The Twilight Race 5/09/2012

Most of the boats were displaying lights, some port and starboard and a few more elaborate. David Lomas had red Christmas lights all up the mast and Newton had a large flashing beacon at the top of the mast. Once it got dark, you could still see him right at the top of the lake.

Andy Jones did particularly well as he was not even on the water when the gun went!

We had a little rain during the race but just after all the boats were ashore it really came down and Karen and Simon who were cooking the sausages and burgers on the BBQ were both soaked – they managed to save the food though!!

It was a very enjoyable evening and after the race the club house was full of people tucking in the BBQ beautifully cooked by Karen and Simon despite the rain.

Sally presented Geesje with a rose tree in recognition of all her hard work over the summer providing food to hungry sailors on Wednesday evenings and the evening concluded with a “Happy Birthday” to Karen – we won’t say which year!

1 Mark Buckle

2 Andy Jones

3 Newton Anthony

4 Mike & Sally Newlove

5 David Lomas

6 Curtis Leach

7 Paul Hyde

8 Paula Scott

9 Mike Arnot

10 Mike Todd

11 Angela Quale

12 Hugh Leach

Oppies Summer of Fun

Oppies finished for the summer with a fun regatta on Thursday 6th September. Nine children took part. Three teams competed against each other to rig their Oppies, relay race out around a buoy, collect coloured balls, collect bottles with questions inside them, tie knots and derig their Oppies. They all had a great time and were presented with prizes at the end of the session by Commodore Jerry who had come to watch the fun.
Throughout the summer the once a week Oppie sessions taught six youngsters aged 7 to 10 how to sail. They followed the RYA Youth Sailing Scheme and not only learnt the skills necessary to get their own boats ready, how to sail them, and how to be safe but also played games structured so they continued learning sailing skills and also had great fun. Stage 1 was awarded to Michael and Edward. Erin and Tatum were both awarded Stage 1 but have both also mastered some of the skills for Stage 2. Millie was awarded Stage 2 and Joshua was awarded Stage 2 but has also mastered some of the skills for Stage 3. All the awards were presented by Commodore Jerry.
Oppies proved very popular and there were several requests to join in from parents keen to see their children learn in a structured but fun environment. During the summer holidays when space was available another four children joined in the fun and Eve Sherwood who had not sailed before was awarded a Taster certificate.
Oppies Summer of Fun

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Cobley 3 16/09/2012

The wind was getting up, some mature sailors were finding excuses to not go out. Mark complained of not feeling too well, Bob, I think sabotaged his own boat so he couldnt go out either. Some people go to great lengths !
So Chris set the course, he had a smile on his face whilst he was writing it. The reason could be because the course had 4 gybes in it. The patrol boats could be busy.
Paul was running a bit late. so he threw he Europe into the water and started the race , unfortunately started a minute too early. The O.O.D. kindly shouted over to him and he returned to the start line. Had he lost the race before he even started????? wait and see!
So 22 boats crossed the start line . Newton, Karen ,Jon and Paul had a ding dong battle throughout the race but were overatken by David who ploughed his way through the fleet like a farmer in his field!
We had a casualty . the wind was too much for Monica, She made a grand end to her race, her boom knocked her out of the boat and she had to be helped out of the water by the O.O.D.s  The Jolly Sailor is going to give Monica a tip now” Keep your head down in future” i think she enjoyed the attention she was getting!
Anyway enough of that back to the race!  the final postions were
1st David    2nd Jon   3rd  Karen
Photos of earlier races to follow.

