Summer 5 – Racing Report

The Jolly Sailor looked on the club’s website for the weather forecast for the race. It said 6 miles an hour gusting 25!!!!!!!!! The lake looked like a mill pond, surely they got it wrong again.  Over 20 sailors rigged their boats expecting to be just drifting around the lake.
Roger and his team set a challenging course which would test the sailors ability, with plenty of downwind legs but managed to leave out buoys 1 and 9.  Mark in his laser started on the port end of the line, hoping to get a good start but he really messed it up, the gap closed up and he was over the line, with a collision too. He lost before it had even started.  Karen, Chris and David had good starts and took an early lead.
There was the usual gaggle of Lasers at most of the marks with some shouting for water, but Karen made a flying start  led most of the way, only to be overtaken on the last leg by young Dave.
The wind was playing games it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Steve and Lynne in their 505 , were kept on their toes nearly capsizing to windward due to the wind suddenly switching on. 
The Jolly Sailor will have a word with Simon, he must stop laughing at other sailors whilst on the water!  He was laughing so much at Mike and Sally floundering in the bottom of their boat that he couldn’t decide whether to gybe or not, he didn’t see Tektona and collided with the biggest boat on the water. It took him about 5 mins to release himself from it.
Everyone agreed it was a glorious sail with sun, wind and a good course
David caught up with Karen and passed her on the last lap , its something to do with being in his zone. So the final postions were:
1st David     2nd Karen     3rd Chris.
Apologies for the late posting of this race report – the Olympics are very distracting!
Summer 5 – Racing Report

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RYA sail for gold

Yet another busy weekend at the club, but with some sunshine …what a bonus! But no wind……Mark, Paula, Sally and their team of helpers organised an afternoon of fun – Sailing for Gold – with some 60+ people having fun, doing relay races, a lot of paddling and inevitably a lot of ‘swimming!!’ The lack of wind, didn’t seem to deter everyone’s enthusiasm, with the winning blue team each receiving their medals. The deck was suitably decorated with balloons and bunting and there was a great Olympic style atmosphere, culminating in a delicious BBQ – Barbara was again busy in the galley during all the outside activities. The ‘ ide hards’ were seen on the deck finishing their wine and beer and reflecting on another great day with the sun setting in the back ground. Well done and many thanks to everyone who made the day such a sucess.
Meanwhile the ladies had a day of coaching with Simon from the RYA – a challenge in the almost windless conditions. But we did manage to learn how to sail a boat without a rudder, and do some starting practice in the afternoon. Everyone learned something from the sessions on shore and the fluky winds on the lake – thank you Simon.
RYA sail for gold

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Summer series. 15th. July 2012

When is this summer going to start.  Again wet and dry suits were the order of the day! 

Sally and Mike our dynamic duo were setting another challenging course,  they seemed determined to follow the advice from the Jolly Sailor. The race started on time and we still had about 4 or 5 boats still being launched,  I feel Jon had better buy David a new alarm clock, he gave us all a huge head start. 
Karen could see the opportunity to get a good start and was followed by Jon and Mark. It was good to Monica in a Pico with her Grandson in the bow of the boat giving her vital sailing instructions! Karen seems very pleased with her new boat, she is pushing the bar up even higher now. 
The final positions are as follows.  1st Karen.  2nd Jon.   3rd. Mark

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July Pink Day – Pirates – Camp Sail

