Summer 2 – Racing Report

2nd Summer Series – strong wind and heavy showers…..not very summery weather…!!!
John and his team set an interesting course, 5p, 9s, 3p, 1s, 6s, 7s, S for the 9 boats that took to the water and even more interesting for the many spectators on the deck…..a gybe at 6….Karen decided that scrubbing and polishing her boat was the order of the day, while Sylvia opted for a 4.7 sail, big Adrian his smaller sail – full laser sail – and Chris and Curtis both reefed their radial sails. Ken had no choice but to go with a full sail – he retired early. The start was delayed 5 mins so that the level 2 trainees could watch it and gain some tips…Sylvia made a stunning start on port and sailed a great race, capsizing 3 times including a spetacular one on the last lap at 6 much to the delight on those watching…well done Sylvia. David and Chris sailed a close race, swapping places several times with Jon and Adrian in hot pursuit.
Finishing places were 1st Chris, 2nd David, 3rd Jon. David stayed out for some planning and added even more entertainment by capsizing right in front of the clubhouse….nice one!!
Due to technical difficulties there are no pictures available this week.  Normal service will resume soon.

Summer 1 – Racing Report

Please note that there is a new code for the outside gate
For the first in the Summer Series, SOOD Karen set a long course which took in most of the lake
5p 8s 3p 1p 6s 7s S

20 boats took to the water on Fathers Day for the 10.30 start on a blustery morning with intermittent cloud.  The start was close to the trees, so it was busy with much shouting.
There were some hard sail selection decisions prior to the race, and those with full rigs were proved to be the winners, as the wind dropped during the race.  Big Adrian chose the 8.1 Rooster sail.
Two boats were a bit keen over the line and had to restart.  It wasn’t long before the fleet were spread across the lake with the lasers dominating the race.
Buoy 8 got a bit congested, as the fleet sailed from 5 to 8 then back again through to 3.  There were shouts aplenty as the fleet crossed itself in the centre of the lake.
First place was hotly contested between David and Chris, who switched back and forth throughout the 90 minutes on the water.  The wind helped Chris at one point by falling off completely when David was fully extended, leaving him lying on the water waiting for the gust to resume.  It never did, so he had to bring his boat back up as Chris sailed by.  David got the final laugh with a win of only 2 seconds – you don’t get much closer than that!
Sylvie took a tumble in her new boat. She had wisely chosen to borrow a club radial, but got caught by a gust. 
Ross struggled with the length of race, and was told by the SOOD “You’re not a child anymore!” as he grumbled his way over the line.
1st David
2nd Chris
3rd Big Adrian

Summer 1 – Racing Report

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Spring 12 – Racing Report

Last Pursuit
What a difference a day makes..!! 22 boats took to the water in very light fluky winds – another Sunday drift!!
Paul and his team set a very interesting sausage course, Xp, 3s,Op…..which was designed to catch all the available wind with a choice of which way to go through the gate at the top of the lake. Despite a 15 minute postponement, as the wind suddenly shifted, the course remained the same as posted, complete with drawing, on the board outside the clubhouse….Mick was the first to go off followed by John in his Topaz, Nev in his Ent, an odd Firefly and the usual hoard of Lasers, with Steve and Lynne eventually starting on 31 in their 505.
David made the perfect start, alarm clock went off on time this week!!…but was unable to hold the lead. The racing was close, with the odd puffs keeping the fleet together and the finishing even closer with Ian, in his Supa Nove 1st, Newton, complete with spinnaker in his Laser 2000 2nd and Karen 3rd.
Next Sunday sees the start of the Summer Series with one 1 1/2hr handicap race.
Spring 12 – Racing Report

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June Pink Day and Pirates

Yet another day dawned with very strong winds, but with sunshine promised for later in the day. Would any intrepid Pinkies take to the water? Fortified with a scrummy breakfast cooked and served by Paul and Barbara, 9 well reefed boats took to the water – even Mark and Steve went for a smaller sails, but not Alice of course she went out with a full radial rig! The course Ken set was short and within sight of the clubhouse to make sure the wimps among us would be entertained!! There were lots of thrills and spills and plenty of work for our wonderful power boat crews – thank you Jan, Paul, Ken and David, with Brian ‘standing by’ on shore in case a third boat was needed…..everyone who dared take to the water, had a great sail, some very short…others very wet….but the cup went to Katie in her colourful radial Laser…she hadn’t sailed since last October….well done Katie!! ….with Alice a close 2nd…she just sailed her socks off and loved every minute, having had a dry capsize within minutes of leaving the shore…what a star! Special thanks to all those who lent a hand with starting, finishing the race and helping everyone get safely ashore again.
After a lunch break, some drying off and warming up, helped by lots of hot chocolate…….the dinghy park was busy again with the Pirates preparing for some fun. Gary and Carole had had a better ‘offer’ for the afternoon – hope the polo match was good!?? – so Monica took over, the way she does, and organised the youngsters into well reefed Toppers and Picos, assisted by Ken and all the Mums and Dads. Instructions were very strict, we had to sail in the area in front of the clubhouse and had to come off the water if the whistle went. Daddy Steve took out young Teddy and even younger Tane. There were even more thrills and spills, with an Opi being towed out of the trees……several shivering youngsters brought in for hot showers and more hot chocolate. Kate in Richards kayak, keeping an eye on her little one…..But the 10 boats were off the water by 1600 hrs and the exhausted power boat crews could take a much earned break – special thanks to Ken, Simon, Brian, David,Paul and Jan who stayed the whole day so that Pirates could happen!! Another exciting day at the club…and yes the sun came out and we all warmed up!!
June Pink Day and Pirates

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Spring 11 – Racing Report

13 boats were being rigged, it was going to be a perfect wind for Peter in his Enterprise. The S.O.O.D. set a interesting course which was Xp, 5s, 6p, 4p, this was basically going up the lake and back down again. The Jolly Sailor was going to expect a lot of shouting, and it turned out to be correct !

So Peter was first off in his Enterprise , followed by the Laser mob! I don’t think David set his alarm clock because the lasers were nearly at the first mark before David reached the start line! We shan’t even talk about Roger and his time keeping!!!!!!! So finally 15 boats started.

There was a bit of confusion with the first mark. Two buoys were marked X, which one is the corrected one. The wind kept on switching, which made it interesting.
 The final results were 1st – Peter, 2nd – Chris, 3rd – Karen

Spring 10 – Racing Report

The Officers of the Day were going to find it very hard to set a course which will test the sailors to the limit. Thirty boats took to the water which seemed destined to be more of a lottery than a sailing race. Force 2 gusting force 3.

Francesca started off in her Opi, she made a good start was followed by Ryan in his new Topper. It was good to see our younger members having a go, soon they will be teaching us adults a thing or two!

The two Europes battled against each other swapping positions like the the countries in the Eurovision Song Contest the night before. Unfortunately Paul got a little too close the island and lost out and was swallowed up by the laser mob!

The only person who seemed to be sailing through the fleet with his own personal wind was Ian in his super Supanora!!!!!!!!
 The final positions are 1st Ian, 2nd  David, 3rd Rowland

Spring 10 – Racing Report

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May Training Part 2

The strength of the wind made the second May training day a challenge.  One senior trainer was heard to remark that it was the worst training day we’ve ever had.
That said, the trainees persevered and there were plenty of certificates to hand out at the end of the day.
Well done to all newly trained sailors – we’ll see you at Pink Days and Pirates!
May Training Part 2

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