Work Party on Saturday

Saturday Work Party



The nettles have enjoyed the rain and sunshine of late, so it’s our turn to strike back – gadening kit and long pants reccomended.


Plus all the usual maintenance jobs .



It’s Sonning Regata Day so road maintenance will have to be deferred til next month.



See you there 9.30 onwards

Spring 9 – Racing Report

Sorry for the late posting of the race report, but the Jolly Sailor has been enjoying the sunny weather this week.  Last weekend seems so long ago, so here is what I remember…

It was a cold spring morning, 10 degrees centigrade! What has happened to our summer?
19 boats were being rigged. Adrian the S. O.O.D. Set a very interesting course.
The first mark was a short sprint from the start line. Ryan in his Oppie managed to do a lap before the Lasers started, so when they had started it was absolute mayhem at the first mark. It was a miracle no one got hurt, but the skill from some of the sailors prevented that from happening. Karen led the Laser fleet for most of the race. Snapping at the heels of Monica and Paul in their Europes. Karen began to tire and was caught up by Chris and Roland.
The final results were. 1st. Paul. 2nd Chris. 3rd. Rowland.
Spring 9 – Racing Report

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May Training

The second training session was fantastic with everyone of the 16 trainees getting on the water for a quick taster sail by 1000! After the safety briefing and few frantic phone calls to get enough Toppers for our 6 youngsters…..!!! we were all on the water in fairly light winds and learning the basics of sailing. The stars of the day were definitely the juniors, thanks to their Pirates’ experiences….and Carole and Gary were also on the water to see them ‘in action’ – the youngsters were sailing a triangular course, jibing and tacking …..all before the lunch break!
We had a wonderful support team, Pat, Sally, Rachel, Dave, Lynne, Steve and Mo, who popped in and out or stayed all day, making us drinks at lunch time, clearing up our mess, helping us getting in and out of the boats and putting them away at the end….they were fantastic ……thank you all so much.
Everyone had a great time despite the lack of wind during the early afternoon and went home exhausted, thrilled with being able to sail and clutching their Start Sailing books – the bedtime reading for the next week!!!
Thank you to all the instructors, Dave and Mark in the Sport 14’s, Newton with his ‘gaggle’ of Pico’s and Monica with her ‘brood’ of Toppers………and Alice who was great to follow in her Laser…….
Special thanks to Steve for getting us on the water so quickly and overseeing the smooth running of our day. See you all next week for our second day.
May Training

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Workshop Permits

Workshop permits are now available for any member wishing to repair their own craft in the red shed. 


The shed also has to provide rescue boat and  training/hire equipment storage and this needs to be safely accessed by members. This means there is space for one  boat only, so please use the whiteboard in the shed to add your boat to the waiting list.


The pay and display permits cost £12 and are avilable from the boat hire box in the club house. Simply fill in a receipt and fix permit to your boat. Please note that any members boats left in the red shed without a valid permit may be removed.


Spring 8 – Racing Report

What was the shining thing in the sky? Yes the sun was shining! The wind picked up to a nice force 3. Ian was the S.O.O.D. The start was from the shore to the outer distance marker and had a heavy port bias. Who was going to risk it? Hugh was the first boat to start. He was determined to stretch his lead as much as possible. The S.O.O.D. was relieved when the lasers were under way. Mark started from the port end and had a good start in his new boat. Monica was the first casualty in her Europe. Her tiller extension connection was starting to break up. She thought she had better retire before disaster!

One hour into the race and the sailors were starting to feel tired. Mistakes were starting to occur. First one for an early bath was Peter in his new laser!  Buoy number 4 wasn’t going to take any prisoners, Peter in his Enterprise was starting to struggle. He got a strong gust and it hit his boat just at the wrong moment and he was sent into the water together with Curtis!

Four boats were fighting for third place, at one point they were hitting each other like battling tops! Richard came off the loser!  
Final positions were. 1st. Chris. 2nd. Mark. 3rd. Dave.

