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Some club history

Off Shore Trips 1977 to 1986, Bill Davies

Club History, Brian Frost Jan 1995

Role of Honour, past commodores & helmsmen

Training and general photos, John Hardy 1st July 2006

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Solo Open, Clive Evans 7th May 2006

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A new clubhouse was built between 2003 and 2005.

At the 2001 Reading Sailing Club AGM it was announced that the club had secured a 30 year lease to occupy the lake. This allowed the committee to plan for the construction of a new clubhouse. Work began in October 2003 and was completed in May 2005.  The clubhouse has both gents and Ladies changing facilities; clubroom with galley; a decked area to watch activities on the water, a meeting room/club office and under-floor heating! Although the building is raised above the surrounding land disabled access is excellent.

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The lake at Reading Sailing Club has changed drastically in 2004.

The once blanketing islands have been removed to leave a large uninterrupted stretch of water suitable for dinghies with a PY greater than 1000. Prevailing wind conditions give a good 1km beat and long off-wind legs suitable for spinnaker boats such as the Merlin rocket and Scorpion.

  View of the lake from the new club house.

  Section of lake to the left of the above photo.

  End of the rowing strip bund. The sailing water is to the left of this. The Isis ski club will use the right-hand lake.

Racing Cartoons, Bill Crooks October 2003

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