01/04/12 Spring Series 3

The S.O.O.D. and the team decided to make the start line Tactona.The wind was spinning round like a spinning top. It was impossible to set a proper start line. So when the boats started the first mark was a broad reach!   Peter on board his Enterprise screamed into an early lead and continued to keep this right to the end.  Chris and Rowland were having there own fight ,who was going to win, only they would know!
The dark horse in the fleet was The Firefly! the dark night sailed through the fleet and maintained his position through the race.  The final positions will be sorted out with the race secretary . Check the finish positions to see where you came.

Work Party Saturday 7th April

Work Party

Saturday 7th April


Ahoy sailors, you’ve taken the King’s shilling and signed up, so now it’s time to show up !


jobs for spring include building a trailer compound and improving boatpark


Bring rakes and strong footware


See you there 9.30 onwards


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