Spring 8 – Racing Report

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May Pink Day, Pirates and Open Day

Pink Day dawned clear and sunny with a good breeze. Soon after 0900 the club was humming with activity – people busily rigging all the club picos, others munching delicious bacon rolls – thanks to Paul, Jan and Elaine. After a briefing from Ken the 30 boats were quickly on the water sailing out to Tektona for the start. The course was interesting with 3 gybe marks…..nice one Ken!! The standard of sailing was very high, especially form the newly trained….we really needed 5 cups as there were so many ‘winners..’ But the Pink Fleet cup went to young Jo, well done Jo, great sailing. Everyone coped very well in the gusty, shifty winds, with Ken giving a little help from the support boat. It was a great morning with lots of new faces, the usual oldies and string of disqualifications!! But volunteers for clearing up in the galley were a bit short – so guys please can we have help after the race next time….we are all volunteers….
Pirates Afternoon.
Gary had his usual briefing by the log with lots of the regular Pirates, swelled in numbers by some new faces and some little ones, Jemima and Tane both 4 yrs old…everyone was paired up and given a number and off they went.  The Pirate fleet enjoyed some big water sailing, with Gary providing help for those who were struggling.  When it was time to come in, the older Pirates organised a game sailing around a course with a team member valiently trying to stand on a surf board towed behind.  Several kyakers kept a close eye on their ‘babies’ – good to see Kate on the water helping towing boats back to shore.
May Pink Day, Pirates and Open Day

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Gillette 2

Yet another WOW at RSC!!
The Gillette series, Wednesday evening racing, has got off to an amazing start with sailor numbers steadily increasing – 16 boats on the water last week, despite the gusty winds, rain and cold!! The after race supper organised by Sally and her team is proving a great success, with 19 people enjoying Geesje’ spagetti bolognaise in the club house after the race….some non racers enjoying supper as well!! The racing was good as well – so book supper with Sally and ‘give it a go.’
Gillette 2

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May Day Pennant – Racing Report

Dave P and his team set an excellent course despite the port bias on the start line and sent the 13 boats off to X, near 1 in the ‘not much wind’ area of the lake, causing a mass arrival at the first mark and some penalty turns!!!
The fluky winds came and went while the rain just kept coming – poor ood team looked very bedraggled……there was some close racing but Chris stormed away into the lead, having been ‘dogged’ by Steve for the first couple of laps. Both Lynne, Steve and Adrian managed to fly their kites for a bit on some of the legs giving some colour to an otherwise dreary day.
Despite the 1100 start, Roger was late again, but caught a couple of the ‘tailend charlies’ and completed the hour long race.
For final placings, see the results page.
Don’t forget Pink Day, Pirates and Open Day on Saturday – the club will be buzzing!
May Day Pennant – Racing Report

You are invited to view Tracey’s album. This album has 7 files.

6th May Spring Series.

The forecast was for winds gusting 25 miles an hour!   Were we going to have an eventful race or had Metcheck got it wrong?  Peter Rose was the A.O.O.D.  , and you could see by the look in his eye you knew he was going to start on time!   Two of the regular sailors, who will be nameless should of  known better and make sure they have plenty of time to reach the start line!                                                                                                                                                                                        So Hugh set the pace in his  Topper,  closely followed by Monica and Jon in his Solo.   20 seconds to go for the start of the Laser mob and David managed to reach the start line and find a gap start the race in a good position.        During the race the Jolly Sailor noticed Ken was on his hands and knees, was he doing a quick prayer for some decent wind did he slip up? Unfortunately it was the latter and the end result was a bloody nose and still no wind.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The results were   1st.  Steve.       2nd.  Chris.   3rd.   David.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Remember its Pink Day next Saturday. So let Monica know if you want a breakfast.  Followed by Pirates and if that isn’t enough its our Open Day too!


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