Cobley 8 – racing report

The Jolly Sailor had a feeling it was going to be one of those days. The S.O.O.D. Ken was concerned about the lack of members of his team, fortunately Brian was happy to leap in and give a hand.

24 boats took to the water , the wind was forecasted to pick up as the race went on. The start line was evenly balanced so you could start from any end. Chris in his Firefly had a a good start and was determined to stay ahead of the laser mob! Mike in his Leader had a new crew, the rumour goes that he traded Sally in for a better one! It was good to see Stuart.

So the lasers finally sailed off , Jon and Karen cut through the fleet like a knife through butter, followed by Mark. Where was Davd? He was way down the fleet and making no headway. The Jolly Sailor overheard him saying there was a bit of a mix up over Jon and his sail bag. So Jon had David’s sail. Could this be why Jon was sailing so well?????
Mark had a problem again at the buoy line. He said someone untied his main sheet knot and during a nasty gybe his mainsheet decided to untie itself, well that’s his story anyway.
Well done Chris in his Firefly for fighting off the fleet to come a very good third!
1st Karen, 2nd Jon, 3rd Chris
Cobley 8 – racing report

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Cobley 7 – Racing Report

With no wind, and the sailors ‘umming and aaring,’ – well Chris was – about whether it was worth unpacking and rigging his boat….13 sailors decided to hope the promised wind would arrive – the wind that was there at 1000 had disappeared by 1030! Nevertheless Phil and his team set an interesting course 8s, 5p, 3p,1p,6s,7s.
Both Bob in his Solo and Monica in her Europe were overtaken before the first mark by Peter – he found wind from somewhere when he started…….Peter quickly went into the lead by a ‘country mile’ followed by Bob.
Then after an hour the wind filled in – 180 degrees from its original direction,turning the beat into more of a reach!!! – and up came the Laser louts and creamed through with Karen finishing 1st, Chris 2nd and poor Peter 3rd… least it didn’t rain!!!
Cobley 7 – Racing Report

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October Pink Day

Pink day on Sat 13th Oct was another great day – after a delicious breakfast cooked by Paul, 22 boats took to the water, having had a briefing from Ken – a complicated course for some.  There was a great selection of boats, including Brian and Louise in their newly acquired Ent, but it still leaks!! Oh dear… .Tracey tried out a Laser and liked it…. and of course the usual disqualifications followed the race – Mark for starting late and managing to finish well up the fleet – Monica for managing to hit 2 marks….but the outstanding winner was Alice in her Laser with the ‘big’ sail – well done Alice, who led the fleet the whole way and won the coverted Pink Fleet cup. After the race we were treated to lunch, as Barbara was celebrating her ? birthday – thank you Barbara!
Thanks to everyone who helped with race starting, Mark, clearing up the galley, Barbara and Paul.
(Hopefully there will be more pictures along soon, but here is the lake to whet your appetite)
October Pink Day

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Cobley 6 – Racing Report

Sorry for the delay in writing this blog. I fell asleep during the race and have only just woken up! 17 boats took to the water but where was Steve in his 505. He was waiting and waiting for Lynne, where was she????????? the Jolly Sailor found out afterwards that she was distracted by a man on a bicycle!!!!!!!!! I have heard some excuses but that takes the biscuit!!!!!

So finally 18 boats took to the water. karen, Newton and Mark started well but the main fleet caught them up with the gusts of wind coming from behind. karen managed to keep her boat going and sailed away and caught up Peter and Monica who were having a ding dong battle together!!!

At this point in the race we have a new emerging star of Sunday morning racing was Mike in his Solo . His skill and determination managed to hold off the laser mob and cross the line in 3rd place , well done Mike!!!!!!

So final positions were

1st Peter 2nd Monica 3rd Mike

October Work Party and Model Yatching Open Meeting

Special thanks to Curtis who delivered more scalpings, and the guys, including young Rupert, who filled in the pot holes, yet again. All the overhanging branches have been cut back again – the damage the rain has been doing to the drive this summer has been horrendous.
Mark and his crew have created a further 20 boat park spaces. Dean and Newton, having cleared the wall area, with ‘great difficulty!!!! ‘ got the flat packed IKEA cupboard together and up on the wall, for all the 1st Aid equipment. Louise re painted the area as well, after she and Richard had been working on the new starting box – nearly finished I am told.
Catherine made all the windows shine – Nigel cleared and tidied the loft area, even washing the sailing boot trays. Dene addressed the missing lights in the clubhouse and lots of cleaning and tidying was done in the clubhouse as well.
Meanwhile the MODEL YACHTERS HAD THEIR OPEN MEETING. Another success despite the light winds, with 8 visitors, coming from as far away as Leicester and Emsworth, to enjoy the delights of Reading Sailing Club. Despite the 16th race (they only have 5 minute races!!) being cancelled due to lack of wind, they all seemed to enjoy themselves, overseen by John and Brian, judging and scoring respectively. A good day was had by all – the glorious sunshine helped.
October Work Party and Model Yatching Open Meeting

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Cobley 5 – Racing Report

This time the wind was blowing, blowing hard. Some of the laser sailors were wishing they had a 4.7 rig. 18 boats took to the water. Were any of them going to finish?

The first casualty was Adrian in his laser. He said his tiller extension joint broke just before the start. The next boat to take an early dip was Steve and Lynne. Lynne was determined to keep her hair dry. She said she has just washed it. Next they will be putting make up on before they go out onto the water. Unfortunately they got their mast stuck in the mud and took them the whole race to get it out. Karen was sailing very well until she too capsized so 3 out of 18 were out of the race. Chris soon caught up Paul and they both had David Lomas snapping at their heels. Mark produced a bit of skill in his laser and managed to get his boat underneath the buoy line. The only way out was to sail in the rowers part of the lake. Luckily they weren’t rowing at the time.

1st. Chris. 2nd. Paul. 3rd. David.

Well done David.

Cobley 4 – Racing Report

Sorry for the late posting of this racing report, the Jolly Sailor is still trying to dry out from all the rain.
The weather forecast was RAIN , RAIN and more RAIN!!!!!!!!! That’s exactly what we got. The Jolly Sailor felt very sorry for the O.O.D. s  . They were not looking forward to doing their stint.  A big thank you goes to Roger and Monica for stepping into the shoes of Colin. He is recovering from an operation. Hope to see you at the club at Christmas Colin.
So 17 boats rigged and took to the water, well I lie!  16 , David was getting out of his car when the count down sequence started.  David was going to give us a head start again!!!!  Don’t worry David Father Christmas will buy you a alarm clock!
Hugh was first to leave with his Byte. The wind was expected to pick during the race. Hugh wished that happened now. Buoy 9 was the first mark and it was slow progress.  Do the position of the line , all the boats started at the far end. When the Lasers started it was a case of who had the biggest shout had the best place for the start. Some them had to start 3 row down bit like a Grand Prix Race. Jon took and early lead closely follow by the pack. The leg X to 2 was a very long and slow, about 10 lasers were in a row shouting water. Newton choose a perfect line to the mark but couldn’t find the brake and nearly speared Dave with his spinnaker pole.  I’m just pleased Richard and Alicia weren’t here!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon maintained his lead until the last lap then karen passed him . Jon face said it all!!!!
So the finishing positions were
1st Karen,    2nd  Jon,  3rd  Mark