bring a change of clothes!!
Lets hope the weather is kinder to the Pirates next week….watch this space.
Gillette 3 and Pirates

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Sunday and May bank holiday

Pursuit 8 
Adrian and his team gave the 25 keen sailors an interesting course, starting form the shore and covering most of the lake.
Mick went off first in his Mirror, followed by Hugh in his byte, then a couple of solo’s, Monica in her Europe, Peter in his Ent and then the large Laser posse – last but not least came Steve and Lynne in the 505.
Everyone seemed to be having a good sail with Mick holding onto the lead for several laps before everyone started pouring through him, the Ent, the Byte, solos, Europe and some of the Lasers. Peter, once in the lead, won the race followed by Richard 2nd and Chris 3rd.
May Day Pennant.
What a different race this was – the lake looked like glass in glorious sunshine, posing a problem for Ken and his 2 helpers – good thing there was no wind as the 2 ‘no show’ OODs might have proved a problem – running races with only 3 OODs in strong winds is unsafe – naughty no shows…..lost some ‘brownie points’ there….
Ken set a good course, at the 3rd attempt as the wind kept coming and going from every direction, from Tektona, where the team could see all the marks – very safe for the 14 starters.
It was a real ‘pot luck’ race with little pockets of wind coming from every direction, changing positions constantly. Though Ian managed to pull away and won the race, while Monica had managed to keep up with several of the Lasers and was heard to say she thought she might have won on handicap….sadly, a few silent tears were shed, she only came 2nd….
While most had shorts on, Mark had opted for his dry suit….was he expecting a storm to blow up or just wanted to sweat off a few pounds  during the hour long race?!!
Once over the finish line, he was seen to slip quietly into the water to cool off….a little over heated me thinks!!
Finishing positions 1st Ian, 2nd Monica and 3rd Mark.
The weather stayed glorious all day with loads of families and boats having fun on and off the water – the wind did fill in a bit for the afternoon – as per usual!!
Sunday and May bank holiday

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May Work Party

Despite the prospect of rain and strong winds some 48 members turned up promptly to tackle the huge list of jobs to be done – earning their ‘brownie points’…!!!……the pyromaniacs, namely Gary, who thought the heat from the fire was improving his suntan…… had a ‘ball’ burning all the detritus from the very old shed – while others opted for hoovering the stairs and sorting the loft out.
Windows were cleaned, the oven as well – what a chore….jetty areas filled in, hose reattached to the  jetty edges, cobwebs cleaned from decking, club boats had running repairs done, while the new Toppers are now ready to use. The disabled loo was cleared out ready for a plumber to come in and complete it.
Everyone ‘worked their socks off’ supplied with coffee by Barbara and Monica, while Tracey did ‘her bit ‘ with a trip to Costco for a  huge restock of all the choccy bars and cans we love so much!!
Several people stayed on to join Monica for a celebratory drink with her and her family for her ?? birthday – she’s now officially ‘old!!
But the stars of the day were the little ones, Ewan, Jo, Teddy and Miriam who were great at tidying the toy box, laying up the tables for lunch and scrubbing all the cobwebs off the decking – well done boys and girls.
Simon and his family took to the river in their kayaks, while Richard was persuaded  to rig Alice’s Laser so we could be entertained by her great sailing, including a spectacular capsize……
The day ended at 1900 with a massive clean up job in the clubhouse, many thanks to Elaine, Barbara, Clare, Olivia and Maddie, who now knows how to use a hoover!!
Many thanks to everyone who came and worked so hard.
April Work Party

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Gillette 2 – racing report

Was this someone with an over-inflated spinnaker lining up for the start of the Gillette last Wednesday?
Or perhaps someone trying to get an early viewing of the club before Saturday’s Open Day?
Nonetheless, it didn’t deter the 20 or so boats that set out for the Wednesday evening race, including some new faces.  Mark set an interesting start, which was difficult to judge from both land and water, but no hooters sounded.  The breeze was so light that the leader stole the wind from those behind and got such a head start that no one could get close.  No, Sally, that wasn’t the Leader I meant – not such a good start this week, but you still managed to “beat Dean on the water”.
The wind got lighter and lighter the longer the race lasted, and when the last sailor was making his weary way into shore, others were already showered and tucking into a delicious dinner.