Another first for the Club, with Pink Day, Pirates and Camp Sail W/end…..
Despite the poor weather forecast, some 19 ‘Pinkies’ took to the water with enthusiasm – fortified from a pink fleet breakfast, thanks to Paul and Barbara.The packed clubhouse listened carefully to Ken’s briefing – the course we had to sail and the flags to look out for, flying from Tektona. There were some different combinations – Steve had Carol crewing in his 505 – Monica had Tane crewing a club Pico – Paul had David in his Wayfarer – Katie and and Andrew had taken the Lasers…..Jan went in the support boat with Ken, while Steve having helped us all launch, went out in the other support boat to give some sailing tips to the newly trained. There were the usual disqualifications, but the coveted Pink Fleet cup went to Jon….well done.
After a quick lunch break, the Pirates arrived and 21 youngsters took to the water, ably led by Gary, after his usual safety briefing by the log. Their destination a secret….??  The Pirates eventually decided to go ashore onto the island, and a lot of fun was had exploring.  Little did they know that the Parent Pirates decided to steal their boats and made off with three of them before they were found out!  The Pirate Fleet eventually headed back to shore, but the fun continued with shore and water games including the great jousting contest on surf boards in front of the clubhouse to the delight of all the parents. There were all sorts of floating equipment that was reminiscent of a scene from the Titanic.  Happily all survived, ready for an evening of feasting and camping.
Then came the lighting of the BBQ, the erecting of tents and eventually the lighting of the bonfire – the Mirror didn’t seem to want to burn….all during the afternoon, Barbara, Elaine marinaded chicken, prepared salads, while Jerry led the ‘boys’ erected tressle tables and gazebos. 70+ people enjoyed a wonderful feast, while the youngsters enjoyed the bonfire and doing silly things with rubber gloves filled with water….!!! While indoors Michael and Nathalie did sterling work washing all the pots and pans. Even the torrential rain during the evening didn’t deter some 37 people from camping overnight, having been well fortified against the cold…!!! A lot of fun was had by all though no one – not even Elaine herself – is quite sure how she came to be wearing Monica’s anorak or why Gary was seen trying to get it on as well!!! Even baby Affie woke up to join in the fun and eat more food…!!!Another feast appeared at breakfast time thanks to Elaine and all her team. As the campers took their tents down the Sunday sailors arrived…..A big thank you to everyone who made it such a great weekend.
July Pink Day – Pirates – Camp Sail

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July Cup – racing report

The sailors were greeted with for the first time in months warm weather with actual sunshine! Mark S.O.O.D. decided to set a course which looked more like a ball of knitting. I think all the buoys were used.

19 boats were on the water with the wind picking up all the time ,the S.O.O.D. had to delay the start to the race because all the boats and everyone please get to the start line on time,because in future the races will start on time! Anyway 10.35 the race started . The first mark was X , a short leg into wind from the start line. Everyone was trying to get clear air from the wind shadows caused by their fellow competitors sail! Chris was involved in a minor collision with Jon . Doing a 720 penalty turn resulted in a poor start from him. David sailed into clear air and pulled away from the fleet.

Mike and Sally are in a very small minority group of sailors! its very rare for a husband and wife to be in the same boat together. Steve and Lynne also fall into this category but Lynne was on race duty. Steve had his reserve crew, unfortunately they need to brush up on their technique, the end result was an early bath!

David continued to stay ahead of the fleet but Chris clawed his way back to reach 2nd place and Ian was 3rd.

Work Party Saturday 7th July

Work Party


Saturday 7th July


9.30 onwards


Your Mission: to clear road verges



fill the pot holes


Equipment :


Rakes, Hedge Trimmers, Shears , Loppers

Gloves, Boots


Attitude: Positive




Gratitude, Recognition, Tea & Coffee


See you there ! Thanks

Summer 3 – Racing Report

Start from Tektona 3p 2p 5s 8p 6p


12 boats set off from the clubhouse on the first blustery morning in July.  Monica decided to skip the race and head back to shore once she had gone up and down in front of the clubhouse a couple of times.


Three more boats retired before the first hour was up, leaving the remaining stalwarts to complete a fast race with more than its fair share of gybes.  The most spectacular event was Chris’s nosedive at the 6 mark – he had just lapped Curtis when a particularly big gust gave the chickens on shore something to cluck about.  Curtis was able to get back ahead, only to be lapped moments later as Chris quickly recovered his composure.


Chris easily held first place for the entire race, with competition for second place between Mark and Adrian being closer.  Even though Adrian used his big sail, Mark was able to hold second place at the finishing line.


The rescue team were heard to comment that they expected more chance to try out their recovery skills, and were particularly disappointed that none of the gybes caused any problems. It must have been torture for David to sit on Tektona for 90 minutes watching the fleet speed by when I’m sure he would have loved the conditions.


1st – Chris

2nd – Mark

3rd – Adrian


Photos to follow…