Frostbite 5 – non-racing report

The usual motley crew, ie Dave, Newton, little Dave, Mark and ‘her ladyship’ Monica, donned their dry suits and pumped up Dave’s little boat to get up to clubhouse. Not totally accurate, Monica didn’t have her dry suit on so she was allowed to ride in the boat, along with copious bottles of mulled wine and a ton of mince pies!
Every thing was ok, a small area of grass was visible near the ‘Pirates’ log: so everyone pitched in tying up boats here and there, everything in the club house was put up on the tables, mats rolled up and all the lower cupboards emptied. Then it was time for a break and they settled for coffee and a mince pie, though they were tempted to sample the mulled wine…..
Newton had kindly given Monica a piggy back up to the clubhouse as it was decided they didn’t need to open the gate and just tied the rubber duck up outside the gate and wade the rest of the way – but on the return trip – we don’t quite know what happened, but both Monica and Newton ended up lying in the water to every one’s amusement!!! so much for keeping the VC dry…..
They made it back to the gate, wished everyone a Happy Christmas and departed.
THERE WILL BE NO BOXING DAY RACE, watch this space as to when racing will resume….next Sunday possibly….???
Frostbite 5 – non-racing report

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Frostbite 4 – racing report

What a difference a week makes!  Here is what happened last week…

Sunday looked to be the perfect sail but the 20 boats ‘bombing around’ in a good breeze before the start and for the 1st lap of the race, died away to light and puffy. Nevertheless John and his team had set a good but long course 2s, 3s, 5s, 9p,6s 7s S. But the glorious sunshine made up for the length of the race – a real pensioners day with all the oldies. Ken, Dave and even Monica took to the water and didn’t mind being out for 1 1/2 hours.
There were several Laser ‘louts’ in a huddle before the race, surely not deciding about sail sizes…? – no they were watching Dave’s technique in clearing ice from his boat.
As per usual Roger started late but clawed his way up the fleet ‘GRRR’ noises were heard from someone who cannot be named as she always makes too much noise on the water….??? Also Bob and Daniel in a Leader, were late but had fun at the back of the fleet.
Newton and Ros had to do a quick repair job as their main halliard broke just before the race – he just happened to have a spare and all the where with all to fit a new one in his car – he must have been a boy scout!!
Racing was close at the top end of the fleet between Dave, Steve, Ian and Chris, but there were no capsizes, eve Steve and Lynne stayed upright. Some of the tail enders were finished a lap early, with the dying wind, which of course got up as soon as the last boat came in, as per usual!!
Finishing places on the water were 1st Chris, 2nd Dave and 3rd Ian.
Every one enjoyed the delicious hot soup – thanks Sam.

Frostbite 3 – racing report

It was good to see the club come alive with racers after so long under water.
SOOD Eddie set a long course, using most of the lake and the forecast was for increasing wind during the race.  The choice of laser sail was key, with most choosing the radial rigs.
Monica decided to clean her boat, rather than sail – with a pink bucket of course.
True to the forecast, the wind picked up and it turned out to be an eventful race, with 7 capsizes and several collisions.  The first over were Steve and Lynne at buoy 8, but Lynne managed to keep her hair dry.  Daniel had a fight with his boat in the same place later in the race with a shy daggerboard that kept slipping back into the boat whenever Daniel swam round to use it – Daniel persevered and managed to right his boat with a very muddy sail tip.  He did it all again up the other end of the lake, but kept smiling throughout. 
Karen managed to fight her way passed several of the fleet, only to lose ground again as she capsized on a windy run.  She managed to keep her hair dry also!
The Daves sedate sail was interrupted when they collided with Paul, who had come to a full stop in front of them.  Their penalty turns looked like they were dancing on ice.
Meanwhile, at the front of the race was David, who had opted for a full sail, then Chris with a radial.
A big thanks to Fran for dishing out the soup, which was welcome after an hour on the water!
Over the line was: 1st Dave, 2nd Chris, 3rd Adrian, but handicaps may change these places.
Frostbite 3 – racing report

You are invited to view Tracey’s album. This album has 24 files.

new isaf rules 2013

 For all those who like this sort of thing here is a link to the latest version ISAF rules which come effective on 1st January – the amendments are marked in green. Excellent reading material for Boxing Day or when the in laws come around Enjoy !


Quite a few people responded to the ‘HELP’ call – the red shed was totally emptied and with the aid of the pressure hose – poor Steve got very wet and a mini army of people, lead by Dave, with brushes and scrapers cleared away the awful brown sludge. Jon, Dave and Monica cleared the slipway – the PINKIES graciously gave up their Xmas sail to join the workers. The 2 Dave’s, one looking quite evil with a very large sledge hammer, re secured the floating pontoon, while a ‘posse’ of people found lost boats, retrieved boat covers and generally tidied the dinghy park.
While inside the clubhouse Paul, Barbara and another band of helpers were preparing a Xmas feast for 36 hungry Pinkies. The mulled wine went down a treat and the laden trestle tables were eagerly reduced to a few scraps. Then it was time for the presentations by not 1 but 2 Father Xmas!!’ The Service to the Club award, The Kimble Trophy, with bottles of wine went to Richard and Brian, another bottle went to Ken for all his power boat training, amid raucous applause – the achohol had been flowing freely…!!!
The Pink Fleet awards went to the following –

The Dolphin award went to Elaine

The Keep Bouncing back award went to Catherine

The Knot Afraid award went to Steve and Lynne

The Capsize award went to Robbie

The I can Do award went to Alice
And the Glamour Puss award went to guess who ! Monica.

Everyone thought it was a fantastic day, with Ken usual quizzes which followed on from lunch, and special thanks go to Barbara, Jan, Elaine, who all went home with poinsettias, and Paul for a fab lunch – for which he was awarded the coveted Pink Fleet Cup and last but not least, thanks to all Pinkies that turned up and made it a great day.


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Many Thanks
to all those who
got stuck in
tidied up after the flood
we’re up and running again
see you there

the bosun

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