Pink Day September 2012


Well what a glorious day dawned, club boats all booked, bags full of sailing gear at the ready, the smell of cooking bacon wafting from the galley but alas no wind……what to do? Monica and Ken talked about paddle racing in Toppers with no sails, or a question and answer session and a few more options. But after the usual scrummie breakfast cooked and served by Paul and Barbara, the ‘Pinkies’ were just content to sit out on the deck in the sun and indulge in some social intercourse!
A few puffs of wind did come and go enabling Brian to try his hand at sailing the Ent single handed, while Alice and Richard, on surf boards, equiped with masks and snorkels were happy to try out around buoy 6 for all those sitting on the deck to see, Richard’s new toy – an under water torch……their verdict was unanimous the water is very murky….but they had fun.
Ken took Amy,Abi, William and Ryhs out in the power boat for a ‘taster’ session in power boat driving….they loved it. and were all ‘natural’s……are we going to see 12+yrs youngsters doing Power Boat Level 1 in the future?
Families arrived equipped with picnics, wet suits etc and the afternoon saw Simon going kayaking up the river, Tracey flying her spinnaker with Richard at the helm, having spent most of the morning fitting a new halliard – it works and looked great!!
Even the club Crescent was out with various families drifting around in the very light wind. The youngsters all disappeared to Tektona paddling surf boards, kayaks etc and squeals of laughter were heard from the deck….they were obviously making the most of the no wind conditions. Sam and his younger siblings had a lot of fun in their Topper, no sailing just a lot of paddling and swimming.
Later on in the afternoon, as a gentle breeze got up Carole enjoyed a sail in her Comet, then Simon took it out for a ‘spin’….. Monica also had a go and was most impressed……is the ‘old lady’ ready to give up her Europe yet?…….Simon and Clare had a go in the Ent, as did Andrew – no day for windsurfing……..even Sue was on the water with Dean……quite a day…….while Gary arrived with his ‘man flu’ to light the BBQ.
There was much confusion when Tracey tried to put her boat away – the cover didn’t fit!  Has someone swapped covers by mistake we wonder??
There was a lot of activity in the galley, with Bernadette,  Carole, Sue,Tracey and Fran working away and the day ended with the deck filled with people, all 6 tables came out of the clubhouse, enjoying a sumptious feast together with Pimms and an amazing sunset…….the last day of fun in and on the water of summer 2012 we wonder?
Pink Day September 2012

You are invited to view Tracey’s album. This album has 15 files.

Workparty, Pirates and Campsail

At Tracey’s suggestion the camp sail started on Friday afternoon, with 16 campers enjoying a fish and chip candle lit supper on the deck and of course plenty of liquid refreshment! It was Alice’s birthday and a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday Alice, as there was cake, left over from the Pirates last Thurs session the previous day, where there had been thanks, an Indian meal voucher, flowers and champagne for Carole and Gary and wine for Don for his unstinting power boat driving all summer.
While the ‘oldies’ moved into the clubhouse the youngsters, having collected some wood, enjoyed fun and games around a huge fire.
Next day it was off to work after a breakfast of bacon rolls with all the trimmings, Pink Fleet style!! Pot holes filled in, overgrown areas cleared, clubhouse cleaned, even cobwebs off the deck roof hoovered up – well done Alisdair – edges along the slipway cut back and positively manicured, well done Fran, Tracey and Jonathan. A total of 41 people turned up to do their ‘bit’ – windows cleaned, oven and BBQ grills scrubbed – thank you to everyone who came and to the girls who kept them supplied with refreshments all morning.
Then it was a quick lunch and time for
Pirates. After the usual briefing from Gary some 25 youngsters took to the water in Oppies, Toppers, Picos and because the age limit of 20yrs was ‘lifted’ for the day, some oldies were allowed to join in – the commodore and his lady in their Enterprise, Brian and Richard in their recently refurbished Enterprise as well, not to mention Monica in her Europe, who turned into one of the games….’catch Monica…’fortunately the wind filled in and she was able to keep away. The it was off to the island to hunt for the Pirate treasure. The wind really strengthened giving David, Andrew and Robert some real sport and some great entertainment for those on the deck enjoying their first glasses of the evening – great to have Sarah back with us.
While all this was happening on the water, Barbara with a band of helpers was in the galley preparing a feast of salads and chicken and Simon, Hugh and there helpers were struggling to get the BBQ going…!!!
We all had a wonderful evening, loads to eat and drink – again the youngsters had collected wood and another old mirror to have a huge fire, where some of the oldies drifted to as the chilly wind lasted into the evening.
After all the efforts of the day, the campers retired relatively early at about 2300……Hugh’s hammock worked a treat!
Many thanks to everyone who made it such a great day and to Rupe for being up early to cook breakfast for 34 of us on Sunday morning before the Sunday racers arrived. Another great week end at RSC!!!!